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News May 2000
31 May 2000

Very small uploader: RuX Uploader 2.0 is only 2.5 k.
It uses a ftp account to download another trojan.
Here an older version.
by ·=[KļŠ ÄRCåŠź]=·

New Binder submitted by Senna Spy.

Hostile Java Applets.
Possible Attacks
When an applet is loaded from the local file system, the following violations of security are possible:
Read the system properties of the victim's machine
Read directories on the victim's machine
Read (text) files on the victim's machine
Make use of the user's CPU time
Create a socket to communicate with any other machine on the Internet
Forge email from the victim's account
Open up a popup window without the usual warning
Hostile Java Information
Hostile Java download
The Hostile Mail Applet Page. Read more
A Collection of Increasingly Hostile Applets. Read more.
Avoiding Hostile Applets. Read more.

File Sharing by: Ghost_Rider

AVP updates 30 may 2000

US groups target hackers. Read more.

Personal firewall software: Protect yourself from hackers. Read more.

Human Element Is Key To Stopping Hackers. Read more.

Analysis: NOSes Enhance Internet Accessibility -- Win2000 is tops for all-Windows shops, NetWare for cross-platform support, and Solaris for ERP and e-commerce. Linux can do anything, if you can figure it out. Read more.

The promises and dangers of instant messaging. Read more

30 May 2000

New version of Trojan BioNet: BioNet 2.2.1 by ®ėZmŲnd.
This is the Official Release 2.
AOL User Stealer,
ICQ UIN stealer,
and chache Password Steaer added.

E-mail virus 'contained'. Read more.

Running a BSD-based Firewall. Read more.

FBI hunts for origins of `Killer Resume' virus. Read more

29 May 2000

Trojan Skydance 2.20 beta by by Edrin.

Melissa's Back In Town. Read more
W97M.Melissa.BG. Read more
FBI warns of dangerous new e-mail virus. Read more
Resume and KAK Viruses are spreading

Netscape vulnerability effectively disables SSL server authentication. Read more.

The FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) will be the hub of a nationwide alert network designed to react quickly against cyber attacks targeting the computerized controls of the North American power grid, in a pilot program announced by NIPC chief Michael Vatis to a Senate committee Thursday. Read more.

Cult of the Dead Cow
Sir Dystic on the "Real Hacks". Read more.

AVP updates 28 may 2000

Jolt2 - a new Windows DoS attack

AboveNet Socked by DoS Attack. Read more.

28 May 2000

New trojan SheepGoat 1.0 by Dark_Op.
Server only 32 k
Upload manager and ScreenDump
Get Cached passwords
Hide/Show TaskBar
Run Files
Send Keys
Open/Close CD-ROM
You can report bugs and comments to Dark_Op.

FBI warns of new Outlook computer virus. Read more
FBI: New E-Mail Virus Afoot. Read more.
Latest wave of worms using hidden file extensions. Read more
McAfee Warns of Resume Virus--Don't Open. Read more.
'Killer Resume' virus hits computer networks. Read more
Love Bug variant fools Anti-Virus programs. Read more.

Big Brother allows remote command execution. Read more.

Patch Available for the "Frame Domain Verification", "Unauthorized Cookie Access", and "Malformed Component Attribute" Vulnerabilities. Read more.

MDBMS remote exploit code
Gauntlet Firewall exploit code
klogin remote exploit code

27 May 2000

Trojan Kid Terror 1.0 based on Girlfriend 1.35 sources.

Mitnick gains legal muscle in challenge of speaking ban. Read more

Europe to remove encryption restrictions, US to follow. Read more

Governments of the G8 industrialised nations are to step up cooperation in policing the Internet following Denial-of-Service attacks and worms such as Love Letter. Read more.

This is my final nag urging people to take the Nmap survey. It is probably going down Saturday and then start compiling the results. If you want your features to be added, your operating system to be supported, or your ideas to be incorporated -- now is your chance to stand up and be counted. Nmap Security Scanner Anonymous User Survey.

Computer Associates Warns of new Cybernet Virus. Read more.

Securax tutorial - Anonymous connections over the net. Read more.

Inconsistent Warning Messages in Netscape Navigator. Read more.

CERT® Advisory CA-2000-07 Microsoft Office 2000 UA ActiveX Control Incorrectly Marked "Safe for Scripting". Read more.

National Infrastructure Protection Center Information System Advisory 00-044 mstream Distributed Denial of Service Tool. Read more.

Racier version of 'ILoveYou' making the rounds. Read more.

Kyl Gears up for Another Cybercrime-Fighting Bill. Read more.

Mitnick gains legal muscle in challenge of speaking ban. Read more.

NHL Web site back online following hacking. Read more. Developer Interviews: Raph Levien, graphics hacker. Read more.

Invest in security or pay the price, warns Gartner. Read more.

Tough new laws sought for hackers. Read more.

Businesses Use $12 Billion of Stolen Software. Read more.

Microsoft programs vulnerable to viruses. Read more.

Swarm of Yahoo bugs raises security questions. Read more.

26 May 2000

New version of Trojan: Host Control 2.6.

Netbus worm from TL Security. This is a simple Internet worm using NetBus servers to propagate. The worm periodically scans it's own (class C) subnet for NetBus 1 servers, and uploads itself to the hosts that have the server running, after which the uploaded copy will be remotely executed.

Psionic PortSentry 1.0
Port Scan Detection and Active Defense System. Now only for Linux. Link.

Computer Associates Warns of New Electronic-Mail Virus Cybernet. Read more.

Preventing viruses. Read more.

To Script Or Not To Script. Read more.

The Next Generation of ILOVEYOU:The Porn Worm. Read more.

Hackers disable NHL Web site. Read more.

Flaws in S&P service could put companies' data at risk. Read more

Microsoft Delays Outlook Security Update. Read more.

Caldera Systems Security Advisory: DoS attack against X server. Read more.

Who Pays When a Business Is Hacked? Read more.

Blackcode Top 30.

25 May 2000

New version of asylum: Asylum 0.1.3 by Slim.

Alternative Sub7 Client sources by CrAcK3R.

Microsoft Office 2000 UA ActiveX Control Incorrectly Marked "Safe for Scripting". Read more.

Mining BlackICE with RFPickAxe.
Remote command execution on BlackICE ICECap stations. Link to Rain forest puppy.

Caldera Systems Security Advisory: DoS attack against X server. Read more.

Outlook patch called overkill. Read more

Love bug prompts security experts to poke at Microsoft’s weak points. Read more.

Experts lecture feds on cybersecurity. Read more

Virus Also Faxed Itself to Victims. Read more.

24 May 2000

Trojan Connection 1.1 (bugs fixed)

Alloy is a programmer's tool that enables you to add in dependent files within your main executable. Most programming languages require runtime files or separate resource files for graphics. However with Alloy you can embed all these files within your main exe, the files are then quickly written to disk once its executed. Also Alloy can compress these files down to more then half there size in most cases. Alloy will then decompress the file before its written back to disk. This all occurs in milliseconds and no visible effects are observed by the end user. This provides a smaller footprint for your applications and smaller download size for your customers. Whether you need a small patch or a full blown application within one exe, Alloy can handle most jobs.
Alloy 414. Thanks to Senna Spy Programmer. His site is worth a visit!

Digital Chaos is just an destructive tool, that tries to delete autoexec.bat, and config.sys. Nothing much. No Download here.

AVP updates 19 may 2000

Hardening Solaris.
Secure installation of Bastion hosts. Read more

Security Hole found in NAI Firewall. Read more.

Cisco Secure PIX Firewall FTP Vulnerabilities. Read more.

NetBus Pro removed from McAfee virus scanner. Read more
Anti-virus firm accommodates employee monitoring. Read more.

European Union sets free export of encryption products. Read more.

Two new Word macro viruses have been reported in the wild by Sophos. Read more.

Anatomy of a ‘love bug’.
How computer viruses resemble their biological counterparts. Read more

Are our cops ready to tackle cyber-crime? Read more.

Suspected 'Love Bug' hacker swamped with job offers. Read more.

Beware of the security zealot. Read more.

23 May 2000

AntiLamer Toolkit Pro 'Haebu CoceDA' 2.40 or Naebi 2.40.
* Dialups Password
* ICQ passes (up to 3.17)
* Local Network Shares Pass
* pass to www,ftp etc sites , other mashine shares
(as long as it was stored in victims PWL's)
* Full UIN list with _PASSWORD_ for ever of it.
* BO-trojan,NetBus-Trojan,NetSphere-Trojan ports&passwords
* Ftp password stored in CuteFTp/WinCMD ftp(if enable one)
* other staff like edialer passes(stupid dialer used mostly
in Russia Land) , list of Run* keys in victim registry
(for depend what numbers of other trojan instaled),and
all .txt(_NOW_ .lnk to .txt from RECENT - to) from victim DeskTop.

New Love virus fails to spread. Read more

Weekly Microsoft Security Roundup - 2000/05/15 to 2000/05/21. Read more.

Hacker Rails Against New Worm. Read more.

Virus Protection Is Available Online. Read more.

Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier, Texinfo Edition 1.2, February 1994.
This is a book about cops, and wild teenage whiz-kids, and lawyers, and hairy-eyed anarchists, and industrial technicians, and hippies, and high-tech millionaires, and game hobbyists, and computer security experts, and Secret Service agents, and grifters, and thieves.
This book is about the electronic frontier of the 1990s. It concerns activities that take place inside computers and over telephone lines. Read Story.

School for Hackers;The Love Bug's Manila birthplace is just one of many Third World virus breeding grounds.Read more.

Wanted the following trojans:
Digital RootBeer
Peanut Brittle (0.2 beta)

22 May 2000

Trojan Connection from TL Security.

Time to catch the virus copycats. Read more.

Wriggling of Latest E-mail Worm Limited. Read more.

New virus' effect is limited. Read more.

Some email viruses spreading WITHOUT opening attachment. Read more

Slashdot struck by denial-of-service attacks. Read more.

Outlook patch carries costly consequences. Read more.

Microsoft's Outlook: Cloudy security. Read more.

Montreal teen pleads guilty to hacking into NASA, Harvard, MIT computers. Read more.

Love Bug' Investigators Get More Time. Read more.
Philippine investigators question former students in 'Love Bug' case. Read more.

Cyber laws needed for virtual crime. Read more. Safe Trojan Horses which demonstrate the techniques used to steal passwords, bank account details, PIN numbers, credit card numbers and other sensitive information by compromising the security of your client. Link.

21 May 2000

Fake Syphillis trojan that drops a subseven server.

Trojan Hide Tool. This isn't really a tool, its just another simply way to send someone a secret trojan. You can use every trojan and every other program you want to.

New Outlook Express worm fizzles. Read more.

AVP Script Checker is an anti-virus program that provides ultimate protection for your computer against script viruses and worms based on "LoveLetter" Internet worm. AVP Script Checker detects and stops any kind of script worms that use mail service(s) to spread themselves.

Businesses put up virus fight. Read more.

Herbie Virus Is Less Common, More Powerful . Read more.

Microsoft Confirms IE Bug, No Fix In Sight. Read more.

New worm won't bite most Macs. Read more.

The Upcoming Outlook Security Patch: Should You Load It? Read more.

FBI Sets Sights On New 'Love Bug' Strain. Read more.

Powerful Love Bug Variant Emerges, Falters. Read more.

Cybersentries assailed again Read more.

Norton Personal Firewall Beta Testing Opens.
Symantec Corporation, maker of the popular suite of utilities to protect and repair computer systems, has announced open beta testing of its new program Norton Personal Firewall 2000.
This software provides "maximum defense against hackers and other Internet threats," touts Symantec. Read more The Virus Ambulance Chasers. Read more.

20 May 2000

Gip 1.12
Sends information about system.
Work on Windows 95/98/2000/NT
Sends passwords to your E-mail
Anti-viruses dont know it exists yet =)
The Size is 45kb
Get dial-up passwords with ISP Phone numbers
Get passwords from Icq99a/Icq99b/2000a
Get passwords from edit boxes
Auto Send mails every X days
Auto-update, so victim always have the newest version =)
Attachs to any file (including documents)
Deletes itself from infected file

Chameleon-Like Virus Hits Internet. Read more.
New, Nastier 'Love Bug' Virus On Horizon. Read more.
Another Virus Loose. Read more
Experts say new computer virus not spreading as quickly. Read more.
New virus more vicious than Love Bug. Read more.
NewLove virus is slow-moving but deadly. Read more.
More virulent version of Love bug rears its head. Read more.

Gnutella Self-Replication and other attacks.

Demo of Browser Security Hole. Link.

More Security Holes Discovered in IE for Mac OS, Java ML Says. Read more.

'Love' Virus Shows U.S. Cyber Vulnerability. Read more.
Love bug bites! Read more.
Love Bug' Damage Worldwide: $10 Billion. Read more.

Der Wettlauf mit den Hackern hat begonnen. (german). Read more.

Teen Guilty In NASA, MIT, Harvard Hacks. Read more.

PCAnywhere configuration files use weak passwords encryption. Read more.

Anti Love cleans I love you virus.

Search the database of 25,000+ h/p/v/c/a web pages: Secure Root.

19 May 2000

Trojan Asylum 0.1.2 by Slim.
Configurable ICQ notify.
Multiple start-up methods.
Remote file upload.
Remote file execution.
Remote reboot.
Password protection.
Automatic remote server removal.
A 7kb uncompressed server.

New virus more destructive than "Love". Read more.

New strain of virus hits computer e-mail. Read more.

"Lets Watch TV" Virus Hoax on the Rampage. Read more

NSC drafts battle plan against cyber crime . Read more.

Bill Clinton associates Love Bug with terrorism. Read more.
Law pulled out from under 'Love Bug' investigators. Read more.
Philippine student group notorious for hacking. Read more.
Government delay on 'Love Bug' said to have caused serious problems. Read more.

How to Hack. Read more.

Preventing nmap OS detection for Windows NT.

Eudora Pro and Outlook vulnerable to long filename vulnerability. Read more.

Ways to cope with active content in e-mail.

Mining BlackICE with RFPickAxe.

What the hack did he say?
IBM would never consider hiring a reformed hacker. It would be like hiring a burglar to institute a burglar system on your house. Read more.

Search the database of 25,000+ h/p/v/c/a web pages: Secure Root.

18 May 2000

Trojan: Freak 2k.

Philippines Says 'Love Bug' May Have Over 40 Authors. Read more.
Probe on 'Love Bug' virus creator widens. Read more.
Microsoft Issues Patch for Outlook in Wake of Love Bug. Read more.

MS flags Mac IE 5 security gap. Read more.

Symantec to scan Yahoo Mail for viruses. Read more.

Computer crimes on the rise in Russia, police official says. Read more.

Pretty Park cleaner.

Hacklist Top 100.

17 May 2000

NetBus 2.0 source by Dark_Op

Love Virus Strain Found on Recovered Disk. Read more.

Internet Explorer "Open Cookie Jar". Read more.

Knapster and Gnapster allow local file access.Read more.

Reflections on Java. Read more.

Patch Available for "scriptlet.typelib/Eyedog" Vulnerability Read more.

Quake 3 Arena Serious Security Problem. Read more.

Trojan Alert: Troj_Wincrash.B

Experts question robustness of Windows scripting system after discovery of hole that lets intruders break in via 'back door.' Read more.

16 May 2000

Gip 1.10.
Features: Sends information about system
Work on Windows 98/98/2000/NT
Sends passwords to your E-mail
The Size is 43kb
Get dial-up passwords with ISP Phone numbers
Get passwords from Icq99a/Icq99b
Get passwords from edit boxes
Auto Send mails every 3 days
Auto-update, so victim always have the newest version =)
Attachs to any file (including documents)
Deletes itself from infected file

Badass virus infects Outlook. Read more.
What Badass Looks Like. Read more.

Microsoft browser flawed?
Security hole in Internet Explorer opens back door to hackers, says news report. Read more.

Global plan to fight cybercrime. Read more.

Security draws extra millions. Read more.

Experts Applaud Microsoft's Security Moves. Read more.

Microsoft's Outlook: Cloudy security. Read more.

15 May 2000

New version of Slim`s great trojan: Asylum 0.1.1.

Microsoft Office 2000 Scripting Advisory. Read on Lopht heavy industries.

A very interesting article by WHY about worms. Read here.

World leaders join forces to fight Internet attacks. Read more.

Philippine "Love Bug" suspect pleads innocence. Read more.
"Love Bug" virus takes a financial hit on Israel. Read more.
More Files Found to Link 'Love Bug' to a Filipino. Read more.

Be Very Frightened,' Experts Say of Potential for E-Terrorism. Read more.

New DDoS tools being developed. Read more.

US security slips reveal IT-age weaknesses. Read more.

India to introduce laws on hacking, e-commerce. Read more.

KAIST to hold hacking contest. Read more.

14 May 2000

Trojan: Solaris 1.0.

Agencies find LOVE stinks. Read more.

Filipinos ambivalent toward computer virus case. Read more.

Hacker breaches Maine Public Broadcasting's member list. Read more.

Lockdown trojan is it called, but it is not a trojan. It does not delete anything, locks down windows with a black screen and on this the letters "The Matrix has you" will be typed.

13 May 2000

Scriptguard protects against script-worms.
By actually analysing the scripts' source code before it is executed, the DiamondCS ScriptGuard system will not only block the execution of all known, unknown, and yet-to-be-written script worms (and other hostile codes), but it will also compile a human-readable analysis of the script, so the user knows exactly what the script is capable of doing without even having to run it, making it the only foolproof method currently available to combat this rapidly growing problem. Link.

Timbuktu Pro (Remote Control and File Transfer software) exploit code released.
Exploit code here.

Hotmail JavaScript-in-attachment attack.
Click here to download a zip file containing magic-attachment.html.

More information about South Park Shooter Worm.

Next viruses will be silent killers. Read more.

Bug hunters find 'cookie' hole in IE. Read more

Patch Available for "Malformed Extension Data in URL" Vulnerability. Link.

Wanted: Trojan Peanut Brittle (0.2 beta).

12 May 2000

Trojan Skydance 2.16 beta.

Hole Exposes Hotmail Email. Read more.
Hotmail Down Due to Hole. Read more.

Patch Available for "Undelimited .HTR Request" and "File Fragment Reading via .HTR" Vulnerabilities. Read more.

Microsoft provide open, timely and complete access to the parts of the Windows operating system code used by independent software companies to design their software applications to run on Windows. Read more.

EXTREME RISKS in microsoft VBS scripting host. Read here how to protect yourself.

Computer virus hit at least 14 US federal agencies. Read more.
Love Bug Is Just The Beginning Of Infestation. Read more.
Hackers Modifying 'I Love You' Worm. Read more.

Suspect May Have Accidentally Launched Virus. Read more.
Ten Filipino students targeted in 'Love Bug' virus probe. Read more.
'Love Bug' exposed inadequate warning systems, experts tell Congress. Read more.

G8 set to tackle cyber-crime. Read more.

11 May 2000

Trojan Remote Shut 1.4.

New E-mail Virus May Hurt Worse Than 'Love'.
The bug doesn't even require a user to open the attachment for it to spread. Read more.

New worm -- 'SouthPark' in Germany.
A new computer bug dubbed SouthPark that matches in destructive power what its namesake TV series boasts in tastelessness is making the e-mail rounds, a computer security company said on Wednesday.Read more.

The Evolution of Malicious Agents (Part 2 of 2). Read more.

Microsoft: Don't Blame Us for Virus. Read more.

Ontrack recovers from VBS.LoveLetter worm. Link.

10 May 2000

Funny Trojan. very small server (5.5ko)
exe (PE) infector
-all sources
-the server entirely programmed in win32asm
-the client in borland c++builder
-the desinfector in borland c++builder who requires borland runtimes.
-the PE infector in asm.

Gates: Get Smart About Security. Read more.

Guilty! Network manager destroyed his own network. Read more.

Love' suspect ordered released, leads pursued. Read more.

Hacker's toolchest. Techniques and tools for penetration testing. Read more.

Summit: Ban the Internet bad guys. Read more.

Security Information needs your vote!

9 May 2000

One Of The Last Trojans. By SNEAK and modified by Cart. Sources are included.

Latest news: 10 suspects arrested.
Philippine investigators on Monday were questioning a man whose apartment in Manila's lower middle-class Pandacan neighborhood they suspect to be the source of the "ILOVEYOU" virus.
Internet provider says Caller ID foiled 'Love Bug' author. Read more.
Love Bug' comes in 13 variants. Read more.

The Evolution of Malicious Agents (Part 1 of 2).
This paper examines the evolution of malicious agents by analyzing features and limitations of popular viruses, worms, and trojans, detailing the possibility of a new breed of malicious agents currently being developed on the Internet. Read more.

How was defaced. Read more.

Did security firms fail their big test? Read more.

Experts say more laws won't stop computer hackers. Read more.

Internet Security at a Glance. Read more.

8 May 2000

New : Freak 88.

’ILOVEYOU’ has sinister side. Read more.

Weekly Microsoft Security Roundup - 2000/05/01 to 2000/05/07. Read more.

Feds crack down on piracy ring. Read more.

7 May 2000

New trojan: Y3K_Rat 1.0.

I_love_you sources.
Sendmail Releases Blocking Feature for LoveLetter Worm. Read more.
Mother's Day Worm Worse Read more.
Internet provider in Philippines homes in on virus author. Full Story.
Love bug now has five siblings. Read more.

Win95.Smash virus warning.

6 May 2000

Trojan Connector 1.0.

New versions of "Love" bug spread. Read more.
CERT Advisory CA-2000-04 Love Letter Worm. Read more.
Analysis: Worm underscores limits of firewalls. Read more.
How The Slimy Worm Works. Read more.
Love Bug author will be easy to find, says ex-hacker. Read more.

Trojan Valv-Sirat 1.0. The New Standard in Remote Administration Tools.
But....see for yourself.

From Valvoline`s Research Labs.
NetRipper. NB v1.6x Password Taker v1.1
NB v1.6x Password Taker v1.0b

Teen Sentenced in Columbine Web Threat. Read more.

Defenses Against the Top Ten Security Threats. Read more.

Be anonymous on the Internet. Read more.

Technology Security Risks Growing. Read more.

5 May 2000

Trojan Prosiak 0.70 beta 2 was submitted by Achates.

ILOVEYOU' e-mail worm invades PCs. Pentagon and CIA infected!
This worm spreads at an amazing speed", comments Mikko Hypponen, Manager of Anti-Virus Research at F-Secure Corporation. "We got the first report around 9:00 a.m. on Thursday from Norway, and by 1 p.m. we had reports from over 20 countries. We estimate that total number of infected machines is already in tens of thousands. This epidemic might exceed Melissa in both speed and destructivity."
Story., more and more.

Mstream Source.

So1o.c. Simple Linux Back Door Program by CodeZero.
kbd.c. Linux loadable kernel module backdoor for 2.0.X by spaceork

Exploit Enables Reading of Bookmark Links and Some Attributes of HTML Files. Read more.

WebTrends Security Analyzer helps secure your intranet, Internet, and extranet by discovering security vulnerabilities and recommending fixes.

Windows 2000 Nul bug.
If you open a DOS command window and type NUL at the command line, you get a screen with a list of programs that can be used to open nul.pif and from there you may be able to access other parts of the system. Read more

The latest Phrack magazine

Russian police have arrested five hackers suspected of using stolen credit card details to buy goods from their own Internet Story

Cheap PC Hacker Strikes Again. Story.

Quake III flaw could frag your computer. Story

4 May 2000

New. Hacker_Brasil. is a basic trojan.

Backdooring. Article from the latest Phrack Magazine.

Expert warns of powerful new hacker tool called mstream. Story.
Mstream Analysis. Read also in "Information".

Washington coalition attacks Internet crime. Story.

Stiff penalties sought for computer crime. Story.

Netkill - generic remote DoS attack tool.

Britain Plans to Build Internet Surveillance Centre. Story.

3 May 2000

Trojan Frenzy 0.1.0 .

Virtual Bus. This spy remote control application. It lets do operations on another computer. A web browser and a mp3 player is included with this version. Home Page.

Anti-Trojan4 cleans about 100 trojans. Link.

Anybody knows this one?

Commentary on backdoors and use of correct terms. Read more.

Expert warns of powerful new hacker tool. Read more.

Rather than breaking down doors, authorities take down walls in overture to IT professionals. Story.

Feds ask Congress for help in trapping hackers. Read story.

2 May 2000

New version of trojan "The Revenger" by firelarm and chucky. Revenger 1.5.

PEBundle physically attaches DLL(s) to an executable, resolving dependencies in memory and therefore removing the requirement of the DLL image(s) to be distributed with the executable, or exist as a separate physical image. PEBundle does NOT write attached DLLs to disk, but handles API dependencies transparently in memory with virtually no extra memory usage over the normal requirement for the EXE+DLL, except in the special case of, what would have been, a shared DLL module.

Warning is a fun program, that gives an configurable error message.

The “Netscape engineers are weenies” reference in Microsoft Visual InterDev 1.0 earlier this month might not be just an isolated incident. Raed more.

Denial of Service Attacks using Nameservers. Read more.

Intel disables ID tracking in chips. Read more.

Britain plans to build Internet surveillance Centre. Read more.

1 May 2000

Trojan: Prosiak 0.70 beta 5.

Secret Agent-NukeProtecter 1.0.
The funtions are limited to open CD, delete ICQ, restart and shutdown computer.

Crunch 1.0 by BitArts.
Crunch allows you to reduce your EXE's, DLL's, OCX's and screensavers by up to 70% and still run as normal.
Crunch introduces powerful compression and encryption that hides your real program code from hex editors etc.

Microsoft zaps Hotmail password bug. Story.

Cyber-terrorists may lurk on a site near you. Story..

When the cracking is mighty. Story.

People who want to want to help Security Information can send an e-mail.
Mainly compiling and testing trojans.