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Daily News
30 September 2001

New Trojan:
FR 1.55 lite
Cisco firewall has a hole. Read more
Various Problems in Baltimore MAILsweeper Script Filtering. Read more
Cisco Secure PIX Firewall SMTP Filtering Vulnerability (Regression Problem). Read more
General Security Guidelines (MySQL and SQL Web Interfaces). Read more
Cyber Attacks During the War on Terrorism: A Predictive Analysis. Read more
A TV Plea to Patriot Hackers. Read more
Broader surveillance won't prevent terrorism -Schneier. Read more
Anti-Terror Bill Not Done Yet. Read more
Man pled guilty today to intentionally accessing and obtaining information from a protected computer. Read more
Researchers say Nimda set to propagate again. Read more
Online virus hits county courts system. Read more
Anti U.S. hackers target tradecentre website. Read more
Microsoft, U.S. to talk. Read more
Yahoo news hacking highlights quiet danger. Read more
Antiques man guilty of Enigma charge. Read more
Charting Virtual Worlds. Read more

29 September 2001

New Trojan:
Nethief 1.2
Tracking Terrorist Money. Read more
Attorney General Ashcroft to Hackers: You're an Enemy of the State. Read more
Hackers 'branded as terrorists'. Read more
EFF: New law will treat hackers as terrorists. Read more
Cyber liberties groups oppose move to brand hackers terrorists. Read more
US to toughen cyber security. Read more
Debate over computer encryption heats up in light of terrorist attacks. Read more
Techies Urge Senator To Drop Encryption Key Plan. Read more
Hackers Sabotage Web Sites They Blame for Terrorism. Read more
Net body targets web security. Read more
Senate Report on Intelligence Funding . Read more
Senate Intelligence Committee Report. Read more
B2B mulls security response to terrorism. Read more
Internet Spawns Wave of Greed, Scams after Attacks. Read more
Three Minutes With Security Expert Bruce Schneier. Read more
Beware the Pulsing Zombies. Read more
DoS DEFENSE. Read more
Combating distributed denial-of-service attacks. Read more
.Net may lead to fewer viruses. Read more
Your stolen Passport. Read more
Security Experts: Anna K. Author's Sentence Too Light - Update. Read more
Worm turns shock. Read more
Internet Tips: Free Tool Nabs Web Bugs. Read more

28 September 2001

New Trojans:
Remote Revise 1.5

Phoenix II 1.29
Deeply nested OWA Request Can Consume Server CPU Availability. Read more
OpenSSH IP Restriction Bypass (adv.option, Patch Available). Read more
Security Vulnerability in PHP-Nuke Allows File Copying (admin.php). Read more
Hardening the BIND DNS Server. Read more
Sudan Bank Hacked, Bin Laden Info Found - Hacker. Read more
Hackers urged to join fight against terrorism. Read more
EFF: Bill treats hackers as terrorists. Read more
One of Net's founders asks restraint by hackers in cyberwar. Read more
Virus Exploits Terrorist Attacks. Read more
Experts urge U.S. to prepare for more cyber-attacks. Read more
FBI may get key to unlock Internet messages. Read more
Experts fear Web wars. Read more
ICANN to review security of the Internet. Read more
Computer Security at Key U.S. Agencies Comes Under Fire. Read more
Commentary: Security vs. Civil Liberties. Read more
Hackers Urged Not to Deface Middle East Web Sites. Read more
Lawmaker Sounds Computer Security Warning Note. Read more
Limiting encryption may open doors to criminals. Read more
Behind the Headlines: Closing the net on terrorists. Read more
Liberte, Egalite ... E-Security? Read more
Cyber terrorists targeting truth. Read more
Anna K. Worm Writer Gets Slapped. Read more
Nimda worm could reactivate. Read more
BT Openworld mails virus to customers. Read more
Worms, viruses continue rampage through computer world. Read more
Meet the world's baddest cyber cops. Read more
CodeCon 2002 is the premier event in 2002 for the P2P, cypherpunk, and network/security application developer community. Read more
Virus authors and hackers getting cleverer. Read more
Internet board focuses on security. Read more

27 September 2001

New Trojan:
WAY 2.0

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-049.
Deeply-nested OWA Request Can Consume Server CPU Availability. Read more
Warnings issued about new 'WTC' virus. Read more
Red Hat Security Advisory: Insecure setserial initscript. Read more
Bugtraq: OpenSSH Security Advisory. Read more
MIKE WENDLAND: Internet worms, worries multiply. Read more
Chaos: The Coming Technology War. Read more
Proposal to limit crypto draws heat. Read more
Cerf asks hackers to be constructive. Read more
A TV Plea to Patriot Hackers. Read more
Snooping Isn't E-Mail Delay Cause. Read more
Earnings outlooks too high for security firms, analyst says. Read more
Terrorist Attacks Put Focus on Security, Biometric Technology. Read more
Expert: Net security's a losing battle. Read more
Attacks rekindle encryption debate. Read more
Godfather of encryption hits back. Read more
Security experts advise caution over FBI ‘key’ to encryption. Read more
Secret codes 'not hidden in Web images'. Read more
FBI hungry for leads, unleashes 'Carnivore'. Read more
Hackers might soon face life imprisonment. Read more
Hackers to show delegates how it is done. Read more
Net surfers watch out for viruses. Read mor
Earnings outlooks too high for security firms-analyst. Read more
Clear Sailing Ahead For Internet & IT Security - Experts. Read more
Alexander Calls For Increased Awareness Of Internet Security. Read more

26 September 2001

New Trojan:
RTB 666 1.64
Vote virus leaves your computer battle-scarred. Read more
Half-Life Client Connect Buffer Overflow (g_engfuncs.pfnClientCommand). Read more
Massive search reveals no secret code in web images. Read more
Terrorists and steganography. Read more
Bush admin to make hacking a terrorist offence. Read more
Focus on new antiterror cabinet post grows. Read more
War against terrorism raises IT security stakes. Read more
War, Recession Highlight Need for Net Security. Read more
War against terrorism raises IT security stakes. Read more
Digital Hate Speech Roars. Read more
Attacks Open Encryption Debate. Read more
Opening Encryption 'Back Door' Problematic -Experts. Read more
Robert Harris: Unravelling the Enigma. Read more
Code-breaker who kept war secrets until world knew. Read more
Security University Training Designed to Defend Against Cyber Attacks. Read more
Gartner advises companies to scrap Microsoft IIS. Read more
Experts suggest software switch. Read more
Expert suggests switching from Microsoft product rather than fighting hackers. Read more
Resolving Windows Insecurities. Read more
Disabling System Restore on Windows ME. Read more
Hacker's changes to Yahoo articles highlight danger. Read more
Police fight barrage of computer hackers. Read more
Tool Hunts Vulnerable Servers As Nimda Clock Ticks. Read more
New low-risk WTC.exe virus spreads. Read more
Virus response. Read more
Rogue worms will likely get faster, nastier. Read more
Giving Away Computers, Dispensing Peace of Mind. Read more

25 September 2001

New Trojan:
Theef 1.33
ICQ Web Portal Multiple Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability. Read more
XCache Web Server Cache Path Disclosure. Read more
Squid Mkdir-only PUT Requests Denial of Service Attack. Read more
New Virus Disguised As Vote On War. Read more
New computer virus exploits World Trade Centre tragedy. Read more
New ``war vote'' virus deletes computer files. Read more
Telco under cyber attack. Read more
San Diegans fighting new war from their computer terminals. Read more
Cyberterrorists: our invisible enemies. Read more
Attacks via Web possible. Read more
When Science Inadvertantly Aids an Enemy. Read more
War, recession highlight need for Internet security. Read more
Special Report: FBI tries to find clues on Internet, computer e-mail Terrorists used computers inside public libraries in Florida to cover their tracks. Read more
U.S. Office of Homeland Security Will Use Technology Widely. Read more
UltraCard Goes to Washington. Read more
Hackers face life imprisonment under 'Anti-Terrorism' Act. Read more
Gartner asks Microsoft worm victims to turn. Read more
Analyst recommends switching from Microsoft's Web software to another product because of security concerns. Read more
Roxio Restores PC's Infected by Nimda GoBack 3 Deluxe Effective Against W32/Nimda @MM. Read more Linux experts wine over virus. Read more
Vigilance against viruses. Read more

24 September 2001

New Trojan:
Nerte 7.4.0
Baltimore's MailSweeper javascript filter can be circumvented. Read more
More Security Problems in Apache on Mac OS X (.dS_store, .FBCIndex). Read more
Securing an Internet Name Server (HOWTO). Read more
Information Leak Found in Counterpane/Bruce Schneier's Password Safe Program. Read more
Debian Security Advisory: slrn command invocation. Read more
Debian Security Advisory: squid FTP PUT problem. Read more
Digital UNIX msgchk Multiple Vulnerabilities (Username Overflow, One Liner). Read more
Majordomo Insecure Installation (wrapper). Read more
Attacks Renew Encryption Debate. Read more
Programmer's Horror: Aiding Attack. Read more
WTC attack may alter rules on the Net. Read more
Terrorism-related site hacks could slow networks--FBI. Read more
Our Privacy Vs. Our Safety. Read more
Anti-US hacker hits world trade portal. Read more
Microsoft's e-commerce hole. Read more
Passport to tighter security. Read more
Products to ensure e-mail security. Read more
Security takes centre stage at conference. Read more
Terrorizing Ourselves;From now on, tighter security is the rule. Read more
Firms scramble to recover computer data after US attacks. Read more
You've just been hacked. Now what? Here's how to avoid resorting to panic mode. Read more
Smart worm gives taste of what's to come in virus war. Read more
Nimda worm gives hackers computer access. Read more
Hanging too good for virus writers. Read more
Mac users aren't immune to viruses. Read more
Putting a stop to the real desktop spy. Read more

23 September 2001

New Trojan:
Cain 2.5 beta 3

CheckPoint FireWall-1 GUI Buffer Overflow. Read more
NetOp School Admin Vulnerability (Authorization Bypass). Read more
WebDiscount's eShop Allows Execution of Arbitrary Commands. Read more
Textor Webmasters CGI Allows Remote Command Execution. Read more
U.S. citizens back encryption controls. Read more
Users: Nimda a tough worm to fight. Read more

22 September 2001

New Trojans:
Gift 2.1.0

Qxray b2

Dialup password stealer. Read more
World's First DeCSS Executable Prime Number. Read more
Notice about Seconds Rollover - S7K Bug (Security Vulnerability). Read more
U.S. could use cybertactics to seize bin Laden's assets. Read more
Security Experts Say Terrorists Likely Used Internet. Read more
Lawmaker calls for more Internet encryption, not less. Read more
Lawmaker: Internet needs more encryption. Read more
Congressman pushes for more encryption. Read more
Heightened Security Concerns to Accelerate New Encryption's Deployment. Read more
Research slaps crypto-banning Feds. Read more
Americans want Uncryption. Read more
Australia won't disclose stance on encryption. Read more
Commentary on Patriotic Hacking. Read more
Is there a plan to DoS defacement sites off the Internet? Read more
In the blink of an eye, electromagnetic bombs could throw civilization back 200 years. And terrorists can build them for $400.. Read more
Security 'complacency' knocked by terror attacks. Read more
Cyber security alarm in Canberra. Read more
Aust Defence won’t disclose stance on encryption. Read more
Crypto Debate Likely To Be Revived. Read more
FBI pursuing clues to terrorists on Internet and in e-mail. Read more
'Big Brother' to Monitor Internet. Read more
US panel sets compromise over cyber surveillance of judges. Read more
Hackers Start Cyber Skirmish Sep. Read more
Firms scramble to recover computer data after US attacks. Read more
Cyber security alarm in Canberra. Read more
'Happy Hacker' Drops A Bomb On Security Experts. Read more
Hacker re-writes Yahoo! news stories. Read more
Nimda PC virus still spreading in Asia. Read more
'Nimda' - Norwegian For 'Nasty'. Read more
Nimda Computer Virus Causes Further Damage. Read more
Worm hits Dell, Microsoft servers. Read more
A Worm with Many Lethal Turns. Read more
Microsoft virus security under fire. Read more
LinuxJournal: Nimda, Other Worms and Life on the Internet. Read more
Viruses are getting faster, tougher. Read more

21 September 2001

New Trojan:
Nerte 7.2.2

Dark FTP 1.41
New version of Remote Nmap (Rnmap). Read more
LaBrea is a small Linux-based application that puts unused IP addresses on your network to use, creating a "tarpit" which can stop or slow down scans of your address space. Read more
netl is a customizable low level network monitor. Read more
ICQ Portal multiple Cross Site Scripting vulnerability. Read more
Mailto Links Pose a Security Threat. Read more
Trend Micro InterScan eManager for NT Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities. Read more
Security Vulnerability in SpeechD. Read more
AOL, Yahoo, ICQ Sites Battle Security Holes. Read more
A 'Tarpit' That Traps Worms. Read more
WinZip Security May Spare Popular Utility From New Worm. Read more
Microsoft claims worm didn't make FrontPage. Read more
Worm not linked to attacks. Read more
Viruses getting faster, more clever, specialist says. Read more
Hackers start cyber skirmish. Read more
German TV Hackers Crack Bank Server - Lawsuit Possible. Read more
Network warfare making progress. Read more
Who's Protecting Our Infrastructure? Read more
Disconnect the Dots. Read more
Hacker awaits verdict in 'Back Orifice' case. Read more

20 September 2001

New Trojan:
Remote Keylogger
Outlook Express 6 Security Vulnerabilities. Read more Accounts Vulnerable to Script Attack. Read more
Nimda Worm Attacks Both Clients and Servers. Read more
Vulnerable SSL Implementation in iCDN. Read more Accounts Vulnerable to Script Attack. Read more
Bank of America Online Banking Insecurity. Read more
The Terrorists Are Winning the Cyber War. Read more
Era of picking your own PDA draws to a close. Read more
Terror attacks usher in copy controlled hardware. Read more
Info security speeding up. Read more
U.S. Seeks Aid of Encryption Experts. Read more
Heightened security could erode privacy, group says. Read more
Hacking vigilantes deface WTC victim's site. Read more
Hackers strike Middle Eastern sites. Read more
Hackers lash out at Islamic Usenet group. Read more
Pro-Bin Laden Pakistani Hacker Defaces World Trade Site. Read more
The Terrorism Research Center. Read more
Mike Wendland: FBI searches for source of the W32.Nimda virus. Read more
Meet the brilliant (yet evil) Nimda worm. Read more
New computer worm strikes. Read more
New worm slows some Internet operations. Read more
New virus may eclipse Code Red. Read more
Virulent Nimda Computer Worm Hits Worldwide. Read more
Yahoo! News hacked. Read more
Password overload. Read more

19 September 2001

New Trojan:
Guangwai Girl 1.2 alpha

New worm W32/Nimda@MM
This threat can infect all unprotected users of Win9x/NT/2000/ME. This is a HIGH RISK virus that is spread via email. The infected email can come from addresses that you recognize.W32/Nimda@MM also spreads via open shares, the Microsoft Web Folder Transversal vulnerability (also used by W32/CodeBlue), and a Microsoft content-type spoofing vulnerability. The email attachment name varies and may use the icon for an Internet Explorer HTML document.
Kazaa / Morpheus Denial of Service Attack (Flood). Read more
NIMDA worm. Read more
How the new 'Nimda' worm is making double trouble. Read more
E-Mail Virus Infecting Some Web Contents, Microsoft. Read more
UPDATE 4-Virulent Nimda computer worm hits worldwide. Read more
Virulent Nimda Computer Worm Hits Worldwide. Read more
Dangerous new Nimda worm spreading. Read more
"Potential Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks ". Read more
"Increased Cyber Awareness". Read more
CSI 28th Annual Computer Security Conference and Exhibition. Read more
Hacking Vigilantes Deface WTC Victim's Site. Read more
Hackers lash out at Islamic sites. Read more
Iranian government's ministry of the interior defaced. Read more
Hacker cracks Islamist mailing list. Read more
Several hijacking suspects logged onto library computers to buy plane tickets. Read more
Fun and Games with FreeBSD Kernel Modules. Rad more
Australia's Data Security Measures Lacking ­ Experts. Read more

18 September 2001

New Trojan:
Tomato 1.0 beta
FBI operation penetrates hacker underground. Read more
Encryption Technologies Draw Fire After Attacks. Read more
Fears of cyber-terrorism. Read more
Analysts: Terrorists Will Use the Web. Read more
Reaction will strike privacy. Read more
Geeks Gather to Back Crypto. Read more
Can stronger security actually make us more vulnerable? Read more
Encryption Technologies Draw Fire After Attacks. Read more
Privacy vs. security: A delicate balance suddenly shifts. Read more
FBI wants email blackbox spying. Read more
FBI warns hackers against avenging terror attacks. Read more
Hackers respond to terror with attacks on Web sites. Read more
Hacking Vigilantes Deface WTC Victim's Site. Read more
DDos attack knocks out - for good? Read more
Kournikova virus author stands trial. Read more
Mafiaboy case highlights that hacking is widespread, hidden. Read more

17 September 2001

New Trojans:
Remote Revise 1.15

Invisible Telnet Server

Splash Trojan
Altering ARP Tables (version 1.00). Read more
Computer Economics' Information Warfare Expert Urges Hackers Not To Strike Back But To Help Investigate Instead. Read more
Bin Laden, associates elude spy agency's eavesdropping. Read more
Cos fear cyberterrorism after attack. Read more
Companies fear cyberterrorism after attacks. Read more
Venerable Hackers Urge Restraint. Read more
Hacker targets NetNames’ network. Read more
Encryption Device Inquiry Turns into Federal Investigation. Read more
China nabs first hacker for posting porn on sites. Read more

16 September 2001

New Trojans:
Phoenix II 1.45

Michal 5.0


HoneyPot 1.3
Apache UserDir Information Disclosure (User Anna). Read more
EXCLUSIVE: Crackers Prepare Retaliation for Tuesday's Terrorist Attack. Read more
FBI turns to Internet for terrorism clues. Read more
FBI to investigate Internet's role in terrorist attacks. Read more
Terror attacks raise concerns about computer sabotage. Read more
FBI serves surveillance orders on two ISPs. Read more
Bennett Sees Increase in Cybersecurity Funding After Attack. Read more
Senate OKs Expanding Wiretap Law. Read more
"Hacktivism" Spike Expected Following US Retaliations. Read more

15 September 2001

New Trojans:
Le Guardien 3.0

DeepThroat 1.0 Server by Darkstar.

Bug in Compile Portion of Older Versions of Checkpoint Firewall-1. Read more
Detection of Promiscuous Nodes Using ARP Packets. Read more
Yahoo's French Web site vulnerable to cross site scripting attack. Read more
Experts: Cyber violence expected following Tuesday's attacks. Read more
FBI probes ISPs for clues. Read more
In wake of attacks, Feds review cyber-security. Read more
Hackers split over vigilante strikes. Read more
Hackers divided over response to terrorism. Read more
Senate Will Expand Wiretapping Law to Include Terrorism-Related Crimes. Read more
Crackers Prepare Retaliation For Terrorist Attack. Read more
Senator calls for encryption crackdown. Read more
Information Security: A New Priority. Read more
Anti-US hacker hits UK websites. Read more
DNS mega-hack hits thousands of sites. Read more
This is how we know Echelon exists. Read more
China nabs first hacker. Read more

14 September 2001

New Trojans:
Gift 2.1.1

Malformed Request to RPC Endpoint Mapper Causes RPC Service to Fail. Read more can be abused to execute commands on your webserver. Read more
Since Hotmail Hack actual again: Malicious HTML Tags Embedded in Client Web Requests. Read more
Computer recovery companies go to work. Read more
Anti-Attack Feds Push Carnivore. Read more
U.S. attack: Defense Department's nets unaffected by terrorist assault. Read more
U.S. attack: Companies warned about possible cyberattacks. Read more
Spacecom on alert for cyberattacks. Read more
German hackers reject cyberwar over US attacks. Read more
Security providers warn of possible cyberattacks. Read more
Ex-hacker offers $10 million reward. Read more
Paper Documents Destroyed but Electronic Records Survive. Read more
Congress Mulls Stiff Crypto Laws. Read more
Privacy Advocates Fear Trade-Off for Security. Read more
Good Viruses Have a Future. Read more
Kournikova Virus Writer Stands Trial. Read more
Security Bugware closed. Read more

13 September 2001

New Trojans:
Skyrat Show version

Phoenix II 1.30
DLink Firewall/Router Vulnerable to Malformed Fragmented Packets DoS. Read more
ACI 4D Web Server Directory Traversal. Read more
Multiple Vendor 'Taylor UUCP' Problems. Read more
NetOP School for windows terminal services can be taken over. Read more
Speechd privilege escalation vulnerability. Read more
Secret Echelon Spy Network Fails To Thwart Terrorists. Read more
US computers networks at risk. Read more
Hackers Discuss Retaliatory Cyberstrikes. Read more
Former U.S. Official: Prepare for 'Electronic Pearl Harbor'. Read more
Military Design Sustains Internet During Crisis. Read more
How Terrorists Use the Internet. Read more
In Wake Of Attacks, Feds Review Cyber-Security. Read more
Anti-Attack Feds Push Carnivore. Read more
US terrorist attacks knock news sites off Internet. Read more
Companies Urged to Prepare for Cyberterrorism. Read more
Airport security technology under scrutiny. Read more
How Airport Security Works. Read more
Hacker hits Taleban website. Read more
Experts worry about computer terrorism. Read more
VNUNet: Linux users in Trojan debate. Read more
Insecure About Microsoft Security. Read more
'Mafiaboy' hacker jailed. Read more
Teen Hacker Gets 8 Month Sentence. Read more
Automatic patching: Will it make the world safe from worms? Read more

12 September 2001

New Trojans:
CyberJack 1.01

Algus 1.0
DEMARC is an all-inclusive network monitoring program that allows you to monitor an entire network of servers from one powerful web interface. Read more
Bypass the hotmail javascript 'filtering'. Read more
New Hotmail Hack Evades Filters. Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-048
Malformed Request to RPC Endpoint Mapper can Cause RPC Service to Fail. Read more
AOLserver Exploit Code Released (ParseAuth). Read more
Verizon Wireless Website Suffers from Gaping Privacy Holes. Read more
The Dos and Don'ts of Client Authentication on the Web. Read more
Did Encryption Empower These Terrorists? Read more
No increase in hacking activity before, after attacks. Read more
Terrorism spotlights air-security technology. Read more
FBI operation penetrates hacker underground. Read more
Passport is cracked. Read more
Viruses, Damage Hit Record High in August. Read more
Cybercrime treaty may not cut it. Read more
Training is key to minimising virus damage. Read more
Hackers hit the small time. Read more

11 September 2001

New Trojans:
Skun 0.11

Feliz Trojan
Bug in Remote GUI Access in Checkpoint Firewall. Read more
AOLserver Authorization Buffer Overflow. Read more
Remote Shell Trojan: Threat, Origin and Solution. Read more
BasiliX Command Execution Vulnerability (username). Read more
Norton Antivirus for Microsoft Exchange 2000 discloses mailbox path. Read more

Internet Security Systems Security Alert
Code Blue Worm. Read more
AOLserver version 3.3 and prior Linux x86 remote exploit. Read more
Red Hat Security Advisories: xinetd, fetchmail, tmpwatch, quota, and sendmail. Read more
CryptoLogic’s Gaming Software Hacked. Read more
Hackers hit lucky streak with Net casinos. Read more
Computer Viruses: Can We Ever Outsmart Them? Read more
Virus-mania: how Microsoft gets off lightly. Read more
Virus threats ignored by employees. Read more
Hackers clean up in Net casino attacks. Read more
ZDNet: New Unix worm could be next Code Red. Read more
Half of China’s users affected by hackers. Read more
Code Blue Could Be Misguided But Good Worm. Read more
China hit with 'Code Blue' worm. Read more
Stopping hackers in 3 easy steps. Read more
GPG: the Best Free Crypto You Aren't Using, Part I of II. Read more

10 September 2001

New Trojans:
Optix Lite 0.2

Phoenix II 1.44

Mail Notify
Security Issue with Netinfo and Mac OS X. Read more
"Blue Code": Worm That Fights "Code Red" and IIS-Servers. Read more
sglMerchant Arbitrary File Disclosure. Read more
Power Up Security Vulnerability Allows Aribtrary File Viewing. Read more
Shopping Cart Arbitrary Command Execution (Hassan). Read more
Insecure Handling of Notes in's Slashcode. Read more
'Half of China's Net users hacked in past year'. Read more
Hacking, youth mark Internet. Read more
Code Blue attacks IIS servers, too. Read more
New worm ‘Code Blue’ hits China. Read more
Judge Demands Documents on FBI Computer Spy System. Read more
The Cyber Virus: A New Fact Of Life. Read more
Dublin team cracks child porn code. Read more

09 September 2001

New Trojan:
School Bus TR 2.0

New Binder from Brazil. Juntador Beta by Carl-N.
SendIP is a commandline tool to allow sending arbitrary IP packets. Read more
User2sid is a command line interface to a WIN32 function LookupAccountName. Read more
GetAcct sidesteps "RestrictAnonymous=1" and acquires account information on Windows NT/2000 machines. Read more
Exchange Public Folders Information Leakage. Read more
Tool copies hackers to detect flaws. Read more
Code Blue Confirmed But Contained. Read more
Your co-worker could be a hacker, says IBM. Read more
Two States Seek Harsher Penalties for Microsoft. Read more

08 September 2001

New Trojan:
Remote Revise 1.0
SMS Spoofing Tool. Read more
Type Recorder - key logger for the Macintosh. Read more
Cisco Secure IDS Signature Obfuscation Vulnerability. Read more
Code Red Worm Changes Colors. Read more
New worm 'Code Blue' hits China. Read more
Web woes return to China with Code Blue worm. Read more
The Register: Linux Trojan spotted in the wild. Read more
Polish Worm Provides Jolt To Unix Operators. Read more
Linux based Trojan gets a closer look. Read more
Internet security helped by Code Red. Read more
Record no. of computer virus reports in Aug. Read more
Security workers: Copyright law stifles. Read more
Big Blue: Enemies are everywhere. Read more
FBI under fire for Code Red response. Read more
Hacking of Web game EverQuest linked to local teen. Read more
Hacker disrupts university Web site. Read more
Intelligence Committee Passes Bill. Read more

07 September 2001

New Trojans:
Phoenix II 1.46

PassWord Mailer 1.1

Gift 2.0. Now with download.
RelayTCP allows to redirect TCP/IP connections from a local port to a remote IP and port. Read more
USI++ for FreeBSD, OpenBSD & Linux. Makes you able to send any type of IPv4/ICMP/UDP/TCP packets with arbitary portnumbers or adresses etc..Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-047
OWA Function Allows Unauthenticated User to Enumerate Global Address List. Read more
DLink Firewall/Router Vulnerable to Malformed Fragmented Packets. Read more
CIS Becomes Typhon Security Scanner. Read more
Various Problems in Baltimore WEBSweeper URL Filtering (Additional characters, Replacement). Read more
Telnet DoS Vulnerability in Marconi ATM Switch. Read more
%u Encoding IDS Bypass Vulnerability (UTF). Read more
Inter7 VPopmail DB Password Problem. Read more
ShopPlus Arbitrary Command Execution Vulnerability. Read more
Directory Manager Arbitrary Command Execution. Read more
Linux users warned of new Trojan danger. Read more
Bug Watch: The worm has turned. Read more
European Parliament OKs Spy Plan. Read more
Security Experts Slam DOJ Decision. Read more
Security firm raps FBI's Code Red response. Read more
Web Woes Return to China with 'Code Blue' Worm. Read more
Hacking of Web game prompts policy change. Read more
Security workers: Copyright law stifles. Read more
Big Blue Puts On the Scare. Read more
Who's Reading Your Resume? Read more
NY Man Gets Prison For NASA Computer Break-in. Read more
Beware! Some of Your Co-Workers Could Be Hackers, IBM Says. Read more
Singapore and Belgium in computer virus pact. Read more
Spy software charges. Read more
More firms monitoring employees' Web surfing. Read more
Intelligence Committee Passes Bill. Read more

06 September 2001

New Trojan:
Kilo 0.11.9
Sprint, an Updated OS Fingerprinting Tool. Read more
Highly Respected OpenBSD and OpenSSH Programmer Censors Website, Cites DMCA. Read more
Multiple User PGP ID Attack. Read more
%u encoding IDS bypass vulnerability. Read more
PGPsdk Key Validity Vulnerability. Read more
S/Key Keyinit Authentication and Sudo Vulnerability. Read more
Gauntlet Firewall for UNIX and WebShield CSMAP and smap/smapd Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities. Read more
Gaping hole in NAI's Gauntlet firewall. Read more
Computer Security 2001 will be an event for all the people who are involved in the use, design and administration of computer systems. . Read more
Did FBI Ignore Code Red Warning? Read more
Sircam Tops List Of August Viruses. Read more
Worm sequel plays only in Europe. Read more
New viruses on the attack. Read more
Magistr.b hits the screen. Read more
Singapore, Belgium Tie Up For Virus Alerts. Read more
Code Red may taste its own medicine. Read more
XP Cracks Appear Before Product. Read more
Hacked off at the way it all played out. Read more
NASA hacker gets 4-month prison sentence. Read more
Hacker forces some banks to cancel Visa debit cards. Read more
DMCA closing down security shops. Read more
Adobe says it has no responsibility for Skylarov's fate. Read more
Teaming up against cybercrime;High-tech class aims to help law enforcers win byte fight. Read more
British Navy embraces Web for war games. Read more

05 September 2001

New Trojan:
RemoteHak 0.1 by HaKKa.
A security Analysis of PGP. Read more
Gnutella Linux Client HTML Injection Vulnerability. Read more
HP UNIX /usr/sbin/swverify Exploit Code. Read more
Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in BSD Line Printer Daemon. Read more
Experts Reject Code Red II 'Cleanup Worm' Plan. Read more
Virus variant poses fresh web threat. Read more
New variant of Magistr virus on the loose. Read more
New email worm attacks Outlook. Read more
Lara Croft virus busts IRC. Read more
Old worm strikes security contractor - report. Read more
Viral triptych: Apost-A, Titch-K, and Ethan-EJ. Read more
How bigger, badder Code Red worms are being built. Read more
Code Red Turns CodeGreen. Read more
MS eBook cracker keeps findings secret. Read more
Verizon Checks "Gaping" Web Security Hole. Read more
FBI warns as Unix server flaw gets automated. Read more
FBI device sets off alarms. Read more
Security patch RFP delayed. Read more
Hacker destroys hate site hosted by Yahoo. Read more
Kenya: Criminals said to be hacking into government security secrets. Read more
Anti-virus hardware. Read more
Security lapses seen costing companies $1.4 trillion in 2001. Read more
Anti-hacking bill sends clear signal. Read more
Kelly demands apology for hacking allegations. Read more
Revealed: how MP's son used computer in hacking scandal. Read more
Building A Secure e-World. Read more
Reality Intrudes On the Internet. Read more
Veridian Tapped to Track Foreign Hackers;Intrusions againstDOD to be studied. Read more
Hacktivism heats up. Read more
Outsourcing to solve e-mail security. Read more

04 September 2001

New Trojan:
Trojan Horse Workshop 1.0
Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union's E-mail Alert Program Transmits Account Numbers in Plaintext. Read more
iPlanet Messaging Server Buffer Overflow Vulnerability. Read more
LPRng/rhs-printfilters Vulnerability Leads to Remote Execution of Commands. Read more
POP3Lite Client Side DoS and Message Injection. Read more
Dutch student finds flaw in PGP. Read more Is China ground zero for hackers? Read more
Microsoft IIS users complacent about security. Read more
Programmers Cautioned On Dangers of U.S. Law. Read more
Chikarovski says hacking matter still fishy. Read more
A Saintly group that aims to outwit the cyber-criminal. Read more
Dubai 'hacker' appeals case judgement. Read more
Hacker Destroys Hate Site Hosted By Yahoo. Read more
Worm strikes down at DoD contractor Veridian. Read more
'Code Red ate my bonus!'. Read more
India's MicroWorld develops MWL to counter virus threat. Read more
India's First Cyber Police Station To Tackle Hackers, Net Fraud. Read more
Knowledge, caution can help ward off perils of Net, e-mail. Read more
Kelly admits son responsible for hacking software. Read more
IT blamed for secret downloads. Read more
How Vulnerable Is Your Company? Read more

03 September 2001

Dropper Source Generator 0.1 by Stan. Read more
JavaScript Can Write Anything to the Windows' Registry. Read more
DynuFtpServer Security Vulnerabilities. Read more
PhpMyExplorer Vulnerable to Directory Traversal. Read more
Security Hole in OS Groupware Suite PHProjekt Patched. Read more
QPopper in Conjunction with PAM Allows Account Verification. Read more
New worm warnings. Read more
Criminals winning cyber war. Read more
Today's crime fighters need some digital help. Read more
Code Red virus probably began in China, GAO official says. Read more
Computer virus costs reach $11b this year. Read more
Code Red computer worm cost put at $2.6 billion. Read more
Russia Warns Computer Experts on U.S. Travel. Read more
India’s first cyber police station set up. Read more

02 September 2001

New Trojan:
Infector 1.9 by FC.
Security Update for Bugzilla v2.13 and Older. Read more
Cache Corruption on Microsoft DNS Servers. Read more
Dangerous Temp File Creation During Netscape 6 Installation. Read more
Easy Remote Detection of a Running Tripwire for Webpages System. Read more
Code Red worm reportedly came from China. Read more
Linux Journal: Vi IMproved--Vim and Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2. Read more
Computer Virus Costs Reach $10.7B This Year. Read more
US Press/ Security expert hacks Microsoft's Hotmail easily. Read more
Cracking Microsoft's e-Book Code; Technology Review Breaks Story of Major Decryption. Read more

01 September 2001

New Trojan:
WebDownloader 2K by FC
Cute-FTP Stored Password Decoder. Read more
Solaris Patchadd Symlink Exploit. Read more
XInetD 2.3.0 Code Audit Completed. Read more
Cyrus IMAP Server Potential Denial of Service Vulnerability. Read more
HP Process Resource Manager Environment Variable Privilege Elevation Vulnerability. Read more
HP CIFS 9000 Arbitrary Password Changing Vulnerability. Read more
Apache mod_auth_pgsql_sys Remote SQL Query Manipulation Vulnerability. Read more
Apache mod_auth_mysql Remote SQL Query Manipulation Vulnerability. Read more
Multiple BSD Vendor lpd Buffer Overflow Vulnerability. Read more
BugZilla Process_Bug.CGI Restricted Bug Comments Revealing Vulnerability. Read more
BugZilla Show_Activity.CGI Restricted Bug Comments Revealing Vulnerability. Read more
Bugzilla showattachment.cgi Arbitrary Bug Viewing Vulnerability. Read more
Gnutella client allows HTML injection. Read more
Top Hacking Tools Site Restricts Access. Read more
Virus costs skyrocket. Read more
Code Red worm reportedly came from China. Read more
This virus will self-destruct in 5 seconds...Read more
Canadian anarchists launched Code Red? Read more
Sklyarov denies he's a hacker. Read more
Programmer denies copyright violations. Read more
Microsoft code cracker shuns publicity. Read more
New virus targets and encrypts .exe files. Read more
New Worm Warnings. Read more
Old Worm Strikes Security Contractor - Report. Read more
Country's first Cyber crime police station opens. Read more
US digital copyright review seeks changes. Read more
NSW Parliament hacking inquiry continuing. Read more
The Russian Government trying to control Internet. Read more