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News July 2001
31 July 2001

Artic Warfare Device 1.3.
Internet Security Systems Security Alert
X-Force Response to Concern About the "Code Red" Worm. Read more
Continued Threat of the "Code Red" Worm. Read more
Various Security Problems Found in Trend Micro AppletTrap Script Filtering. Read more
Snapstream PVS Security Vulnerability. Read more
'Code Red' Worm May Re-Emerge on Internet Tuesday. Read more
Code Red Tribulation is nigh, Steve Gibson warns. Read more
Code Red worm poised for second attack on Internet. Read more
Net braces for stronger 'Code Red' attack. Read more
Code Red: "I'll Be Back!". Read more
Expect Code Red computer virus to wreck havoc on Thurs. Read more
FBI teams up with government to crack computer virus. Read more
30 Jul 2001 - W32/SirCam latest statistics. Read more
DoJ 'will prosecute Russian hacker'. Read more
Free speech emasculated. Read more
German Über-Hacker Dies. Read more
Mob trial focuses on high-tech surveillance, privacy rights. Read more
Gibson declared antivirus software 'dead' -- in 1992. Read more
What Goes on Inside a Virus Writer. Read more
Is the Internet a Big Bluff? Lewis Plays Hacker's Poker. Read more

30 July 2001

Subsari 1.4 by KiPSOFT
- EnGarde is a secure distribution of Linux engineered from the ground-up to provide organizations with the level of security required to create a corporate Web presence or even conduct e-business on the Web. It can be used as a Web, DNS, e-mail, database, e-commerce, and general Internet server where security is a primary concern. Read more

We the CERT/CC, along with other organizations listed below are jointly publishing this alert about a serious threat to the Internet
A Very Real and Present Threat to the Internet: July 31 Deadline For Action
The Code Red Worm and mutations of the worm pose a continued and serious threat to Internet users. Immediate action is required to combat this threat. Users who have deployed software that is vulnerable to the worm (Microsoft IIS Versions 4.0 and 5.0) must install, if they have not done so already, a vital security patch.
On July 19, the Code Red worm infected more than 250,000 systems in just 9 hours. The worm scans the Internet, identifies vulnerable systems, and infects these systems by installing itself. Each newly installed worm joins all the others causing the rate of scanning to grow rapidly. This uncontrolled growth in scanning directly decreases the speed of the Internet and can cause sporadic but widespread outages among all types of systems. Code Red is likely to start spreading again on July 31st, 2001 8:00 PM EDT and has mutated so that it may be even more dangerous. This spread has the potential to disrupt business and personal use of the Internet for applications such as electronic commerce, email and entertainment.
Search Engines HTML Parsing Vulnerability (Lycos). Read more
Tivoli SecureWay Web Seal Policy Security Vulnerability. Read more
IBM AlphaWorks TFTP Server for Java Directory Traversal. Read more
Malformed RPC Request Can Cause Service Failure (Exchange, SQL, Windows). Read more
Invalid RDP Data Can Cause Memory Leak in Terminal Services. Read more
Virulent worm calls into doubt our ability to protect the Net. Read more
New 'net worm' could disrupt Internet. Read more
US Government, private officials fret over Code Red worm. Read more
Government, private officials sound alarm over 'Code Red' worm. Read more Internet's 'very real' virus threat. Read more
SirCam computer worm could wipe out hard drive files. Read more
Hackers plan to bite back as FBI detains Russian. Read more
Hacker arrest may spur review of digital rules. Read more defaced. Read more
The Real Threat Is Cyberterrorism. Read more
Investigation Ordered After Computer Glitch at State Agency Exposes Student Records. Read more
How the FBI watches the net. Read more
FBI's high-tech snooping goes on trial. Read more
XP won't be stopped: Microsoft. Read more

29 July 2001

Command Center

Nmap 2.54BETA28 is now available. Download
Pic LPd Remote Exploit (QUEUE). Read more
Proxomitron Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability. Read more
Services for UNIX 2.0 Suffer from a Remotely Triggered Memory Leak. Read more
Dmitry haunts FBI-chief's confirmation. Read more
Hacker arrest may spur review of digital rules. Read more
Attrition defaced. Mirror
Sircam foiled Norton Anti-virus. Read more
Code Red dead? Read more
Security gurus spy on hackers using honeypot' computer net. Read more
Hacker attacks on California power raise alarms about security. Read more
Windows XP RC2 for Preview Program Customers. Read more
US Senator aims to kill Win XP launch. Read more
New E-mail Virus Hits China. Read more
Hack Attack Targets Verizon, AT&T Wireless Customers. Read more
Hacking activity at all-time high. Read more
PC spies eye children, lovers, employees. Read more

28 July 2001

Remote Password Assassin (RPA) is a powerful security tool to test passwords across networks. In a simple way, RPA is a Network Password Cracker using Brute Force Attack and able to attack very common ports on servers. When RPA is finish it will generate a HTML report, easy to follow and detailing the session. Read more
Trojans can block ZoneAlarm by setting a Mutex in memory.
ZoneAlarm and ZoneAlarm Pro can be stopped from loading by creating a memory-resident Mutex (using a call to the CreateMutex API). Uninstalling\reinstalling ZoneAlarm in a different path has no effect. The impact of this vulnerability is that a Trojan running on a victim's machine can prevent ZoneAlarm from loading, and thus leave the victim open for attack. Read more
Security Hole in Mambo Site Server Leads to Server Compromise. Read more
Windows Media Player .NSC Processor Buffer Overflow Vulnerability. Read more
UNIX Assembly Codes Development for Vulnerabilities Illustration Purposes. Read more
Debian Security Advisory: New versions of apache, fixes index bug. Read more
'Code Red' virus re-infection expected on 1 August. Read more
Code Red worm problems could re-emerge Aug. 1. Read more
It's Bed Time For Code Red Worm - But Is It Sleepy? Read more
Hackers plan to bite back as FBI detains Russian. Read more
California Backers Push to Free Russian Hacker. Read more
Uphill Battle for Russian Programmer. Read more
Symantec fails to stop SirCam. Read more
Four new ways to stuff someone's Win machine. Read more
Hacking Vegas at Black Hat and DEF CON: One Geek's Experience. Read more
Hacker gets access to largest reported loss in business history. Read more
Bad day for JDS Uniphase as hackers strike. Read more
Hackers are too risky to hire, says security firm boss. Read more
India Hackers Scared Straight? Read more
Cyberlaws need to be updated. Read more
Lucent hit by hacking double whammy. Read more
Gateway Scanners Plug Holes Against SirCam. Read more
FBI cyber-braniacs infect themselves with SirCam. Read more
Blowjob-assisted hack defies logic. Read more
Microsoft Bulletins Fail PGP Verification. Read more
Watchdogs file Win-XP complaint with Feds. Read more

27 July 2001

MainLine 1.0b

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-042
Windows Media Player .NSC Processor Contains Unchecked Buffer. Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-041
Malformed RPC Request Can Cause Service Failure. Read more

CERT® Advisory CA-2001-23
Continued Threat of the "Code Red" Worm. Read more
Solaris DTmail Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (MAIL Environment). Read more
WS_FTP Server Buffer Overflow and Possible DoS. Read more
EFF: Free the Russian Hacker! Read more
Adobe plea on caged hacker. Read more
Rep: Give Fair Use a Fair Shake. Read more
Hackers Pounce On New Telnet Hole – Update. Read more
Penn university to offer computer security degree. Read more
Sircam Virus Widely Spreads. Read more
Virus sends your secrets all over the Web. Read more
Sircam virus eludes Symantec anti-virus scanning update. Read more
FBI out-smarted by SirCam bug. Read more
Sircam Worm: Crawling Fast but Easily Crushed. Read more
Hey SirCam, Where'd You Go? Read more
Scared of Hackers? Indian Teenager Offers Help. Read more
Report: U.S. drive on computer crime falls short. Read more
Hackers call for police training. Read more
Hacker forces JDS Uniphase to request trading halt. Read more
Hacker Gets Early Peek at JDS Financial Results. Read more
Hackers paralyze Palestinian Web site. Read more
Welsh local government sites hacked. Read more
Privacy advocates take aim at Windows XP. Read more
New Microsoft Systems Erode Privacy, Groups Say. Read more
Complaint to FTC raises privacy concerns over Windows XP. Read more
The Reg guide to hackers in film. Read more

26 July 2001

Cyn 1.2 by iradium. Go to Trojan Top Sites to visit their homepage.

MS Internet Explorer + OfficeXP full Disclosure Exploit. Read more
Wordlists. Read more
Hacker Psych 101. Read more
The Spread of the Code-Red Worm (CRv2). Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-040
Invalid RDP Data Can Cause Memory Leak in Terminal Services. Read more

CERT® Advisory CA-2001-22
W32/Sircam Malicious Code. Read more
Sambar Web Server Pagecount Exploit Code. Read more
ArGoSoft FTP Server Weak Password Encryption. Read more
Russian programmers rally in support of hacker. Read more
EFF: Free the Russian Hacker! Read more
FBI nominee asked to release hacker. Read more
Gibson/Greene debate 'good parts' t'script. Read more
Steve Gibson vs. Thomas C. Greene
The long-awaited ear-to-ear debate on the Win-XP raw-sockets implementation involving Steve Gibson and The Regsiter's Thomas C. Greene on the radio show Online Tonight with David Lawrence is available as mirrored on HNS. Read more
HAL2001, international conference "hackers at large". Read more
Number Nine, Number Nine: Linux at Defcon 9. Read more
Congress No Haven for Hackers. Read more
RSA poses $200,000 crypto challenge. Read more
Privacy advocates take aim at Windows XP. Read more
The humiliation virus. Read more
SirCam worm 'high risk' but not rife. Read more
E-xposed: Bug puts Govt files on Net. Read more
Access Restored To Pentagon Sites. Read more
FBI cybercrime centre unable to block virus. Read more
Hackers paralyze Palestinian Web site. Read more
Prosecutors Indict US Army Hacker. Read more
Justice Department gets a 'privacy czar'. Read more
Kiwi Spy Bill Inches Forward. Read more

25 July 2001

Moses 1.1.5
Steve Gibson: Microsoft *MUST* be lying about the use of Full Raw Sockets in Windows XP!!! Read more
Know Your Enemy: Statistics. Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-039
Services for Unix 2.0 Telnet and NFS Services Contain Memory Leaks. Read more

CERT Advisory CA-2001-21
Buffer Overflow in telnetd. Read more
Exploit Code Released for the SMTP Attachment Protection Bypass. Read more
Son of Code Red. Read more
NetWin Authentication Module Weak Password Storage and Buffer Overflow. Read more
Card Service International / LinkPoint API Security Concerns. Read more
Squid HTTPd Acceleration ACL Bug Enables Port Scanning. Read more
Linux 2.4.x Slackware Init Script Vulnerability. Read more
SSH hits the fan for Unix admins. Read more
Brazilian hackers can’t get enough IIS. Read more
Linux Kernel-Level Trojan - Kernel Intrusion System (KIS). Read more
Admins urged to close serious BSD security hole. Read more
Why the SirCam worm is only the beginning for new viruses. Read more
Sircam worm spreads, causing corporate aggravation. Read more
FBI Computer Infected by SirCam Worm. Read more
Pentagon shuts sites to battle worm. Read more
Adobe shifts, urges hacker's release. Read more
Adobe Withdraws Support For Russian Programmer Prosecution. Read more
Adobe backs down on prosecuting hacker. Read more
Adobe calls for programmer's release. Read more
Star Wars site hacked by turtle-obsessed ninja.
"Brazil rules. I thank the master Splinter, without his training the Turtles would be nothing." Read more
Hacker defies the force. Read more
Swiss Hackers Grab 250,000 E-mail Addresses, Passwords. Read more
Microsoft Hotmail hacked? Read more
Hackers Hit Again With Hitler Mustache, Music. Read more
Infamous porn site gets a hacker makeover. Read more
Online hackers target government offices. Read more
Microsoft Bundles Worm with IIS. Read more
Black Hat Highlights Real Danger of Script Kiddies. Read more
S'pore broadcaster invaded by Code Red worm. Read more
The fitting punishment for virus writers? Death! Read more
Home PCs Are at Risk for Use by Hackers. Read more
Practicing Safe Computing Can Minimize Chances of Invasion. Read more
House approves Carnivore reporting requirements. Read more
Justice creating cybercrime units. Read more

24 July 2001

Bushtrommel 1.22
BreakDown is a Linux password cracker that uses dictionary attacks and customizable brute force attacks.
It can also be used a sequential character generator. Read more
IIS-Worm.Bady (aka "Code Red","CodeRed") Read more
I-Worm.Sircam. Read more
3Com TelnetD Password Brute Forcing. Read more
AdCycle SQL Command Insertion Vulnerability. Read more
Interactive Story File Disclosure Vulnerability. Read more
Sniffer Trojan blamed for posting accounts. Read more
Index of ElcomSoft, Dmitry Sklyarov, Adobe,
US Government and DMCA-related articles from around the Web. Read more
Adobe, Electronic Frontier Foundation Call for Release of Russian Programmer. Read more
Free Dmitry Sklyarov. Read more
Free Dmitry Sklyarov. Read more
Boycott Adobe. Read more
EFF "Intellectual Property: Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA): U.S. v. Sklyarov" Archive. Read more
Civil Liberties Group Blasts Adobe For Aiding FBI In Arrest. Read more
Protests mount over arrested Russian programmer. Read more
U.S. protesters seek release of Russian programmer. Read more
Computer scientists boycott US over digital copyright law. Read more
A cryptic sentence, then blackout. Read more
Adobe Folds! Read more
Boycott Adobe campaign launches. Read more
Jailed 'E-Pirate' a Cause Celebre. Read more
Gathering of Hackers and More. Read more
Code Red worm cripples US military sites. Read more
MSN bug serves up porn. Read more
Sircam worm spreading; vendor warnings upgraded. Read more
Love Bug, SirCam Neck and Neck. Read more
SirCam virus hogs connections with spam. Read more
Now it's getting personal - the prying email virus. Read more
OPINION: Smart social engineering helps virus spread. Read more
Pentagon temporarily shuts down Web sites to guard against Internet virus. Read more
Hacker Uses Worm To Gouge Telstra IDs, Passwords. Read more
Pentagon Blocks Public Web Site Access. Read more
IT bugs out over IIS security. Read more
Hackers Deface Microsoft Career Server. Read more
Dell Funds Fight Against Web Site Hackers. Read more
Hackers Scrawl Hitler Moustache On Ex-Party-Leader's Photo. Read more
Cybercrime Bill 'excessive'. Read more
U.S., Microsoft Refute Nuclear Data Vulnerability. Read more
Hacker finds passwords to give BigPond a fright. Read more
‘Honey pot’ traps can get you out of a sticky security situation. Read more

23 July 2001

Theef 1.30

Rocks game, an Acropolis dropper. Read more
Reverse Engineer in the AVP Antivirus by SennaSpy. Read more

Worm Alert: IIS-Worm.Bady and I-Worm.Sircam.c

Beware of the e-mails with attachment and text like this:
"Hi! How are you?
I send you this file in order to have your advice
See you later. Thanks"
The message in the "subject" can be different. I received several of these mails last days!
Its the I-Worm.Sircam.

Visiting the link of the defaced Microsoft Update Site can bring the IIS-Worm.Bady on your computers Hard Drive.
Amongst other, this link can be found on, The Register and was also here in the news of yesterday.
If you visited this link, you can find the worm in your Temporary Internet Files. Delete the Temporary Internet Files.
DIP Exploit Code Still Works After 3 Years. Read more
Squid HTTPd Proxy Allows Insertion of Arbitrary HTML Code. Read more
SSH Secure Shell 3.0.0 Allows Passwordless Logons. Read more
Vigilantes Prepare To Strike Back At Code Red Worm. Read more
Web virus variation is faster, stronger. Read more
DEF CON 9 - Open Letter to the community. Read more
Government Jabs at Cyber Crime. Read more
Hacker appeals conviction, prosecutor seeks tougher sentence. Read more
US targets cyber-crime. Read more
FBI becomes Copyright '911'. Read more

Jailed 'E-Pirate' a Cause Cïlðbre. Read more
Hacker finds passwords to give BigPond a fright. Read more
Telstra accused of playing down hacker theft. Read more
Protecting your privacy as you surf the Web. Read more
If Def Con is any measure, hackers are coming of age. Read more

22 July 2001

MoonPie 2.4 beta

Latinus 1.4 source

Blitz Network can launch a spoofed syn flood attack via slice2 from many different computers without logging on any of them. Read more
Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft. The Redmond behemoth has been "Hacked by Chinese!" - but not at some obscure domain. No, in a stunningly ironic blow, the Code Red worm - which spreads through a month-old IIS buffer overflow exploit - infected and defaced … the Windows update site. Read more Code Red bug hits Microsoft security update site.
Microsoft's own Windows Update site has fallen victim to the Code Red worm.
The fact that the Windows Update site, which provides a portal to product updates and security patches along with advice on critical updates, wasn't itself up to date with the latest security patches is richly ironic. Read more
"Chinese" take Windows update site. Read more
Antivirus Scanners Spread New Zip Virus. Read more
Remote root exploit in SSH Secure Shell 3.0.0. Read more
Linux Man Malicious Cache File Creation Vulnerability (Exploit). Read more
Multiple Vendors Telnet Daemon Vulnerability. Read more
Full Analysis of the .IDA "Code Red" Worm. Read more
Not Filtering ';' Poses a Security Vulnerability in Forms that Post SQL Based Queries. Read more
HTTProtect Allows Attackers to Change the Protected Files Using Symlinks. Read more
PHP eminently DoS-able. Read more
Hewlett-Packard login Vulnerability. Read more
Linux Port/Socket Pseudo ACLs 2.4.7-5 (2.4). Read more
MS Bug Lets Worm Take Over Servers. Read more
"Ida Code Red Worm ". Read more
White House dodges 'Code Red' attack. Read more
Sir Cam reveals your deepest secrets. Read more
Cyber-rights community protests Sklyarov arrest. Read more
Subversives ready for budding career as 'ethical hackers'. Read more

21 July 2001

RUX The TIc.K 5.0
Dissecting Steve Gibson GRC DoS Page by Cyrano de Bergerac. Read more

More about Steve Gibson:
Microsoft Seems to Feel that Windows XP Vulnerability is a Laughing Matter. Read more
Main Meeting--Internet Security by Steve Gibson. Read more
Web-myth debunker's life threatened by Steve Gibson Groupie. Read more
An interview with Steve Gibson. Read more
Nmap 2.54BETA27 released. Read more
nPULSE - Web-based network monitoring package for Linux and Unix. Read more

CERT Advisory CA-2001-20
Continuing Threats to Home Users. Read more
A variant of the recent "Code Red" worm roaming the Internet.
This new worm DOES NOT attempt to hack Web pages and, unlike the original worm, it targets truly random IP addresses, resulting in much faster propagation.
In order to help minimize any further effects from the "Code Red" worm and the new variant, eEye has developed a free tool that helps users determine if a server is infected or is vulnerable to infection. The tool will also instruct the user on how to fix the infected machine, if needed. Download
Infection affects 225,000 computers worldwide. Read more
Sayonara, Code Red, for now. Read more
With new IIS worm, security practices questioned. Read more
New IIS worm puts network community on edge. Read more
Marsha Walton: A cyber-can of worms. Read more
Inept Virus Hits White House. Read more
Code Red Worm Spawns Offspring. Read more
Experts: File-Deleting Sircam Email Virus Spreading. Read more
‘High risk’ SirCam virus spreading fast. Read more
W32.HLLO.Videoinf is a virus that overwrites .ht* and .exe files in the folder that it is executed from. It sends information from the computer on which it is run to an email address. On certain dates, the virus will modify the C:\Autoexec.bat file so that the hard drive will be formatted when the computer is restarted. Read more
Trojan.Assault.10 is a program that can be used to flood a single IP address with packets of data. Read more
Free Dmitry!
Protest Call Brings Adobe to the Negotiating Table. Read more
Dimitry's company sold password crackers to the FBI. Read more
Civil Liberties Group Blasts Adobe For Aiding FBI In Arrest. Read more
Supporters Rally Behind Arrested Russian Hacker. Read more
Hacker's Arrest Prompts Protest Against Adobe. Read more
China shuts down 2,000 cybercafes. Read more
2,000 Internet cafes closed. Read more
Subversives ready for budding career as 'ethical hackers'. Read more
U.S. to cybercriminals: You're going down. Read more
Busy Virus Week - A Sign of Things To Come? Read more
Qwest targeted by hackers. Read more
Chinese Hackers Attack Canoga Park Web-Based Food Supplier. Read more
SubSeven gets busy on the Mac. (link fixed)Read more
Feds bulk up to fight cybercrime. Read more

20 July 2001

Phantom FTP server 2.0 (Backdoor.Phantom.20)

Trojan Construction Kit. An older one. Read more

Dropper. Read more

Red Worm Analysis by eEye Digital Security. Read more

CERT Advisory CA-2001-19
"Code Red" Worm Exploiting Buffer Overflow In IIS Indexing Service DLL. Read more
Exploit Code Released for the Small MSS Denial of Service. Read more
Directory Traversal and Path Globing Vulnerabilities in Several Archivers. Read more
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Un-CGI. Read more
Denial of Service Database
With new IIS worm, security practices questioned. Read more
New IIS worm puts network community on edge. Read more
'Code Red' worm wreaking havoc. Read more
Code Red Spreads Across Web. Read more
Worm Aims To Attack White House Site. Read more
IIS worm made to packet Read more
Attack Worm Aimed At White House. Read more
'Network-aware' virus on the loose. Read more
W32/SirCam@MM Help Center. Read more
Antivirus software vendors warn against Sircam. Read more
New Worm Keeps Them Guessing. Read more
Hacker Arrest Stirs Protest. Read more
Programmer Arrested After Giving Security Research Presentation. Read more
Russian programmer arrested at hacker convention for alleged violation of copyright law. Read more
MS starting to retreat on WinXP product activation. Read more
DefCon told of virus assault on mobiles. Read more
A Security Warning for Windows 2000. Read more
Hacker conferences highlight security dangers. Read more
Cyprus Internet attack from Europe? Read more
Europe may be source of Cyprus Net attack. Read more
Sign on the dot. Read more

19 July 2001

RTB 666 1.5
Messenger and Hotmail MITM Exploit (Arptool and Neaky). Read more
Xman Exploit Code Released. Read more
Xloadimage Remote Vulnerability (Exploit). Read more
Checkpoint Firewall-1 Information Leakage (SecuRemote, Exploit). Read more
Norton Antivirus 2002 Security Flaws. Read more
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Implementations of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Read more
How Fast is Fast: Vendor Response to New Virus Reports. Read more
IIS virus triggers Red alert. Read more
Code Red Worm Can Be Killed By Reboot. Read more
SubSeven gets busy on the Mac. Read more
Microsoft offers preliminary fix for Outlook ActiveX bug. Read more
Bogus Alerts Highlight Phony Security Postings. Read more
Digital Law Nets E-Book Hacker. Read more
CORRECTED: Russian Hacker Arrested After Las Vegas Convention. Read more
Game Seti match for fame seeking hackers. Read more
Bank site 'easy to hack'. Read more
Hackers convention threatens mobile phone havoc. Read more
Hong Kong Mulls Measures To Fight Computer Crime. Read more
Network ICE hits back over Gibson jibes. Read more
Network ICE CTO responds to further BlackICE criticisms. Read more
OfficeXP may break PGP. Read more
Microsoft dropping Java code from Windows XP. Read more
People and Passwords. Read more

18 July 2001

Le Gardien 2. Thanks to ISO.

CERT Advisory CA-2001-18
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Several Implementations of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Read more
SubSeven Trojan hits Mac. Read more
Initial Analysis of the .IDA "Code Red" Worm. Read more
Sambar Web Server Allows Execution of Arbitrary Batch Files. Read more
Backdoor.Darkirc. Read more
UPDATE 1-Russian hacker arrested after Las Vegas convention. Read more
Russian Hacker Arrested After Las Vegas Convention. Read more
FBI bust at hacker fest. Read more
Russian crypto expert arrested at Def Con. Read more
Russian Adobe Hacker Busted. Read more
eBook security debunker arrested by Feds. Read more
Russian Mafia threatens Net. Read more
Russian Mafia Net Threat (Interactive Week INWK). Read more
NZ cracker found guilty on 5 charges. ead more
A rogue's gallery of DoS attacks. Read more
Hacker Group: Software Will Make Censors 'Powerless'. Read more
Aussie expert: 90 percent of hackers are kids. Read more
Hackers Secure a Downgraded Storm. Read more
Security expert: Tighter measures needed. Read more
Hackers steal vital data from Formula One team. Read more
Benetton falls victim to hackers. Read more
Fast-Spreading Worm Exploits Microsoft IIS Flaw. Read more
Bogus Microsoft bulletin links to trojan worm. Read more
Phony E-mail Offers Cure For Magistr Worm. Read more
Hackers run amok during Defcon. Read more
WinXP product activation cracked: totally, horribly, fatally. Read more
Microsoft still struggling with Windows XP downloads. Read more
Bush Plans Different Cyber Security. Read more
Decoy PCs give hackers a security lesson. Read more
Jury split over computer hacker's guilt. Read more
Jury finds half of hacking counts proven. Read more
Give Hackers Headaches. Read more

17 July 2001

A new version of Skydance, the Gibson version.
About Steve Gibson, Microsoft and Windows XP by Edrin. Read more

Update Georgi Guninski security advisory #49
The previously-released Outlook E-mail Security Update that is integrated into Outlook 2002 would prevent this vulnerability from being exploited via e-mail in all affected Outlook versions.
This claim is false.
The exploit works from email on Outlook XP (2002). Read more
Multiple Exploit Codes Released for the CFingerD Vulnerability. Read more
ColdFusion Server Zero Byte Overwrite and Read Delete Access Vulnerabilities (Patch Available). Read more
Vulnerabilities Found in Cisco SN 5420 Storage Routers. Read more
SimpleServer:WWW Command Execution Vulnerability. Read more
phpMyAdmin Vulnerability Leads to Local File Exposure and Arbitrary Command Execution. Read more
Weakness Found in OpenSSL PRNG Algorithm. Read more
Malicious Web Attacks May Be New IIS Worm. Read more
Lapse At SANS May Have Been Self-Inflicted. Read more
Hackers Are Developing Anti-Censorship Software. Read more
Hacking for a Better World. Read more
Hacker back door into ISPs. Read more
Israeli m0sad hackers crack 480 sites. Read more
Las Vegas hacking party seems filtered, Def Con attendees say. Read more
Def Con, Black Hat: Hacker shows offer tips, tricks. Read more
Hacker awaits verdict in 'Back Orifice' case. Read more
Hacking 'a military risk'. Read more
Hackers scope out new prey More users of cellphones, handhelds now fall victim to hack attacks, viruses. Read more
Computer experts warn about holes in software. Read more
Hacking for human rights. Read more
Which Is More Secure? -- Open Source Vs. Proprietary. Read more
2001: The Year of the Worm;Fast-spreading code is the weapon of choice for Net vandals. Read more
CIA keeps watch as hackers ply for hire Computer hackers. Read more

16 July 2001

Y3K Rat is a remote administration tool,which controls a remote computer.
This version is dedicated to MegaSecurity. By -/Chucky-\- and [Firelarm]. Read more
MEPForge. A Packet Forger under Win32 --Send Raw Packet: Igmp Udp Und Pup Idp Protocol.
By AdonAi and Del_Armg0. Read more
Windows 2000 Security?
Diary of a Windows 2000 hack and the dangers. Read more
Analysis of the winhlp32.exe buffer overrun. Read more
WebClicker uses public proxies to create artificial banner ad clicks. Emulates complete browser HTTP transfer and can be used for banner/link exchanges and toplists as well. Read more

Working link: FireWall-1 RDP Bypass Vulnerability Exploit Code. Read more
LMail Local Root Exploit. Read more
TrendMicro InterScan WebManager HttpSave.dll Buffer Overflow Vulnerability. Read more
Georgi Guninski security advisory #49
MS Office XP - the more money I give to Microsoft, the more vulnerable my Windows computers are. Read more
'Network-Aware' Viruses Spreading Fast - Report. Read more
U.S. government wants a few good hackers. Read more
Computer invaders become gatekeepers. Read more
Hackers advised against life of crime at DefCon jamboree. Read more
Hacking Las Vegas. Read more
Hackers advised against crime. Read more
Security experts unveil plan to track hackers. Read more
Masters of disguise. Read more
Canadian system protects superpower secrets. Read more

15 July 2001

Little Witch FTP 1.0

Rat Cracker 1.60

Hostile Java
A3I stands for AIM IM Image IP Sniffer. It is a GUI frontend that uses the netstat included with Windows to "sniff" the the IP address of the people you are connected to though AOL Instant Messenger's "IM Image" function. Read more
DarkIRC is a program that is to be used on your own box and your own irc server... it is to test your irc server's strength and anti flood system. DARKIRC is not to be used for illegal purposes (bot nets / dos attacks / flooding) and other illegal things like that. Read more
Distributed Denial of Service Defense Tactics. Read more
FireWall-1 RDP Bypass Vulnerability Exploit Code Released. Read more
Exploits Released for the Solaris Libsldap Buffer Overflow (LDAP_OPTIONS). Read more
In the early hours of Friday morning, a defacer known as "Fluffi Bunni" defaced the website of SANS. As of this posting the site is still not responding. On the defacement, it asks "would you really trust these guys to teach you security?". Mirror
Look mummy i'm on sans! Read more
Masters of disguise.
The hackers are back with code that looks different every time. The hackers' new tool, known as polymorphic code, camouflages scripts so they can evade detection. Read more
Outlook e-mail vulnerability found; Microsoft criticizes 'bug hunter'. Read more
You know Def Con is on when… Read more
continuing the list of WoH defacements starting with the "E's". Read more
And now with the "O's". Read more
'Honey Pot’: This tracker will nail a hacker. Read more
Mass Site Defacement Relied On Cheap Trick. Read more
Hackers in Suits? Gadzooks! Read more
Hackers and their opponents party in Las Vegas. Read more
Decoy PCs Trick Hackers Into Teaching Security. Read more
At Black Hat, ties seen tightening between hackers, legal officials. Read more

14 July 2001

Optix Lite 0.1 by th3 r1pp3rz
Tcpip_lib V3.2 is a library for Windows 2000 which allows constructing custom packets, IP spoofing, attacks, and more.
It uses sockets 2 and opens up a raw socket, allowing you to send raw IP headers, do IP spoofing, and play with the nuts and bolts of networking protocols. Download
Lcrzo is a network library, for network administrators and network hackers.
Lcrzoex contains over 200 functionnalities to test an Ethernet/IP network (sniff, spoof, configuration, clients, servers, etc.). Read more
StMichael is a LKM that attempts to detect and divert attempts to install a kernel-module backdoor into a running linux system. Read more
UltimateRat Plugins. Read more
Personal Firewalls Under Fire
"We hacked away at three personal firewalls to see how well they protect a remote system".
BlackICE Defender v2.5, WinRoute 4.1 and ZoneAlarm Pro 2.6 tested. Read more

A security consulting firm based in Irvine, California, Foundstone teaches an intensive, four-day Ultimate Hacking course for administrators, engineers, and other IT professionals charged with the increasingly difficult task of fighting digital intruders. In exchange for the $3,995 course fee, participants get to learn all the tricks of the hacking trade. Read more
Outlook View Control Exposes Unsafe Functionality (Exploit Code). Read more
Solaris Whodo Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (Exploit, SOR, CFTIME). Read more
Cisco IOS PPTP Vulnerability. Read more
VPN-1/FireWall-1 Format String Vulnerability. Read more
CGI Flat File Database Manipulation Vulnerability. Read more
Guninski finds new ActiveX security hole in OXP. Read more
Trojan.VBS.PWStroy is a script that can modify the Autoexec.bat file so that drive C is reformatted when the computer is restarted. Read more
MS security chief talks raw sockets with the Reg.
MS Security Program Manager Scott Culp , has become a fan of Steve Gibson raw sockets coverage. Read more
Minimizing Denial of Sevice Attacks. Read more
Theories on new DoS Attacks v.1. Read more
Alien virus invades PCs. Read more
Decoy PCs Trick Hackers Into Teaching Security.
Security conference highlights legal weapons, hacker insurance proposal, and 'honeypots' that lure intruders. Read more
At Black Hat, ties seen tightening between hackers, legal officials. Read more
Internet worm purports to be a Microsoft security alert.
The worm could eventually be used to prepare target machines for involvement in distributed denial-of-service attacks that can bring Web sites to their knees. Read more
Hackfest reveals worms getting smarter. Read more
Black Hat Briefings: Internet too complex to secure. Read more
Internet too complex to secure, says exec. Read more
Wireless Drive-By Hacking. Read more
Wireless networks wide open to hackers. Read more
Your Wireless LAN Can Be Hacked. Read more
Honeynet Project sweetens hacker bait. Read more
Hackers slam Bugtraq. Read more
Verification of e-mail signatures gains ground. Read more
Separate events host computer pros, hackers. Read more
Recently Slashdot was forced to remove a post off their site by Scientology.
This document seems to be hated by those looney Scientology retards. Read more

13 July 2001

MoonPie 2.2 beta

Analysis of the Buschtrommel Trojan by Magnus Mischel. Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-038
Outlook View Control Exposes Unsafe Functionality. Read more
myCIO HTTP Server Directory Traversal Vulnerabilty. Read more
BasiliX Webmail Security Hole (DUMMY). Read more
EFNet under a denial of service attack. Read more
IRC network comes under denial of service attack. Read more
DDOS Attacks On The Rise - Efnet Latest Target. Read more
EFNet attacks may herald its last days. Read more
BTinternet users banned by IRC network.
BTinternet users have been banned from using a popular IRC network whilst the hunt for a vandal spreading a Trojan continues. Read more
VBS.Blank.A is a Visual Basic Script that changes the current Internet Explorer home page to the \Windows\AboutBlank.htm. Read more is a mass-mailing worm. Read more
Marijuana worm too mellow to spread. Read more
Bug Watch: wise up to the wireless worm. Read more
Fake security bulletin hides Leave worm. Read more
'Network-Aware' Viruses Spreading Fast - Report. Read more
Exorcise FTP, Telenet And Other Evil Daemons. Read more
Non-Profit, Independent Vulnerability Disclosure List Created. Read more
Hackers Launch New E-Mail List For Security Bugs. Read more
Tool makes hackers obsolete. Read more
The hacker who sent Viagra to Bill Gates. Read more
One evil hacker puts all others to shame. Read more
Wireless networks wide open to hackers. Read more
Laws to deal with computer crimes. Read more
Separate events host computer pros, hackers. Read more
Net has also revolutionised business frauds’. Read more
Warning on cyber terrorism. Read more
Can WinXP Product Activation be reverse engineered? Read more
Inside Windows Product Activation. Read more
WinXP Product Activation decoded and analysed. Read more
Glitches block WinXP beta downloads. Read more
XP or not XP? Read more
Safeway delivers porn by email. Read more

12 July 2001

Clandestine 1.0

Latinus 1.3 source
DaaTH, Designed to kill : Ftp Server Daemon SERV-U 2.5 (crash 3.0 too). Read more
Babel, DDoS of Biblical proportions, by Floydman. Read more
Various Security Problems with Trend Micro's AppletTrap URL Filtering. Read more
Living Waterfalls Poses a Major Security Risk. Read more
Exploit Code Released for Solaris 'at' Arbitrary Command Execution (Format String). Read more
Cfingerd local vulnerability (possibly root). Read more
DoS risk from Zip of death attacks on AV software? Read more
Microsoft Addresses Encryption Flaw In Win2K. Read more
Virtual business cards vulnerable to attack. Read more
ISS warns of security flaw in RADIUS servers. Read more
Watch Out: Worms are Getting Smarter, Expert Warns.
Peer-to-peer networks may be breeding ground for the next generation of nasties. Read more
Worm threat to worsen. Read more
Worms will become dynamic, smarter. Read more
Keep away from that Microsoft security bulletin! Read more
Netscape ruling a boost for privacy. Read more
XP Not Privy to Computer Privates. Read more
Hackers Convene Amid Signs Computer Security Is Eroding.
Hacker conventions, such as those being held in Las Vegas this week, are no longer considered the sinister gatherings they once were. Read more
Computer Guardians, Hackers Meet. Read more
Suspects in Mumbai hack traced to cyber cafe. Read more
Microsoft loosens grip on Windows configuration. Read more
Mass attack on Chinese government sites. Read more
Companies complacent about hackers, e-security threats: expert. Read more
NET LIFE; Scrappy crackers hack first, and ask questions later. Read more
Group sets cybercrime-fighting priorities. Read more
The war over 802.11x security. Read more

11 July 2001

Bushtrommel 1.21
Bruteforce your MD5 Hashes. Read more

Georgi Guninski security advisory #48, 2001
FreeBSD 4.3 local root, yet Linux and *BSD much better than Windows
Systems affected:
FreeBSD 4.3 and probably earlier versions.
Risk: High
There is local root compromise in FreeBSD 4.3 due to design flaw which allows injecting signal handlers in other processes. Read more
Chasing the Wind, Episode Eight: Still Waters. Read more
Chasing the Wind, Part Seven was earlier published. Read more

Internet Security Systems Security Alert Summary
July 9, 2001
Volume 6 Number 8. Read more
IBM Net.Data Show SQL Vulnerability. Read more
Opera Browser Heap Overflow (Session Replay Attack). Read more
Many WAP Gateways Do Not Properly Check SSL Certificates. Read more
Insecure Temporary Files Handling in Tripwire. Read more
EnGarde Secure Linux Security Advisory: OpenSSL PRNG Weakness. Read more
Messenger/Hotmail passwords at risk. Read more
Security Flaw Found In Common DSL Modem. Read more
Living in a state of denial.
If service providers don't move faster to prevent distributed denial-of-service attacks, hackers and script kiddies can grab their suntan lotion and head for the beach this summer because there will still be ample opportunity to bring sites to a screeching halt once the season is over. Read more
Mob Stoppers.
One the most aggravating internet security threats today is a distributed denial-of-service attack — a flood of bogus network traffic that can effectively shut down a Web site. Far from going away, the phenomenon is evolving in different permutations, but new tools are emerging to help Internet administrators fight this vexing problem. Read more
Smoking Mad Over Pot Virus. Read more
Marijuana virus puts security to pot. Read more
Bogus Microsoft Bulletin Spreads Internet Worm. Read more
Hackers Convene Amid Signs Computer Security Is Eroding.
Hacker conventions, such as those being held in Las Vegas this week, are no longer considered the sinister gatherings they once were. Read more
Hackers and their trackers come together in Vegas. Read more
FireWall-1 users feel the heat from security bug. Read more
Lashkar web site hacked. Read more
Government payroll system in Denver open to hackers, report says. Read more
Two suspects picked up for hacking into Bombay police web site. Read more
Privacy: Win XP activation 'innocuous'. Read more
Technology: Microsoft to enlist VeriSign security. Read more
Hackers use emotions to infect computers. Read more

10 July 2001

Sequel 0.1 beta 1
Nmap 2.54BETA26 released. Read more

CERT® Advisory CA-2001-17
Check Point RDP Bypass Vulnerability. Read more
Check Point FireWall-1 RDP Bypass Vulnerability. Read more
A Brief Summary of My Position on the Windows XP Raw Socket Controversy. Read more
The Gibson letters
Thank God someone's finally exposing this charlatan. Read more
You both make good points, but we're still leaning in Steve's direction. Read more
Steve walks on water; you're a moron, and so's your old man. Read more
Reg temporarily disappoints Gibson fans/bashers. Read more
Steve Gibson picks a fight with Microsoft and The Register. Read more
Hackers and their trackers come together in Vegas. Read more
PoisonBOx hacks past security firm's 'honey pot'. Read more
CERT warns firewall leaves open door to attackers. Read more
Security firms asleep at the firewall. Read more
Security hole plagues Win2000. Read more
IIS plus .gov equals trouble. Read more
Directory traversal bug plagues BasiliX Webmail. Read more
Anti-child porn virus on the loose. Read more
W32.Mineup.Worm. Read more
Brazilian posse hacks UNESCO site. Read more
Big, Ugly Security. Read more
Top 10 Security Mistakes. Read more
Cisco patches security flaws. Read more
How to own a Cisco router in one easy step. Read more
Microsoft Teams with China Software Firm on Data Security Protection. Read more
Microsoft to tap VeriSign for security. Read more
Eli Lilly cites human error for e-mail gaffe. Read more
Multi-nation cybercrime pact gets OK (ZDNet News ZDNN). Read more
US Government admits security blunder. Read more
U.S. military backs open-source security. Read more

09 July 2001

NeuroticKat 1.1
KAbAL, a M.S. Net-Meeting Attack tool.
KAbAL can crash nt and win2k unpatch netmeeting version very fastly, even if not common port are used. Read more

CERT® Incident Note IN-2001-07
W32/Leaves: Exploitation of previously installed SubSeven Trojan Horses. Read more
"New Scanning Activity (with W32-Leaves.worm) Exploiting SubSeven Victims ". Read more
They call it 'messiah complex' for a reason.
Steve Gibson: "I forced Microsoft into a Kobayashi Maru scenario." Read more
Will raw sockets create "serious problems for the ordinary user with a DSL connection?" Read more
Gibson applauds Microsoft security, fears Linux will destroy Internet. Read more
Aureate DLLs Trojan.
Various 'alerts' claim Aureate Media (now known as Radiate) gathers personal data on Internet users via covert software. Read more
New DoS: Creating Small Packets Causes a Large Overhead. Read more
Remote Buffer Overflow in Several RADIUS Implementations. Read more
POPRelayD Relay Authentication Vulnerability. Read more
Make Your BSD a TCP/UDP Black Hole. Read more
Red Hat Security Advisory: xinetd. Read more
Microsoft Bug Report Page Is Missing. Read more
Final resolution on Echelon adopted on 3 July by the European Parliament. Read more
Congress fears European privacy standards. Read more
Hacker goes on defacement spree in Australia. Read more
Mass web banking hack probed. Read more
Full arsenal of defenses needed to protect computer privacy. Read more
Lilly discloses e-mail addresses of Prozac patients, blames programming error. Read more

08 July 2001

Theef 1.23
Citrix NFuse True Path Revealing. Read more
Xvt Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (-T, -name). Read more
Authentication Error in Windows 2000 SMTP Service Could Allow Mail Relaying. Read more
Remote Command Execution Vulnerabilities in SquirrelMail. Read more
Using PHP Securely. Read more

Vulnerability Test.
SMTP Authentication Error
Summary: Checks if the remote mail server can be used as a spam relay. Read more
Windows XP, IE 6.0. Read more
Friday's defacement shame parade: NASA, Washington Court, etc. Read more
Fast cars, faster viruses. Read more
Online brokers 'terrorised'. Read more
Aussie Bill Would Ban Hacking Tools, Virus Code. Read more
U.S. scrutinizes security hole at privacy site. Read more
IT directors not gambling on security. Read more
Cybercrime Skyrockets, Say Security Reports. Read more

07 July 2001

PSYchoFiles 1.8
Cisco IOS HTTP Authorization Exploit Code. Read more
Hacker learns internet deception isn't child's play. Read more
Hacker sentenced to probation, psychiatric care. Read more
Cybercrime bill 'draconian and dangerous'.
Under the bill, which proposes seven new computer offences carrying jail terms of up to 10 years, it is illegal to possess hacker toolkits, scanners and virus code. Read more
Online brokers 'terrorised'. Read more
U.K. Student Given Three Years Probation For Hacking. Read more
Gates' credit-card hacker sentenced. Read more
Welsh teen hacker sentenced. Read more

06 July 2001

M2 Trojan 1.5

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-037
Authentication Error in SMTP Service Could Allow Mail Relaying. Read more

RuX FireCracker v 2.0, "discovered" by Astonsoft disables most popular firewalls. Read more
See our news of 30 june.
Trojan.Billrus.Texto. Read more
Hacker Jargon. Read more
Security specialist succumbs to hackers. Read more
Defaced Commentary: Evil Angelica. Read more
Teenage hacker to be sentenced for internet 'crusade'. Read more
Big Brother Web site falls apart. Read more
Hacker posts code to exploit MS bug. Read more
Attack program exploits new Microsoft bug. Read more
Oracle patches high-risk security hole. Read more
The Black Hat Briefings, July 11-12th Las Vegas. Read more
Euro Parliament Plans September Vote On Echelon Protest. Read more
Strewth! Aussie hacker on the rampage. Read more
Hacker Goes On Defacement Spree In Australia. Read more
Report: Lilly inadvertently divulged IDs of 600 Prozac users in e-mail. Read more
Eli Lilly Has Net Privacy Lapse. Read more
U.S. Military Pursues Higher-Tech Security. Read more
Government, military scramble for encryption technology. Read more
Shssh, secrecy! bootcamp top traumas solved. Read more

05 July 2001

HomeUNIX 1.0
Flawfinder is a program that examines source code looking for security weaknesses. Read more
Oracle 8i SQLNet Header Vulnerability. Read more
Cisco Multiple SSH Vulnerabilities. Read more
LiteWebServer JSP Source File Discolsure. Read more
BisonFTP Server Directory Traversal Vulnerability (BDL files). Read more
CesarFTP Vulnerable to a Buffer Overflow (HELP command). Read more
LiteServe Exposes CGI Source Code (8.3 filename). Read more
Multiple Vendors Vulnerable to LNK File Directory Traversal. Read more
Solaris Mailtool Buffer Overflow Exploit Code (OPENWINHOME). Read more
Linux Allows Reading from Execve()ed Setuid Memory. Read more
Xdm Cookies Fast Brute Force. Read more
Magistr continues three month reign as top virus. Read more
Unicode bug restyled as DoS tool. Read more
Hacker success `terrifies'. Read more
Cracker targets Australian Web servers. Read more
OTS calls in police over hackers. Read more
OS X flaws draw hackers' eyes. Read more
Euro report 'downplays Echelon dangers,' say Greens. Read more
Echelon Furor Ends in a Whimper. Read more
Bush facing EU condemnation over spy network. Read more

04 July 2001

Theef 1.22
Microsoft Does Not Understand Security.
What This Means About the Future of Denial of Srvice? Read more
Vulnerability in Oracle 8i TNS Listener. Read more
LPRng and Tetex Temp Files Race Vulnerability (UID LP Exploit). Read more
Exploit Code for the Buffer Overflow in XInetD Released (log.c). Read more
SmallHTTP Server Vulnerable to DoS (Long URL). Read more
vWebServer ASP Viewing and DoS Vulnerabilities (ASP Source, DOS Device, Long URL). Read more
TrendMicro InterScan VirusWall SmtpScan.dll Buffer Overflow. Read more
TrendMicro InterScan VirusWall HttpSaveCVP.dll Buffer Overflow. Read more
Exploit Code Released for the Crontab -e Vulnerability (.swp). Read more
Active Web Classifieds Authentication Failure Allows Arbitrary Code Execution. Read more
GNATS Allows Viewing Files and Arbitrary Code Execution ( Read more
remote vulnerability scanner 4.8. Read more
Unicode bug restyled as DoS tool. Read more
Usenet May Be a Virus Minefield. Read more
OS X flaws draw hackers' eyes. Read more
£650,000 - Now that's what we call an expensive hack. Read more
Of Hackers, Spies and E-Terrorists. Read more
Getting Inside The Criminal Mind. Read more
Crackers suspected of rigging Big Brother vote. Read more
Most Hacking Hides Real Threats. Read more
Hackers May Profit From Spam. Read more
Britney hacker faces the music. Read more
Hacker fined for crashing Emirates' computer system. Read more
Jurors witness hacking demonstration. Read more
User group proposes OS security standards. Read more
Tech-Savvy Teens Swamp Police with Fake IDs. Read more
UNICEF Pakistan defaced! Read more
Windows XP enters final testing. Read more

03 July 2001

Moonpie 2.0
Exploit Code Released for the MS Windows 9x NETBIOS Password Verification Vulnerability. Read more
MacOS Personal Web Sharing DoS (Long Password). Read more
Microsoft Does Not Understand Security.What This Means About the Future of Denial of Service. Read more
Aboout Raw Sockets. Read more
XP Critic: Microsoft Misses The Point On Security. Read more
Computer hacking trial opens. Read more
Tougher online crime law. Read more
Hackers force business to muster the experts. Read more
Computer whizkid fined for hacking into Internet system. Read more
British hacker fined in Emirates. Read more

02 July 2001

Theef 1.21
Defence prepares for cyber-war. Read more
Cyber warfare on rise: Defence. Read more
'Peekabooty' Anonymous Web Browser Delayed. Read more
Microsoft fails to renew its digital certificate. Read more
Albuquerque teen accused of hacking NASA computer. Read more
Briton guilty of Dubai hacking, Read more
Computer upgrade mixes porn with Legislature's site. Read more
Net Crime-Stoppers. Read more
How secure is your money in cyberspace? Read more
Beware of the spy in your PC. Read more

01 July 2001

Internal Revise 1.0

Little Witch 4.2
Cisco IOS HTTP Authorization Vulnerability. Read more
A-FTP Anonymous FTP Server Remote DoS Attack. Read more
Format String Vulnerability in KAV* for Sendmail. Read more
Anti-Spam and Security Fix Available for Read more
Microsoft battles another Win2K password. Read more
New Mexico teen charged in NASA computer attack. Read more
Albuquerque teen accused of hacking NASA computer. Read more