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News March 2000
31 march 2000

Trojan by Eggo, Scarab 1.2

Added to binder section: Rns exe joiner, made by Lazarus.

E-mail infector Bad Blood.

Aspack brings out version 2.1.
Removed the password protection from the trojan archive.

30 march 2000

WinSatan Backdoor analysis.

Added Bla 4.0 to trojan section and DaRaT`s TOP gui 2 , an exe binder.

HTML crashes Netscape 4x, read here.

29 march 2000

Psychward, new trojan, submitted by HeLLfiReZ.

26 march 2000

Added scanner, worms and protection section.

25 march 2000

Mobman released a NT server for the 2.2 beta for Subseven.

23 march 2000

Finally opened this site.
There are now more than 450 trojans. A lot of new and unknown ones. For now there is a password protection.
Possible it will be removed in the future.

Senna Spy Trojan Generator 2000 to make your own trojan added.

FC` s Infector 1.3 is released for public.