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Daily News
29 January 2009

Guides, Papers, etc
The 7 dirty secrets of the security industry. Read more
Teacher: Wrong Computer Click Ruined My Life. Read more
Extreme porn law goes live - are you ready? Read more
False and Deceptive Display Ads at Yahoo's Right Media. Read more
Skype, is it right for you? Read more
Online finance flaw: one flaw to rule them all. Read more
Introducing Measurement Lab. Read more
Is it Time for Internetpol? Read more
Where is Downadup? Read more
ISTP and F-Downadup Removal Tool. Read more
Social Engineering Autoplay and Windows 7. Read more
When is AUTORUN.INF really an AUTORUN.INF? Read more
Downadup: Playing with Universal Plug and Play. Read more
Abusing Shortcut files. Read more
Conficker's autorun and social engineering. Read more
Ozdok: Watching the Watchers. Read more
Next Problem Up: Reverse User Name Hijackings. Read more
Whois Abuse Still Out of Control. Read more
Weak Passwords Make for Weak Networks. Read more
How secure is Firefox? Read more
New rogue: IE Security. Read more
New rogue: Total Defender. Read more
Fresh Wave Of IRS Tax Refund Phish...Read more
Sweet home AlabamaůRead more
Embassy of India in Spain Serving Malware. Read more
Exposing a Fraudulent Google AdWords Scheme. Read more
A Diverse Portfolio of Fake Security Software - Part Fourteen. Read more
Malware authors play tricks on researchers. Read more
Embassy Site Attack Reveals Other Compromised Sites. Read more
WALEDAC Loves (to Spam) You! Read more
Fake Brazilian Government Site Leads to Info-Stealers. Read more
Embedding Malicious IFRAMEs Through Stolen FTP Accounts - Part Two. Read more
A Profitless Endeavor: Phishing as Tragedy of the Commons. (pdf) Read more
Dyne's Hackers List v1.0. Read more
Finding yourself online - information about you available on the Web. Read more
Audio. Security Now 180: Listener Feedback 58. Listen
Audio. Security Now 179: Cracking Security Certificates. Listen


Microsoft Releases Security-Enhanced Internet Explorer. Read more
Mayor Boris backs McKinnon in extradition fight. Read more
DDoS attack boots Kyrgyzstan from net. Read more
MyBarackObama profile hack punts malware. Read more
Hackers Get Details of 4.5 Million Members. Read more
Man breaks into apartment, installs computer virus to steal banking details. Read more
Hackers prepare Valentine's Day botnet campaign. Read more