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News April 20001
30 April 2001

RTB 666 1.4
Back Orifice 2000 - Summary. Read more
WebFront is a plugin for Mirabilis' ICQ messaging program that allows a user to setup a web page through ICQ. A security vulnerability in the product allows remote attackers to cause the program to consume all available CPU time, rendering the machine unusable until either the program is stopped or Windows is restarted.

BearShare is a Windows file sharing program from Free Peers, Inc. that lets you, your friends, and everyone in the world share files. A serious security vulnerability in the product allows remote attackers to download any file on the local disk, even if it hasn't been added to the shared list.
Vulnerable systems:
BearShare 2.2.2 and prior (Windows 95/98/ME) with its Web Site feature enabled
An Introduction to Viruses and Malicious Code, Part Three: Detecting and Resolving Virus Infections. Read more
Cyber war escalates between US, China. Read more
Fed Hacks Attributed to Chinese. Read more
Hackers of U.S. sites thought to be Chinese. Read more
Government Web Sites Up After Attack. Read more
Government Web sites attacked by hackers. Read more
Silent cyber war flourishing. Read more
Cyberwar against Asia's lame servers. Read more
Chinese Hackers Are Blamed for Vandalizing U.S. Web Sites. Read more
2 Russian Hackers Nabbed in FBI Sting. Read more

29 April 2001

Olive 2.4
Ngrep is a powerful network-sniffing tool that strives to provide most of GNU grep's common features, applying them to all network traffic. NGrep is a pcap-aware tool that will allow you to specify extended regular expressions to match against data payloads of packets. It currently recognizes TCP, UDP, and ICMP across Ethernet, PPP, SLIP, FDDI, and null interfaces, and understands bpf filter logic in the same fashion as more common packet sniffing tools, such as tcpdump and snoop.
Sentinel is a fast file integrity checker similar to Tripwire or ViperDB with built in authentication using the RIPEMD 160 bit MAC hashing function. It uses a single database similar to Tripwire, maintains file integrity using the RIPEMD algorithm, and produces securely signed log files. Its main design goal is to detect intruders modifying files. It also prevents intruders with root/superuser permissions from tampering with its log files and database.
The Old, the New, and the Ugly - March's Top Viruses. Read more
Troj/JetHome. Read more
WildList, March 2001. Read more
Web Browsers – Threat or Menace? Read more
Virus infects Microsoft support server. Read more
NIPC warns China hackers may target U.S. sites. Read more
Feds warn of Chinese hacking war on U.S. web sites. Read more
Chinese hacking U.S. sites for missing pilot. Read more
Hackers get $1-million dare to crack Saafnet's security. Read more

28 April 2001

MiniBackLash 1.0 Black & White
To visit the site go to the "Trojan Top List".
W32/Hello.worm that spreads via Microsoft's MSN Messenger program. Read more
SecurityFocus: "lpdw0rm" Worm Analysis. Read more
U.S. warns of Chinese hack attack. Read more
FBI: Chinese Hackers Planning Attacks On U.S. Sites. Read more
Pentagon Braces for Chinese Computer Attacks. Read more
Chinese Hackers May Launch Anti-U.S. Cyber Attacks. Read more
Feds warn of May Day attacks on U.S. Web sites. Read more
Chinese hackers 'planning spy plane revenge'. Read more
US and China tensions spark Chinese computer hackers. Read more
NIPC warns companies of Chinese hacker threat. Read more
Don't panic over Virtual Card virus alert. Read more
CERT statistics tell tale of increasing security woes. Read more
How to Crack Open an E-Book. Read more
Hacking away at cyber underworld. Read more
The Schmoozer: UK military declares war on Anna K. Read more
Does anybody know who's in charge of security here? Read more
Researchers pull hacker report after lawsuit threat. Read more
Rivals see cracks in Cisco's armor. Read more
Move over, Deep Blue, Eliza's next IBM plans computer smart enough to beat hackers. Read more
Crypto Sees the Light. Read more

27 April 2001

Danton 2.2 beta
No FunLove -- Microsoft spreads a virus. Read more
Microsoft downloads virus to top customers. Read more
Microsoft gives a virus to its support customers. Read more
Missing antivirus software left Microsoft clients vulnerable. Read more
Chernobyl Virus Set To Rear Ugly Head. Read more
Be very afraid, the cyber cops may be watching. Read more
'Cybercop' team will target crime on the net. Read more
US 'cybercop' calls for cross-border measures against Internet crime. Read more
Companies hit by hackers fight back. Read more
EB defaced in porn hack. Read more
Playing the computer hacking game. Read more
E-mail users often unaware of risks involved. Read more
Mike Wendland: Beware: Cyber spies are well-equipped. Read more
Warning Issued About China Hackers. Read more
NIPC Warns China Hackers May Target US Sites. Read more
Errors let in hackers in 93% of breaches. Read more
Polish hackers praised for taming PitBull. Read more
Arizona may create state Internet security group. Read more
Scientist won't reveal secrets of digital music security. Read more

26 April 2001

Olive 2.3.
The site can be found under "Trojan Top Sites".

Q is a client / server backdoor that features remote shell access with strong encryption for root and normal users. Q-2.4.
Microsoft security fixes infected with FunLove virus. Read more
Chernobyl virus ready for a return run. Read more
Chernobyl virus set to wake up. Read more
"Carko" Distributed Denial-of-Service Tool. Read more
IPSwitch IMail SMTP Remote System Access Vulnerability. Read more
Shijack, a full TCP connection hijacker. Read more
Carbonite - a rootkit detection and analyzer. A Linux Kernel Module to aid in RootKit detection. Read more
DCForum Allows Remote Read/Write/Execute (Patch Available)
DCForum is a popular CGI to create message boards on web sites. A security vulnerability in the product allows remote attackers to cause the PHP CGI to execute arbitrary code.
Vulnerable systems:
DCForum 2000 version 1.x
DCForum Version 6.x
WIN2K is even easier to deface than NT. Read more
Digital detectives track hacks. Read more
Infosecurity successful for all but hacked Argus. Read more
Hacking Contest Reveals Solaris Vulnerability. Read more
Hacking contest publicity stunt backfires. Read more
Hackers sink teeth into Argus' PitBull. Read more
Hacking threat goes mobile. Read more
Meet America's new top cybercop. Read more
U.S., others begin anti-fraud database. Read more
FBI hacked Russian hackers. Read more
Digital signatures a crucial aspect of new legislation. Read more
Hands Off My PC! Read more
India calls in teen hackers to play cyber cops. Read more
Security through censorship. Read more
U.S. Teenager Faces Charges of Hacking Into Air Force Computer System. Read more

25 April 2001

Khe Sanh 2.0 Lite

New DoS Attack Against IE (Loop, MS Word)
A security vulnerability in Internet Explorer causes it to create a multiple instances of a Word object (even after it has issued a warning, and the user has answered 'NO'). This would allow an attacker (via a malicious website or an HTML email) to cause the computer to exhaust all available memory causing a Denial of Service attack.
Vulnerable Systems:
Internet Explorer 5.5 with SP1
In the following exploit, Internet Explorer shows typical security warnings about the content of this page at the beginning of the 'for' cycle (i=1). However if you answer "NO" and deny access to create execute malicious script/code, the instance of "word.application" object is created anyway. NOTE: word.application object is only created in memory, but the script cannot execute code for the object.
//---------cut here---------------------------------
On Error Resume Next
Dim a
Dim i
for i=1 to 100
Set a = CreateObject("Word.Application")
//---------end of cut---------------------------------
The information has been provided by <> Elia Florio
Troj/Keylog-C. Read more
Warning Issued Against Fast-Spreading Hacking Worm. Read more
Improving our network knowledge to defeat hackers. Read more
Passive Analysis of SSH Traffic. Read more
Curador's Victims Included 'Bill J. Clinton'. Read more
FBI uses reverse hacking to catch Russians. Read more
Security Code Crackers Warned to Keep Mum. Rad more
Polish Hackers Win InfoSec Security Challenge, Sort Of. Read more
MOD cracks email virus problem. Read more
An end to global viruses--for good? Read more
No more I Love You viruses. Read more
End to email viruses may be nigh. Read more
US and Chinese hackers plan to launch a cyberwar. Read more
CERT defends vulnerability info restrictions. Read more
Managing Outgoing Viruses. Read more
Connecticut teen charged with hacking into Air Force computer system. Read more
State Teen Charged With Hacking Into Defense Computer. Read more
Alleged Computer Criminals Nabbed After Feds Set Up Bogus Firm. Read more
HyperSend secure file transfer service now on Mac OS. Read more
E-sting nets 2 Russian hackers; FBI alleges pair stole credit info. Read more

24 April 2001


CheckBo is a program that listens on known Trojan ports (like 12345, 20034, ...), once a connection is established (From an outside user to the program), the program will alert the user. A security vulnerability in the product allows remote attackers to cause the program to crash by overflowing one of its internal buffers.
Vulnerable Systems:
CheckBO version 1.56 and prior
It is possible to cause CheckBO to crash by flooding it with characters inside a connection. This overflows an internal buffer (The buffer holds the text that is displayed to the user).
Flooding of CheckBO will cause it to show the following error:
Application Error
Exception ElInvalidOperation in module CHECKBO.EXE at 00026450.
Text exceeds memo capacity.
Once this has been shown the product will no longer notify the user of new Trojan connections.
Some examples:
1) perl -e ' for ($i=1;$i<80000;$i++) { print "A"; } ' | nc <host> <port>
2) nc <host> <port> 80Kbfile.txt
The information has been provided by <mailto:kaino3@GENIE.IT> Auriemma Luigi.

A security vulnerability in Opera causes the software to automatically open EXE files without warning.
Vulnerable Systems:
Opera version 5.02 Build 856a
Immune Systems:
Opera version 5.10 Build 902
Normally when executing a file download, the security-warning box is invoked asking whether you wish to 'open or save' -- this is by default. In addition, as it should be, the ability to uncheck-mark the security-warning box is grayed out.
However if you select open, the file association settings seem to automatically register 'open with default application' instead of reverting to 'show download dialog'. Naturally, thereafter any file download is automatically opened.
Exploit: simply viewing the page or clicking on the link automatically runs our EXE.
The information has been provided by <> Malware.
2 Russians Face Hacking Charges. Read more
FBI nabs Russian hackers. Read more
Hackers Win Security Challenge. Read more
Polish crackers beat hack challenge. Read more
Security conference hacked before doors open. Read more
Events Infosecurity Europe
Hacking Challenge April 20-25, 2001. Read more
SDMI cracks revealed. Read more
Law not on side of Ameritech hacker. Read more
Totem and Taboo in Cyberspace. Read more
Insiders the weak link in e-fraud, ICAC study finds. Read more
Print an e-mail attachment; test for potential hack attacks. Read more
Hacker could face jail over web crusade;Teenager sent Viagra to Microsoft boss Gates. Read more
Internet site vandalism illustrates vulnerability to hackers Press association Web site falls victim to hacker. Read more
THE ALERT CONSUMER The need for firewalls. Read more

23 April 2001

WebDownloader 0.3 by FC.
Weekly Microsoft Security Digest 2001/04/16 to 2001/04/22. Read more
Weekly Solaris Security Digest 2001/04/16 to 2001/04/22. Read more
Weekly BSD Security Digest 2001/04/16 to 2001/04/22. Read more
TROJ_WINMITE.10. Read more
W32/Badtrans@MM is a Medium Risk mass-mailing worm. Read more
Windows Class IDs create vulnerability. Read more
Improving our network knowledge to defeat hackers. Read more
Chinese, US hackers wage online war. Read more
Russian hackers forced into trade by poor economy. Read more
Renegade hacker in search of upscale job? Join the club. Read more
Police destroy website containing photos of national women. Read more
Feds look for better data on attacks against agency systems. Read more
IDC: Security software to total billions by 2004. Read more
Microsoft Tightens Screws on Security. Read more
Cyber Threat Closes Schools;Comes on anniversary of Columbine. Read more

22 April 2001

Senna Spy Trojan Generator 2001 by Senna Spy and SkBeta.
Eudora File Leakage Problem (Attachment forwarding).
A security vulnerability in Qualcomm's Eudora program allows remote attackers to send an innocent looking email to a user, asking the user to forward this mail to someone else. When the mail is forwarded, it will contain files from the user's local hard drive. Read more
Severe Security Flaw Threatens Netscape Users. Read more
NetBSD Security Processes and Services. Read more
U.S., Chinese hackers vow to wage online war. Read more
Quantum Web Site hacked. Read more
Teenage hacker faces jail over Bill Gates stunt. Read more
US, Chinese hackers wage online war. Read more
Local agency gets lesson in computer viruses. Read more
Eighty percent of survey group of companies keeps tabs on employees. Read more

21 April 2001

Inferno Uploader 1.1

Georgi Guninski security advisory #43, 2001
XML scripting in IE, Outlook Express. Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-015
IE can Divulge Location of Cached Content. Read more
VBS.Zeichen.A is a Trojan horse written in Visual Basic Script. Read more
Progeny Security Advisory: Local root vulnerability in sendfiled. Read more
The Register: Exploit devastates WinNT/2K security. Read more
Progeny Security Advisory: Netscape Navigator fails to protect privacy. Read more
Paranoid? Clear Your Netscape Browser History Information with ComClear. Read more
Matcher Worm Bred In South Africa. Read more
Greece and Belgium are the weakest links in MS Hacks. Read more
On-line 'mass victimization' inevitable -- study. Read more
Alliance gives firms heads-up on security vulnerabilities. Read more
FBI arrests NASA hacker for stolen credit cards. Read more
Digital warfare threatens global economy. Read more
Will the Real Hackers Stand Up? Read more
Tool suggests rise of new breed of hacker. Read more
Teenage hacker claims 'saint' status. Read more
Tackling computer crime. Read more
Judge considers jail for teen hacker. Read more
Cybernanny Web site hacked with vulgar language. Read more
Midnight Hackers take programming prize. Read more
Security: Hacking it is so easy. Read more
Analysis: New security initiative raises concerns about duplication. Read more

20 April 2001

Ultimate RAT 1.1
Backdoor.WLF. Read more
W97M.Sacep.A. Read more
CIH Still A Serious Threat Three Years Later. Read more
Matcher promises love, the kind that clogs e-mail systems. Read more
Clone of 'Melissa' virus infects the Internet. Read more
PC users told to beware "Matcher" e-mail worm. Read more
Matchmaking Internet worm brought under control. Read more
Firewall Design White Paper. Read more
Exploit devastates WinNT/2K security. Read more
Lotus Domino R5 Server MS-DOS Device DoS Vulnerability. Read more
Tempest Security Technologies: Security flaw in Linux 2.4 IPTables using FTP PORT. Read more
Solaris IPCS Timezone Buffer Overflow Vulnerability. Read more
L-072: Cisco Catalyst 5000 Series 802.1x Vulnerability. Read more
The Register: Exploit devastates WinNT/2K security. Read more
Eudora adds new security in version 5.1. Read more
Coded warning. Read more
Police to tackle Internet thieves. Read more
U.K. government launches cyberpolice. Read more
Britain launches Internet police squad. Read more
E-business - A Matter of Conviction. Read more
CERT group to sell cyber-threat warnings. Read more
Ponying up for real-time security alerts. Read more
Aliens, Encryption, Privacy, and Drive-By Hack Attacks. Read more
Big Brother is watching. Read more
NASA hacker, on bail, arrested for using stolen credit cards. Read more
Brit Cops Tackle E-Thievery. Read more
Internet banks 'in denial' on hacking thefts. Read more
Internet Security Alliance Debuts. Read more
Hacking of Chinese Web Sites Illustrates Potential of Cyberwar. Read more
Hackers hit Hollywood stars' websites. Read more
£35,000 for hackers to crack Web server. Read more
Cybercrime Can Be a Matter of Life and Death. Read more

19 April 2001

Dark FTP 1.5
Internet-worm "Matcher". Read more
Matcher: Yet Another Offspring of the Melissa Virus. Read more
'Matcher' Virus Spreads E-Mail, Not Love. Read more
Lonely hearts virus hits Europe. Read more

Anti-virus software developer Sophos reports the detection of the latest variant of the Macro.Word97.Goober family going by the name of Goober.E, which searches through documents, and replaces any occurence of "ShiThe" or "shithe" with "The" and "the" respectively. It also creates the non-viral text file, C:\G00ber.sys that it uses during replication.

Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS X is remote administration software that runs on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. A security hole has been found in the product that lets a user at the console gain complete access to the system without even having to log into the Mac OS X. The login screen of a freshly updated Mac OS X with preview version of Timbuktu for Mac OS X contains an icon in the upper left hand portion of the screen; the icon enables access to a menu that contains all of the goodies (open Timbuktu, turn tcp on/off, about, etc). When the menu 'About Timbuktu' is clicked, any user with physical access to the machine can get full control to the apple menu and system preferences without even being logged into OS X

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-022.
WebDAV Service Provider Can Allow Scripts to Levy Requests as User. Read more
FTP Attacks. Read more
Intrusion Detection. Read more
Infectable Objects, Part Five - HTML and Other Scripts. Read more
Unix Administration Horror Story Summary.Read more
Taking the Web Server down When the Firewall Is Sound. Read more
Remote javascript vulnerability. Read more
High tech crime chief calls for new Internet laws. Read more
Police vow to business on cybercrime. Read more
£25m SQUAD TO KO NET CRIME. Read more
Cyber cops 'will not spy on us'. Read more
Police want power to store all emails. Read more
Cyber criminals defrauding internet banks out of thousands, police reveal. Read more
Internet banks 'in denial' on hacking thefts. Read more
New cybercrime squad launched. Read more
Orange County Computer Hacker Arrested. Read more
Bug plagues Microsoft's new security program. Read more
'Sandboxing' Technology Can Stifle Hackers. Read more
New tools address denial-of-service threat. Read more
Bug Watch: Is Linux safe from attack? Read more
Crackers Expand Private War. Read more
Corporate Snooping on Rise. Read more
PRIVACY-Consumer privacy, dark side of Internet Age. Read more
Tourism site down after hacker attack. Read more

18 April 2001

Inferno Uploader 1.0 by Bogus.

VBS.PassOn is a Visual Basic script, which is stored as either a .vbs file or an .html file. It alters the default home page of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Read more
FBI Confirms Chinese Attacks on U.S. Web Sites. Read more
Antivirus Safety Net Has Too Many Holes. Read more
Guidelines for configuring your firewall rule-set. Read more
Legal definition on hacking case. Read more
McVeigh execution video could get hacked. Read more
Court rejects appeal by hacker. Read more
Debian Security Advisory: samba symlink attacks. Read more
Four arrested in online banking scam. Read more
Australian e-commerce sites insecure: paper. Read more
Anti-Hacking premiums 25% higher for Win NT. Read more
Bug in Microsoft firewall software. Read more
Microsoft security flaw can lead to DoS. Read more
Accubyte leaves customer credit card details exposed. Read more
Secure Knowledge -- IT Must Be More Vigilant About Security, Survey Shows. Read more
INTERVIEW. Trying to track down the source of a hacker attack on U.S. Read more
THE ALERT CONSUMER 'Zombies' are latest hacker-snatched PCs. Read more

17 April 2001

RTB 666 1.12

Georgi Guninski security advisory #42, 2001
Double clicking on innocent looking files may be dangerous. Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-021
Web Request Can Cause Access Violation in ISA Server Web Proxy Service. Read more
VBS.Voodoo.A. Read more
VBS.IEUnsecure. Read more
Avoiding security holes when developing an application - Part 2: memory, stack and functions, shellcode. Read more
URL, URL, Little Do We Know Thee. Read more
BadTrans virus fails to spread. Read more
Defence rejects Etisalat claims in hacking case. Read more
Hackers beware! Mantrap is watching you. Read more
Hackers risk tough penalty. Read more
Niser to train local security consultants. Read more
Microsoft wakes up to security. Read more
Chinese Hackers Investigated for Web Defacements. Read more
New Malaysian law to curb hacking. Read more
From Teen Hackers to Job Hunters. Read more
DC Forecasts Worldwide Revenues for Security 3As Software Will Reach $7.7 Billion in 2004. Read more
Web Bugs Track Users, Extract Information. Read more

16 April 2001

Ultimate RAT 1.0
SANS Windows Security Digest.
Vol. 4 No. 1 - January 31, 2001. Read more

Trend Micro Interscan VirusWall Vulnerability.
A combination of bugs found in the ISADMIN service allow an attacker to remotely compromise a system running Trend Micro Interscan VirusWall
Vulnerable Systems: Linux Systems with Interscan VirusWall version 3.01 (older versions are most likely affected as well) with Remote Administration Enabled.
Weekly Microsoft Security Digest 2001/04/09 to 2001/04/15. Read more
Weekly Solaris Security Digest 2001/04/09 to 2001/04/15. Rea more
Weekly Linux Security Digest 2001/04/09 to 2001/04/15. Read more
Avoiding security holes: memory, stack and functions, shellcode. Read more
US blames Chinese for hacking sites. Read more
From Russia without remorse: some top hackers. Read more
Is Cyber-War of Words Escalating Into Chinese Hactivism? Read more
Internet security problems may be on the rise. Read more
Cashing In on Cyber Crime. Read more
New tools take on denial-of-service attacks. Read more
It's Easy to Crack the Government. Read more
Soviet hackers at core of 'bloodless' crime. Read more
Web Bugs Track Users, Extract Information. Read more

15 April 2001

MegaSecurity has changed its url.
Old one was:
New one:

VBS.Vbswg2b.A@mm is a worm created by the VBS worm generator, Vbswg Version 2 Beta. Read more
X97M.Hihihoho is a macro virus that infects Microsoft Excel worksheets. Read more
Red Hat Security Advisory: Updated pine packages available. Read more
Computer Security: Will We Ever Learn? Read more
Microsoft Active Setup "Backdoor". Read more
In the Shadow of the Valley: Security insecurity. Read more
Bush Fears Hacker Attacks. Read more
Are Open Standards Bad for Encryption? Read more
Progeny Security Advisory: [UPDATE] ntpd remote buffer overflow. Read more
Teaching Kids About Hacking. Read more
Anti-Virus Firms Target PDA Market, But Is The Threat Real? Read more

14 April 2001

The url of MegaSecurity has changed.
The old one was:
The new one is:

Xanadu1.1 by The ExCon. Thanks to ISO.
BadTrans virus fails to spread. Read more
BadTrans virus fizzles on Good Friday. Read more
Chinese Hackers Investigated for Web Defacements. Read more
Chinese Hackers Are Blamed for Vandalizing U.S. Web Sites. Read more
War driving by the Bay. Read more
Big day ahead for hackers? Read more
Ex-cybercop: Hackers not the only problem. Read more
ICC uncovers $4-b online bank fraud. Read more
Internet Banking Scam Uncovered. Read more
Closed source is more secure -- MS. Read more
Hackers turn UK into cybercrime central. Read more

13 April 2001

RUX The TIc.K 3.0.b

Tetris Game, an Acropolis dropper.
DSL modem flaw could jeopardize network security. Read more
Don't be foolish, pay attention to Explorer security warning. Read more
Ex-cybercop: Hackers not the only problem. Read more
Chinese Suspected of Hacking U.S. Sites. Read more
China sites hacked by "kiddie" over crisis. Read more
Technology: Experts to guard McVeigh execution broadcast against hackers. Read more
Police Arrest Hackers for Credit Card Information Theft. Read more
ICC uncovers $4-b online bank fraud. Read more
ACLU ads warn of "massive" government cyber-snooping. Read more
Hacker's Delight. Read more
Modem flawed, experts warn. Read more
Citigroup Target Of Internet Hoax. Read more
Malicious hacking into companies can be done by just about anyone. Read more

12 April 2001

Danton 2.1
W32.ThreeForOne. Read more
VBS.GodWill.A@mm. Read more
Logo.Logic. Read more
WIRED Report Says Adore and Lion Worms Are Tools of Chinese Hacktivists. Read more
Security holes found in Alcatel ADSL modems. Read more
Security flaw found in Alcatel's high-speed modems. Read more
DSL Modem Flaw Could Jeopardize Network Security - CERT. Read more
Crackers used shopping software holes to steal credit cards. Read more
Microsoft plans security boost for Windows. Read more
Microsoft Tightens Screws on Security. Read more
Microsoft declares 'war on hostile code'. Read more
FSB: U.S. Tried to Recruit Hacker. Read more
Russian Hacker Rebuffs U.S. Read more
A Chinese Call to Hack U.S. Read more
CPSC Site Hacked. Read more
Phone hacker jailed in UK's biggest phone scam. Read more
Hackers exploit weak link FTP. Read more
Hacking hatred on the Net? Read more
German Pol Backtracks on Hack. Read more
Hackers' Paradise. Read more
Original Intel hacker's appeal denied. Read more
Big Blue hacker for hire. Read more
Anti-Virus with Sendmail and FBSD. Read more
EC launches European cybercrime forum. Read more
Computer dealer fined for sending virus to rival. Read more

11 April 2001

Ptakks 2.1 r5

Wormgenerator: Exe2HTML

Fan Software's Macintosh Antivirus tool Insecticide is claims to be a "Powerful, fast, elegant and cheap anti-virus with background protection, heuristic virus detection, macro-virus support, and more. Insecticide can scan a file when it is selected in the Finder or even when an application opens it; it is compatible with MacOS 9.1 and will be converted to support MacOS X.", a test of the product (using real viruses) has proven that in fact this antivirus lacks detection for common viruses (making it dangerous to use).
Vulnerable systems:
Insecticide version 1.0.2
First Logo-based virus no threat. Read more
New virus written in logo language. Read more
America 'hired hacker to breach Russian security'. Read more
Anti-Hacker Weapons Debut at Security Confab. Read more
So Many Worms, So Little Info. Read more
Transferring Files? Be Careful. Read more
Encryption gurus praise government. Read more
Germany plots cyberattacks on neo-Nazi sites. Read more
German Script Kids vs. Neo-Nazis? Read more
Hacker spams Warner Bros fans. Read more
Keeping Hackers at Bay. Read more
Hackers move on to home frontCommon sense. Read more
Web apps are Trojan horses for hackers. Read more

10 April 2001

RTB 666 1.04
Pioneer sends e-mail with virus to over 10,000 clients. Read more
Pioneer sends e-mail with virus to over 10,000 clients. Read more
New Virus Written In Logo Language. Read more
Security expert: 'We are losing the battle'. Read more
German Threat Raises Infowar Fear. Read more
Hackers turn racist in attack on hardware site. Read more
Hacking group spills the beans. Read more
'My nan could crack NT', says hacker. Read more
Hackers Steal 1 Million Card Numbers. Read more
Check Point fort against hackers. Read more
Federal Systems Increasingly Falling Prey to Hackers. Read more
British firm develops "unbreakable" polymorphic encryption. Read more
Tracking Down the Clues. Read more
The 'Seven Deadly Sins' of Computer Virus Protection. Read more

09 April 2001

Danton 1.1 beta

Magistr.A Worm Cleaner
A Time Bomb Called "Magistr". Read more
Port numbers. Read more
Weekly BSD Security Digest 2001/04/02 to 2001/04/08. Read more
Check Point fort against hackers. Read more
Web apps are Trojan horses for hackers. Read more
People least worried about big Internet risk. Read more
Beware of mail-bombs. Read more
Hackers stepping up attacks on U.S. government. Read more
Navy site hacked by China sympathizers. Read more
Hackers hit cricket, Bollywood sites. Read more
Microsoft's 'HailStorm' service stirs up online privacy issues. Read more
Company warned of hacker threat as it looks east for IT staff. Read more
Security conference under way in S.F. Read more
Hacker tool threatens .Net. Read more
Cybersleuths find growing role in fighting crime. Read more
Conference Addresses Internet Issues. Read more

08 April 2001

NetSpy 2.0 (build 01225)

Trojan.Futs. Read more
Trojan Drops Its Payload. Read more
Virus Verification and Removal Tools and Techniques. Read more
Monthly Calendar Listing Trigger Dates for Viruses. Read more
Foreign hackers stepping up attacks on federal agencies. Read more
Microsoft's killer virus remedy. Read more
Hackers Hit Indian Bollywood, Cricket Sites. Read more
Napster warns site to pull encryption program. Read more
Cracker in 'credit card Viagra sting on Gates'. Read more
Former U.S. Attorney General Warns of Cyberterrorism Threat. Read more

07 April 2001

The Kill
Trojan.PSW.M2.14. Read more
JS.StartPage. Read more
Navy site hacked by China sympathizers. Read more
Hackers often gained government "root" access in 2000. Read more
Hackers Plague the Feds. Read more
Hackers Tell Malaysian Web Sites What They Think. Read more
Microsoft's virus antidote: Ban attachments. Read more
E-mail wiretapping used to spy on corporate communications. Read more
Computer security blunderings. Read more
Ameritech Plugs Security Hole In Online Bills. Read more
Can You Break Windows XP Security? Read more
How safe is your virus protection software? Read more
Hacker Movie Has Lots of Cracks. Read more

06 April 2001

Intruse 1.34
Lion Internet Worm Analysis. Read more
This Trojan Should Have Its Mouth Washed Out With Soap. Read more
Researchers predict virus avalanche. Read more
Dramatic increase in virus attacks predicted. Read more
At least 155 federal computers systems were temporarily taken over by hackers last year. Read more
Report: 155 federal systems hacked last year. Read more
Study: Government computers at risk. Read more
Pentagon networks attacked 715 times in 2000. Read more
Hacking 'is now bigger threat than terrorism'. Read more
Cracker in 'credit card Viagra sting on Gates'. Read more
Hackers 'are always a step ahead'. Read more
Foreign hackers step up attacks. Read more
Democrat site exposed donor info. Read more
S'kiddies find hacking BT all too easy. Read more
Beefing up system security a must. Read more
E-frauds are almost invisible'. Read more
Is Your Site's Traffic "Good" or "Dangerous"? Read more
Plane crisis could launch Web site attacks on U.S. Read more

05 April 2001

Celine by Del_Armg0. New Linux Worm Adore. Read more
New Linux worm: 'Adore' makes its appearance. Read more
Virus writers face 10 years jail under anti-hacking laws. Read more
"Adore" worm squirms in Linux systems. Read more
No Apology for same old virus. Read more
Rise in viruses within emails outpacing growth of email. Read more
Study: Web crime about to soar. Read more
Web host’s customer database stolen. Read more
BT hacked twice in three days. Read more
Hackers target BT over ADSL delays. Read more
Report: Recycled Computers Hold Data. Read more
British govt. warned about computer hackers. Read more
CRIME: Stealth Hacking Technique Unveiled. Read more
Hacking Hollywood. Read more

04 April 2001

Thief v2

Telnet Server Faker

The Archive is down.
The Old, the New, and the Ugly - March's Top Viruses. Read more
McHackers deface Burger King - again. Read more
One in three UK firms hit by cyber-crime. Read more
One in three UK businesses 'infiltrated by hackers' - survey. Read more
New cloaked-code threat to security. Read more
MS To Users: Pay Up. Read more
Fraud detection tops security agenda. Read more
DSE’s automated trading system saved from hacker. Read more
Start-up offers $10,000 reward to hackers. Read more
Keeping your computer virus-free. Read more
To Trap A Thief. Read more

03 April 2001

Gip 1.13 by Mr. Nop

Fake Sub7 Tool, The Saint 1.0 by AngelBoy.

The Archive is still down.
Vierika virus worse than Kournikova. Read more
Flaw on Microsoft browser could allow hacking. Read more
Win-NT/IIS admins made April Fools by hackers. Read more
Chinese Feds demand computer virus samples. Read more
To Trap A Thief. Read more
Hacker Speak. Read more
British Govt. Warned About Computer Hackers.
Legislators eye cybersecurity. Read more

02 April 2001

BREACH 2001 by -[FrEaK + HYBRiD]

NetBus Port Patch

The Archive is not yet available.

Georgi Guninski security advisory #41, 2001
Security bug in Internet Explorer - MSScriptControl.ScriptControl
Systems affected:
IE 5.5 Win2K (probably others versions/platforms, have not tested). Risk: High. Read more

Security Hole in Virus Buster 2001 (Long FROM address)
Virus Buster 2001 is a Japanese software package that has similar functions to PC-cillin 2000 such as email Virus Scanning and Browser Scanning. A security vulnerability in the product allows remote attackers to cause buffer overflow in the product causing the execution of arbitrary code.
Flaw on Microsoft browser could allow hacking. Read more
Win-NT/IIS admins made April Fools by hackers. Read more
DoJ regulating digital cams to fight kiddie porn. Read more
I-Worm.Breberka.A@MM. Read more
Weekly Microsoft Security Digest 2001/03/26 to 2001/04/01. Read more
Weekly Virus/Malware Digest 2001/03/26 to 2001/04/01. Read more
Hackers: Corporate security stinks! Read more
Computer viruses prefer spring. Read more
Issues: "Save a bug, safe a life?" Read more
Despite the hype, e-signatures remain secure from crackers. Read more
Central Command Releases Its Dirty Dozen -- Top 12 -- Viruses For March 2001. Read more

01 April 2001

Lohoboyshik 1.0

The Archive is not yet available.

Links by SennaSpy:
- Creating a Compressed, Self-Extractor Installation File
  (With Delphi source code) - Good for make a EXE-Joiner :-) Read more
- Force Deletion of the Locked Files: (With Visual C++ source code available). Read more
- Many Compression Algorithms (With source code): Read more
- A tour of the Win32 Portable Executable Format: (With PE Dump - Visual C++ source code available). Read more
- Another good PE File Format Tutorial: Read more
- Good Utilities (With source code): Dump CAB Files, Unpack LZEXE, Unpack PKLite EXE, etc: Read more
Wanted by SennaSpy:
- The very old and rare MS-DOS trojan: PKZIP 3.0b or Trojan.Pkz300b
- C/C++ source code for search strings in files inside .zip files
- The Russian-English Translator: ProMT 2000
India could engage in cyberwar: US. Read more
Hacker charged with heist using Internet and Forbes' richest list. Read more
Hackers tear apart US sites - FBI issues public warning. Read more
Bug exposed TiVo Web site. Read more
Experts: Upgrade BIND Now. Read more
Canadian managers blind to their computer security. Read more
HTML mail threatens privacy. Read more
Kyrgyz Hackers on FBI Wanted List. Read more
Big-Time Computer Viruses Blossom In Spring. Read more