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News October 2001
31 October 2001

New trojan:
Wicked Bot. Used with the DDOS attacks on Steve Gibson. Read more
Widespread Exploitation of SSH CRC32 Compensation Attack. Read more
Downloaded Applications Can Execute Without Warning on Mac IE 5.1 for OS X. Read more
Elusive hackers evoke fear. Read more
NY Times Hit by DoS Attack. Read more
Taliban Web Sites Remain Online. Read more
Attacks from the heart of the net. Read more
Microsoft hackers reached key programmes. Read more
Law means Linux security patches secret. Read more
Anti-terror law expands powers. Read more
Comment: Hacking is not terrorism. Read more
Readers' letters: Is hacking terrorism? Read more
Refreshed Nimda Worm Is Set Loose. Read more
Hacker intrusion collusion creates 'perfect IDS'. Read more
Worm turned claim spurned. Read more
£25m Barclays blackmail trial begins. Read more
Pirated Copies Of Windows XP Pose Security Risk - Microsoft. Read more
Secondhand WinXP for sale. Read more
Hacker's death threat terror. Read more
Current Internet Filtering Tools Found Lacking - Study. Read more
EarthLink Pushes 'Kid-Safe' Browser From SurfMonkey. Read more

30 October 2001

New trojans:
Theef 1.33a server

BlueIce 2000C client
JavaScript Insertion in phpBB and Ikonboard Bulletin Boards (IMG, CSS). Read more
Pc-to-Phone Sensitive Information Disclosure. Read more
Bypassing Linux Kernel Quota Limits. Read more
Taps, Traps, and Pens -- Electronic Surveillance Overview . Read more
CDT's Carnivore Reference Page. Read more
Echelon. Read more
FIDNet - Federal Intrusion Detection Network. Read more
Error and attack tolerance of complex networks (pdf). Read more
Ministry Warns of Klez Virus. Read more
Win-XP vs Red Hat 7.2. Read more
Chinese crackers dampen WinXP celebration. Read more
Microsoft's Trick or Treat. Read more
Hacker Hires Don't Interest Most Businesses. Read more
Why Are There No Rich Hackers? Read more
DoS Attacks Go For the Throat. Read more
Government eavesdroppers could listen to Canadians under anti-terror law. Read more
Meet the computer criminals: they'll see you in your office. Read more
Alert System Sought for Internet Attacks. Read more
Culprits in rising cyber-attacks unknown. Read more
Linux Update withholds security info on DMCA terror. Read more
Russian hacker's story shows financial system's weak spots. Read more
E-mail hoax doing the rounds. Read more

29 October 2001

New trojan:
PSYchoFiles 1.6
Checkpoint VPN-1 SecuRemote Flaw (Username Verification). Read more
Cross-Site Scripting Flaw in Webalizer. Read more
Oracle File Overwrite Security Vulnerability. Read more
Arbitrary Command Executing on Query of Corrupt RPM Files. Read more
Oracle Trace Collection Security Vulnerability. Read more
Anti-Terror Tools Include High-Tech. Read more
Marching into the 'smart' card era. Read more
Security Site Succumbs Again To Hackers. Read more
'Millionaire' German hacker nearly bankrupt--report. Read more
Pakistani hackers attack US government website. Read more
Privacy Council defends Passport. Read more
Buddhist works to change hackers' image. Read more
Internal misuse is as big a danger as external hackers. Read more
Fraud costs £14bn a year, yet few firms will admit to being victims. Read more
Security crackdown in bid to plug leaks. Read more

28 October 2001

Unify 1.4 by da.
Nmap 2.54BETA30 released. Read more
Remote DoS in 6tunnel. Read more
Weak Authentication in iBill's Password Management CGI. Read more
Public ICQ Servers Based DDoS. Read more
Oracle9iAS Web Cache Overflow Vulnerability (Patch). Read more
Hacking incident closes security news site. Read more
MI5 turns to newsgroups to find Bin Laden supporters. Read more
Cybernarks - Who's hunting the Hackers? Read more
Humanoid robot runs on Linux power. Read more
XP inferior in security department. Read more

27 October 2001

New Trojan
There are folders on your computer that Microsoft has tried hard to keep secret. Within these folders you will find two major things: Microsoft Internet Explorer has been logging all of the sites you have ever visited -- even after you've cleared your history, and Microsoft's Outlook Express has been logging all of your e-mail correspondence -- even after you've erased them from your Deleted Items bin. (This also includes all incoming and outgoing file attachments.) Read more

An email purporting to offer a patch to a Trojan horse scanner, popular in Germany, is actually an Internet worm.
The worm arrives in an email with:
Subject line:
"ANTS Version 3.0"
Body text of email:
Anhängend die neue Version 3.0 von ANTS, dem bislang einzigartigen kostenlosen Trojanerscanner. Zum installieren einfach die angefügte Datei ausführen.
Attached you will find the brand new Version 3.0 of ANTS, the unique freeware trojan scanner. To install ANTS simply run the attached setup file.
Adieu, Andreas"

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-053
Downloaded Applications Can Execute on Mac IE 5.1 for OS X. Read more

CERT® Advisory CA-2001-29
Oracle9iAS Web Cache vulnerable to buffer overflow. Read more
RWhoisd Remote Format String Vulnerability (-soa). Read more
Macintosh Users Warned Of IE 5.1 Browser Security Hole. Read more
Trojan horse scanner pitch is a sneaky worm. Read more
Nasty email gives ANTS a case of worms. Read more
Commentary: The Threat Of Microsoft’s .Net. Read more
Win-XP firewall defeats Gibson NanoProbes. Read more
MS XP signed drivers regime draws consumer groups' ire. Read more
WinXP doesn't feel the Force Feedback. Read more
Microsoft Redux. Read more
House's anti-terror bill requires judge to monitor FBI's use of e-mail surveillance system. Read more
White House asks industry to develop secure federal network. Read more
US government Web site hacked. Read more
Alert System Sought for Internet Attacks. Read more
Email deletion bug baffles McAfee. Read more
Red Cross e-mail donation hoax circulating. Read more
How do corporations stop hackers? They don't. They simply lure them to a "honeypot.". Read more
Ryanair admits flaws in online recruitment. Read more
European firms need to assess IT security. Read more
RSA WebID agent can't read Unicode. Read more
Hacking not just a 'boy thing'. Read more
14th Annual Computer Security Incident Handling Conference. Read more

26 October 2001

New Trojan
Duddie 2.0
Proof of Concept netkit-0.17-7 Local Root Exploit. Read more
Response Header Overflow Exploit Code Released. Read more
Trend Micro OfficeScan Corporate Edition Configuration File Disclosure Vulnerability. Read more
Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in Action Argument of dtaction. Read more
Taliban opposition's website a casualty of war. Read more
Bin Laden hack-meister in defacement, financial debacles. Read more
Hack Breaks Security Site's Back. Read more
'Millionaire' German Hacker Nearly Bankrupt - Report. Read more
Pakistani Hackers Attack U.S. Govt. Web Site. Read more
Bill Gates Discusses Cyber Terrorism. Read more
Hacker 'Bombs' Missing Targets. Read more
British Security Chiefs Launch Web Terror Hunt. Read more
USA v. Carl Johnson - Testimony on PGP Use. Read more
Worm puts vendors on the hook. Read more
WinXP on the wall, who's the most incompatible of them all? Read more
Window Security Site Defaced With Anti-XP Message. Read more
Cryptanalysis of Multiswap. Read more
Jam Echelon Day a "rousing" success. Read more
China sentences hacker to two years jail. Read more
The top 3 hacker targets. Read more
More women joining the ranks of hackers. Read more
Government Takes Security Lead. Read more

25 October 2001

New Trojan
Nethief 1.9
Recent trends in DoS attack technology. (pdf). Read more
Taliban Opposition Site Knocked Out. Read more
Hacktivists take sides in war. Read more
YIHAT incurs hacker community's wrath. Read more
Korea reports outbreak of Bin Laden virus. Read more
Microsoft not trusted to hold personal data. Read more
Activists decry US inaction on new Microsoft OS. Read more
MS issues bum security patch, contradicts self. Read more
UK Net pedo jailed for eight years. Read more
Information Warfare. Read more
SecurityNewsPortal defaced. Read more
XP vulnerable to DoS attacks. Read more
Hacking Incident Closes Security News Site. Read more
Indian news sites hacked. Read more
Taiwanese hackers reportedly broke into Army Web site. Read more
China sentences computer hacker to two years. Read more
Routers surpass servers for hacker attacks. Read more
Microsoft Beefs Up Security with Windows XP. Read more
Preventing and Detecting Malware Installations on NT/2K. Read more
Eavesdropping agency must be allowed to intercept Canadian calls. Read more
BT plays down hacker claims. Read more
IBM software helps companies secure networks. Read more
CYBERTERROR: U.S. tries to protect self on crucial front. Read more and eEye Get Secure With Each Other. Read more

24 October 2001

New Trojan
Phoenix II 1.64
Attacking a Lotus Notes Client. Read more
Mac OS X 10.1 Local Security Exploit. Read more
Novell Groupwise Arbitrary File Retrieval Vulnerability. Read more
Webmin Insecure Temporary File Creation. Read more
Solaris Fingerd Discloses Complete User List. Read more
Red Hat 7.2 GnuPG signed RPM verification fails on distribution files. Read more
Hacking is not terrorism. Read more
Pro-USA Hackers Target Pakistani Defacement Group. Read more
New hacker Maxmouse defaces Taliban site. Read more
Korea Reports Outbreak of Bin Laden Computer Virus. Read more
Taleban - who can't hack - get hacked. Read more
Kimble & YIHAT Morons Threaten Attrition. Read more
UK in bad shape to fend off cyber attacks. Read more
Virus writers are industrial terrorists - MS. Read more
Murder on the Outlook Express. Read more
Image tags hide new hotmail security attack. Read more
Hacker Hires Don't Interest Most Businesses. Read more
Once-feared hacker works the other side. Read more
NewsBytes: Red Hat Denies Security Flaw in `Enigma'. Read more
Israeli high-tech firms may benefit from security concerns. Read more
Windows XP just doesn't cut it in the security department. Read more
Windows XP urban legends and myths--debunked! Read more
The 'Anthrax' Computer Virus - A Bug in the Worm. Read more

23 October 2001

New Trojan
Nerte 7.5.0
Network Query Tool (NQT) is a one-stop solution for getting information about a domain or IP address. Instead of manually using different unix commands or visiting numerous websites to "investigate" a host, just load Network Query Tool and enter the hostname or IP. NQT does the rest. Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-052(version 2.0)
Invalid RDP Data can Cause Terminal Service Failure. Read more
Image Tags Hide New Hotmail Security Attack. Read more
Acrobat PDF Protection is not Very Secure. Read more
Claris Emailer Buffer Overflow Vulnerability. Read more
Wireless Access Points and ARP Poisoning. Read more
Mountain Network System's WebCart Vulnerability Leads to Arbitrary Command Execution. Read more
Multiple Looking-Glass Input Vulnerabilities. Read more
DoS Found in Ssdpsrv.exe (UPnP). Read more
Flaws Found in Recent Linux Kernels (newgrp, symblinks). Read more
Network Query Tool Command Execution Vulnerability. Read more
3Com Home Connect Cable Modem Vulnerable to Denial of Service. Read more
Espionage must wear new cloak. Read more
Web hooligans hurt search for clues. Read more
Cyber-Terrorism Becoming Very Real Threat. Read more
Pro-USA Hackers Target Pakistani Defacement Group. Read more
Vigilante hackers blasted off net. Read more
China Internet blocks back in place. Read more
AOL Security Compromised After Upgrade. Read more
DoS attacks getting scary, CERT warns. Read more
Net security in an open electronic society. Read more
MS digital rights management scheme cracked. Read more
Microsoft Vows Legal Action Against Hacker. Read more
Microsoft explores legal options against hacker. Read more
Win-XP as terrorist tool story contradicted. Read more
Firms resist XP distractions. Read more
Beyond Carnivore: FBI Eyes Packet Taps. Read more
Identity theft more than doubling. Read more
Is Wednesday the end for Web bugs and dodgy cookies? Read more
Data Protection Act kicks in on Wednesday. Read more
Pa. strengthens cybersecurity. Read more
Novell make a move into security. Read more
E-Minister takes first steps towards free wireless Internet. Read more
To boost security for your home computer, start with secure password(s). Read more
Privacy vs. Security. Read more
Secrecy surrounds £25m Barclaycard blackmail case. Read more
Kevin Mitnick plays CIA lackey in TV role. Read more

22 October 2001

New Trojan
Muska52 1.3

Georgi Guninski security advisory #50, 2001
Javascript in IE may spoof the whole screen. Read more
JavaScript in IE Can Take Over the Whole Screen. Read more
Citrix MetaFrame Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability. Read more
Meet the dark side of Windows XP. Read more
Why MS's password-revealing glitch should worry you. Read more
DMCA Protester Cracks Microsoft's Copyright Protection Code. Read more
Cyber-Security: Striving for Public/Private Pact. Read more
Pakistani Group Strikes U.S. Military Web Site. Read more
Utah's 'Black Ice': Cyber-attack scenario. Read more
How is cashing in on viruses. Read more
Cybercrime threat to firms. Read more
Firewalls not perfect but needed these days. Read more
Unregulated web services trigger security fears. Read more
Providers Take On Security. Read more
Public, private sectors advised to share data to combat cyber attacks. Read more
Foolproof Quantum Cryptography. Read more

21 October 2001

New Trojan
Infector 2.0 by FC. With download.

Dcetest is a tool which probes a windows machine over TCP port 135, MSRPC endpoint information. It can be though of as the equivalent of rpcinfo -p against a Windows box. Dcetest can also be very useful once inside a DMZ to fingerprint Windows machines on the network. Read more
Oracle9iAS Web Cache Multiple DoS and Buffer Overflow. Read more
Flaws in recent Linux kernels. Read more
Anthrax worm fails to spread on 'net.Read more
Lame attempt to disguise viruses as MS security update. Read more
SafeWeb and Bahamian Trojans. Read more
Hacker exploits make PC worms deadlier. Read more
Governor Calls for 'Cyber Court'. Read more
Net security: An oxymoron. Read more
Win-XP denounced as terrorism tool. Read more
Hacker cries foul over FBI snooping. Read more
Bush Backs Changes In Hacking Disclosure. Read more

20 October 2001

New Trojan
Freddy K - ASE

Verado, a managed services firm in Greenwood Village, Colo., released "The IT Security Game," which portrays some of the serious situations facing today's mission-critical operations. The goal is to educate IT professionals about the various foes awaiting an unsuspecting data chief, including cyberthieves and hackers. Just remember, in real life there's no Play Again button. Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-052
Invalid RDP Data can Cause Terminal Service Failure. Read more
Citrix MetaFrame Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability. Read more
CDP Vulnerability in Cisco Routers. Read more
Hi-Resolution System's MacAdministrator Hidden Files Disclosure and Access Vulnerability. Read more
Invalid RDP Data can Cause Terminal Service Failure. Read more
Red Cross warns of Trojan horse that steals credit card data. Read more
Red Cross Warns Of Fraudulent Trojan Program. Read more
E-Mail Scam Preys on Relief Donors. Read more
The Tools Of Freedom And Security. Read more
Hacker Web site up for sale. Read more
Lights, Camera, Hacker! Read more
Juror's Exposure to 'Love Bug' Story Didn't Warrant New Trial. Read more
Microsoft withdraws faulty server patch. Read more
Microsoft tech plays into hackers' hands. Read more
Microsoft unbowed in face of 'stop XP' lawsuit. Read more
Microsoft: Loose lips give hackers tips. Read more
Microsoft's brotherhood of silence. Read more
Hackers Harvest Passwords from DSL Routers. Read more
Controversial Encryption Plan Abandoned. Read more
12 Steps To Better Security. Read more

19 October 2001

New Trojan
Winshell 2.0

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-052
Invalid RDP Data can Cause Terminal Service Failure. Read more
Office XP Error Reporting May Send Sensitive Documents to Microsoft. Read more
Major security hole found in OS X 10.1. Read more
"Redesi" worm reformats hard drives. Read more
Security experts see nastier worms. Read more
Hackers launch 'cyber jihad' on US. Read more
Bush supports limits on disclosing details about hacking, official says. Read more
Cigital Discovers Wireless Attacks That Expose Wired Networks. Read more
U.S. Cyberspace Security Office Must Define Its Mission -- Now. Read more
Senator Backs Off Backdoors. Read more
SirCam blitz is damp squib. Read more
Trapping Worms in a Honeypot. Read more
Anti-terror hackers seek govt blessing. Read more
SafeWeb ain't all that. Read more
Hackers Put A Price Tag On New Attack Tool. Read more
Hacking Techniques Could Help RIAA. Read more
Home users take on computer hackers. Read more
Sounding the alarm on Net security. Read more

18 October 2001

New Trojan
Muska52 1.0
Installing and Configuring Snort. Read more
Chasing the Wind, Episode Eleven: Fire and Brimstone. Read more
Office XP Error Reporting May Send Sensitive Documents to Microsoft. Read more
Dotless IP Addresses Can Cause IE to Move into Intranet Zone. Read more
phpBB Allows Remote Users to Modify Default SQL Queries. Read more
Novell Patches Security Hole In GroupWise Server. Read more
Tech Group Hails Demise Of Encryption Backdoor Idea. Read more
In the wake of Sept. 11, encryption is no joke. Read more
Pakistani Hackers Deface U.S. Site With Ultimatum. Read more
Bush creates cyberterrorism panel. Read more
Anti-Terror Hackers Seek Govt Blessing. Read more
US braces for 'cyberattacks'. Read more
Win-XP denounced as terrorism tool. Read more
Hackers take to the air. Read more
U.S. on verge of 'electronic martial law' -- researcher. Read more
'Stung' Russian Hacker Guilty. Read more
Man pleads no contest to hacking into computer of firm affiliated with Department of Defense. Read more
Microsoft to hackers: Don't publish code. Read more
Microsoft Rallies Industry Against Bug Anarchy. Read more
Code Errors Stall Spread of Computer Worms. Read more
Infamous Hacker Becomes CIA Agent? Read more
RIAA: We'll smother song swappers. Read more

17 October 2001

New Trojans
Qtaz 2.0

DeepThroat 1.1 Server Darkstar
TYPSoft FTP Server STOR/RETR Denial of Service Vulnerability. Read more
Cisco PIX Firewall Manager Password Disclosure Vulnerability. Read more
Account Management Vulnerabilities in Ipswitch IMail Server. Read more
Security Bug Found in ht://Dig htsearch CGI (DoS, File Exposure). Read more
Bug in Linux 2.4 and IPTables MAC Match Module. Read more
Vulnerability exists with Novell's GroupWise server. Read more
Security attacks set to double in 2001 - CERT. Read more
Pak hackers pose cyber threat to USA. Read more
New anthrax worm is a dud. Read more
Anthrax ‘information’ virus in circulation. Read more
SirCam's comeback ends up a flop. Read more
Allegedly hacked bank denies bin Laden connection. Read more
GOVNET Won’t Solve U.S. Government Internet Security Concerns. Read more
The debate over encryption intensifies as the government looks to crack down. Read more
Fear Along The Firewall;America's computer databases and satellite navigation systems are vulnerable to attack. Read more
Cyberspace vulnerable to attack, panel warns. Read more
Must privacy die too? Read more
Russian hacker found guilty faces 100-year prison term. Read more
How to tell if your Linux box has been cracked. Read more
The Security Side of Windows XP: Hope, Risk Run High. Read more
Microsoft Improves Security Plans. Read more
Predictive Systems to Host ''Hack, Counter-Hack'' Free Seminar Series Detailing the Newest Information Security Risks and Responses. Read more
China unblocks news Web sites. Read more

16 October 2001

New Trojan
Nethief 1.8
HylaFax Format String Vulnerabilities (Exploit Code). Read more
Ipswitch IMail Multiple Security Vulnerabilities. Read more
U.S. could close Gates on hackers, terrorists. Read more
War on terror breeds patriotic 'hactivists'. Read more
Hacking for the Cause. Read more
YIHAT" (Young Intelligent Hackers Against Terrorism). Read more
FBI's controversial cyber-snooping system plays key part in terrorism probe. Read more
Former Fed Says XP Poses a Security Threat. Read more
'Govnet' would be costly, prone to failure-experts. Read more
Britain is vulnerable to hackers: expert. Read more
Keeping track of changes vital for cyber crime cell. Read more
New hackers wreak havoc. Read more
The Security Side of Windows XP: Hope, Risk Run High. Read more
Encryption: How Prevalent Is It? Read more
Network Adminstrator Found Guilty of Computer Sabotoge in Philadelphia. Read more
E-mail viruses are growing rapidly, but protection is getting better. Read more
Are viruses really so bad? Read more
The RIAA, Hackers in Training. Read more
RIAA Wants to Hack Your PC. Read more
Cyber-doomsayers offer chilling vision. Read more

15 October 2001

New Trojan
Acid Reign
UnixWare 7 lpsystem Exploit Code Released. Read more
Additional Details Released on the Zone Spoofing Vulnerability. Read more
Ipswitch Web Calendaring Buffer Overflow. Read more
Security Bug Found in PostNuke (and possibly PHPNuke). Read more
Anthrax found in Microsoft office. Read more
US government to build its own Net. Read more
Online blackmailer leaks hacked data. Read more
Agencies censor sites deemed useful to terrorists. Read more
FBI shuts down 'IRA' website. Read more
Software sought to expose terrorist cells. Read more
Terror Bill Limits Gambling, Too. Read more
Napster turns the tables. Read more
Nimda: a flash in the pan. Read more
The crypto genie is out of the bottle. Read more

14 October 2001

New Trojans
Gift 2.4 with download.

Ghost 2.1

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-051
Malformed Dotless IP Address Can Cause Web Page to be Handled in Intranet Zone. Read more
Anthrax found in Nevada Microsoft subsidiary. Read more
Anthrax-laced letter to MS license div Confirmed. Read more
Anti-terror bill may regulate Carnivore use. Read more
WorldNetDaily Reports WTC Terrorists Used Encryption. Read more
Company secrets fall straight in a hacker's lap. Read more
White House asks companies for help with new government computer network. Read more
Microsoft closes window to customer data. Read more
Networking bug makes Macs hang up. Read more

13 October 2001

New Trojan
Nerte 7.0.3
'Terror Killers' Go On Site Defacement Spree. Read more
Anti-terror bill may regulate Carnivore use. Read more
Wiretap legislation passes Senate, moves to House. Read more
Terror hysteria dismissed by experts. Read more
WEB OF TERROR. Read more
Net security research languishing, Congress told. Read more
Allegedly Hacked Bank Denies Bin Laden Connection. Read more
Encryption technology is not an enemy of the state. Read more
Terrorists could have used modern 'covered writing'. Read more
Possible terrorist use of Internet encryption debated. Read more
Hijackers may have sent coded messages on Internet. Read more
Agencies censor sites deemed useful to terrorists. Read more
Phone hub security sought. Read more
SirCam due to wipe Windows PCs next Tuesday. Read more
Spain has lower computer virus incidence than rest of EU. Read more
What the hell is Microsoft's new software licensing programme? Read more
Partners React To Network Associates’ Plan To Drop PGP. Read more
Network Associates puts PGP up for sale. Read more

12 October 2001

New Trojans
Guangwai Girl 1.0 alpha

Phoenix II 1.63
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Read more
OpenProjects IRCD Allows DNS Spoofing. Read more
Open source tool put on red alert. Read more
Security updates deliver a problem. Read more
Doomsday fears of terror cyber-attacks. Read more
Computer experts warn of combined terrorist assault and cyber-attack. Read more
Tables turns on Bin Laden 'bank crackers. Read more
Hacker says hacker is irresponsible. Read more
Anti-Terror Hackers Claim Arab National Bank Breach. Read more
Fighting Evil Hackers With Bucks. Read more
Interministerial team to target cyberterrorism. Read more
Cyberspace could be next target. Read more
Cyberwar Foundering on Feuds? Read more
Cyber-raid hobbles web users. Read more
Bracing for cyberwar. Read more
Terrorists may have used hidden messages to plan attacks. Read more
Investigators Try to Trace Terrorists' Footprints in Cyberspace. Read more
U.S. government seeks input to build its own Net. Read more
IT workers chew over 'Carnivore' bill. Read more
The Value of Honeypots, Part One: Definitions and Values of Honeypots. Read more
Online blackmailer leaks hacked data. Read more
Web server attacks doubled over the last year. Read more
Hacker claims next round in banner-ad battle. Read more
Truth Could Be the Web's First Casualty. Read more
Hackers Thrive on Sloppy Employees. Read more
MS security glitch allowed access to customer records on web. Read more

11 October 2001

New Trojans
Dark IRC 4.0

Winshell 1.0
Security Bug Found in W3Mail Webmail. Read more
Terrorists Use Secret Internet Code. Read more
Computer experts warn of combined terrorist assault and cyber-attack. Read more
Hacker's war on terrorism draws tepid response from experts. Read more
Company decodes bin Laden Internet activity. Read more
Hacker slammed for anti-terror crusade. Read more
Interministerial team to target cyberterrorism. Read more
US names cyber-terrorism czar. Read more
U.S. State Department reports surge in website hits after terror attacks. Read more
U.S. Seeks To Build Secure Online Network. Read more
White House Seeks Cyber Security Aid. Read more
ISP to banish virus spreaders. Read more
More women joining the ranks of hackers. Read more
Supreme Court refuses to hear Microsoft case. Read more

10 October 2001

New Trojan
WAY 2.5
LaBrea is a program that creates a tarpit or, as some has called it, a "sticky honeypot". LaBrea takes over unused IP addresses on a network and creates "virtual machines" that answer to connection attempts. Read more
Microsoft Excel/PowerPoint Documents can Bypass Microsoft Macro Security Checking. Read more
Symantec LiveUpdate Vulnerable to Security Attacks. Read more
Detection of Promiscuous Nodes Using ARP Packets. Read more
'Hackers unite' call from German millionaire. Read more
Companies Seek Online Security After Attacks. Read more
DoD 'Safecrackers' Help Safeguard Pentagon Documents. Read more
KaZaA the Virus Desktop. Read more
Wrightson reacts to Nimda virus attack. Read more
88% Of Firms Nailed By Viruses, Worms In Last Year – Survey. Read more
Viruses twice as common. Read more
Web Server Attacks Double Year-To-Year. Read more
Mitnick Warns Other 'Scapegoats'. Read more
Dubai hacker losses appeal. Read more
Survey: Hackers Thrive on Sloppy Employees. Read more
MS bends volume licensing rules. Read more
At last! At last! New security measures from Microsoft. Read more
Supreme Court denies Microsoft appeal. Read more
Federal Circuit Vacates Judgment for Internet Security Company. Read more
Hongkong Post, Diversinet launch Mobile e-Cert for secure m-commerce. Read more

09 October 2001

New Trojans:
Ultimate RAT 2.01

Phoenix II 1.61

Internet Security Systems Security Alert Summary AS01-01
UnixWare 7 lpsystem Vulnerable to an Exploitable Buffer Overflow. Read more
OpenBSD Bug Allows Unprivileged Users to Send SIGURG and SIGIO Signals. Read more
Many companies still vulnerable to DNS outage. Read more
Version 1.4 of LiveUpdate (shipped with Norton Antivirus 5.x) can be used for rapid deployment of hostile code (backdoors, trojan applications, viruses, worms - if unknow to the NAV pattern file) and for remote penetration of systems running LiveUpdate via redirection of the initial connection to a server controlled by the attacker. Read more
Dot coms don't safeguard their dns entries. Read more

CERT® Advisory CA-1999-02
Trojan Horses. Read more
Internet proves easy way for terrorists to communicate. Read more
Terrorism and the Tactics of Network Destruction. Read more
The Times misquoted me - crypto expert. Read more
Young Intelligent Hackers Against Terror. Read more
Hackers launch cyberwar on terrorists. Read more
Web could be new front for U.S. enemies. Read more
Hackers face backlash. Read more
Cyber Security Key to New U.S Initiative. Read more
Build our security infrastructure. Read more
PC World poll highlights privacy concerns. Read more
Q & A Safe and secure. Read more
AOL Stops One Security Breach, Fails To Stop Another. Read more
Viruses -- Easily Avoidable? Read more
Microsoft Responds to Hacker Attacks. Read more
WinXP activation harmless, cuddly, says MS chief. Again. Read more

08 October 2001

New Trojans:
Nerte 7.3.0

Nethief 1.5
Cisco PIX Firewall Authentication Denial of Service. Read more
Site Protector Password Cracker. Read more
Oracle Application Server Discloses Full Path for Missing JSP Files. Read more
From hackers to terrorists. Read more
New encryption laws for e-mail unlikely. Read more
Encryption a battle front in terrorism war. Read more
ITECC closely reviewing privacy, security in fight against cyberterrorism. Read more
This is war calling. Read more
Electronic surveillance gets speedy evolution. Read more
IBM launches wireless security package. Read more
Protecting yourself from nosy e-snoops. Read more
Dubai court finds hacker guilty on two charges. Read more

07 October 2001

New Trojans:
Muska52 1.2

Remote Revise 1.5 by W@SyL. Now with download.
Stegdetect is an automated tool for detecting steganographic content in images which is capable of detecting several different steganographic methods to embed hidden information in JPEG images. Read more
NetBrute Scanner, Windows Shares Audits. Read more
H-Sphere CGI Information Disclosure Vulnerability. Read more
Lotus Notes API Unauthorized Access to File Attachments. Read more
A Security Vulnerability in AIM Causes a DoS (Exploit). Read more
HylaFAX Format String Vulnerabilities (faxrm, faxalter). Read more
Crashing your buddies. Read more
Private sector wants say in protecting infrastructure. Read more
NSA offers supersecure Linux. Read more
Bracing for cyberwar. Read more
Efforts To Limit Encryption Are Bad For Security. Read more
Anti-Nimda technology saved billions - report. Read more
Linux popularity breeds more worms. Read more

06 October 2001

New Trojans:

Phoenix II 1.60

CERT® Advisory CA-2001-27
Format String Vulnerability in CDE ToolTalk. Read more
3Com OfficeConnect 812/840 Router DoS Exploit Code. Read more
Combining URLScan With FrontPage (HOWTO). Read more
JRun 3.1, JRun 3.0 JSP Source Viewing Vulnerability (::$DATA). Read more
ARCserveIT Storage Management Backup Account Password Disclosure. Read more
Format String Attacks on Alpha Systems. Read more
Microsoft Warns of New Security Issues in PowerPoint, Excel. Read more
Nacchio: Protect against cyberattack. Read more
Hackers yes, but terrorists? Read more
Web sites: Terrorist attacks cause security concerns. Read more
Watchdog Sites Shut Down in Interest of National Security. Read more
Artificial intelligence seen as security boon. Read more
Top company websites are hackers' dream. Read more
Nimda virus exploiting software flaws. Read more
Bugwatch - The virus writer's deadly cocktail. Read more
Computer viruses get more contagious as user defences slip. Read more
Patriotic hackers target college, porn sites. Read more
Low Demand Kills Online Anonymity, Encryption Services. Read more
Court: German TV Must Return Hacked Bank Account Info. Read more
Microsoft security moves 'too little too late'. Read more
Home PCs Are the Weak Link in Enterprise Network Security. Read more
Senate Anti-Terrorism Bill - USA Act of 2001. Read more
Responsibility for the terrorist atrocities. Read more
State Dept List of Terrorist Organizations. Read more

05 October 2001

New Trojan:

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-050
Malformed Excel or PowerPoint Document Can Bypass Macro Security. Read more
Two Problems Found with Alexis/InternetPBX from COM2001. Read more
PGP Keyserver's Inadequate Permissions. Read more
Meteor FTPD Directory Traversal. Read more
WebSphere Cookie and Session-id Predictability. Read more
No Ptrace Module (NPT). Read more
Cisco PIX Firewall Authentication Denial of Service Vulnerability. Read more
Three Minutes with Rain Forest Puppy. Read more
Three Minutes With Microsoft's Scott Culp. Read more
High-Tech Leaders Slam Encryption Back Door Bill. Read more
Letter to Senator Judd Gregg regarding his proposal to revive government controls on encryption. The proposal calls for a ban on all non-key-escrow systems. Read more
Proposed Anti-Terrorism Laws Overbroad and Overreaching. Read more
Nixed 'Holy War' Web Site Offered PGP Encryption Key. Read more
Navy SPAWAR turns to Promia for network-security software. Read more
New Surveillance Proposals After the WTC Attack. Read more
Computer hacker -- vandal or terrorist? Read more
War 2001: hacking the enemy to pieces. Read more
New anti-terror bill limits life sentence for hackers. Read more
Check Point mum on alleged Sudan bank hack. Read more
Lawmaker proposes creation of cyber-National Guard. Read more
Turning against the web worms. Read more
Cyberterrorism...Uuggghhh!!!! Read more
Zero-Knowledge pulls the mask off. Read more
Net users lose a secret-alias tool. Read more
NSA offers supersecure Linux. Read more
Microsoft tries to allay security fears. Read more
Soft target Microsoft vows to make itself harder to hack. Read more
MS Security Plan: OK, Kind Of. Read more
Microsoft (finally) tries to make IIS secure. Read more
2600 MEETINGS FRIDAY. Read more

04 October 2001

New Trojans:
Ghost 2.0

WAY 2.4
Multiple Local Sendmail Vulnerabilities. Read more
Multi-Vendor Format String Vulnerability in ToolTalk Service. Read more
Huge security hole in Internet Explorer for MacOS. Read more
DAVE WILSON: 'Hacktivists,' caught in web of hate, deface Afghan sites. Read more
Hijackers' e-mails sifted for clues Computer messages were sent uncoded. Read more
Access Denied. Read more
Zimmermann defends strong crypto against govt assault. Read more
Alternative Anti-Terror Bill Rejects Life Sentence For Hackers. Read more
Revamped anti-terrorism bill hits House. Read more
Media Set Limits on Word 'Terrorist' in News Reports. Read more
Privacy the price of liberty? Read more
Wipro, Satyam Plan Disaster Recovery Services as Demand Rises. Read more
Global Routing Instabilities during Code Red II and Nimda Worm Propagation. Read more
Firms still unprepared for email viruses. Read more
Will the worms win their fifteen minutes of infamy? Read more
Harmless .EXE Files Fall to Virus Threat. Read more
Firing (and Hiring) Hackers. Read more
Human Firewall launches campaign. Read more
A Beginner's Introduction to Network Security. Read more
Need for new IT-related laws - expert. Read more
Barclays blunders again with online banking. Read more
Microsoft "Mobilizes" Staff and Resources to Fight Viruses. Read more
Microsoft steps up software security. Read more
Microsoft to give free virus advice. Read more
NIST Awards $5M to Boost Infrastructure Security. Read more

03 October 2001

New Trojans:
Nerte 6.0.4

Phoenix II 1.50

Guangwai Girl 1.0.b Server
Multi-Vendor Format String Vulnerability in ToolTalk Service. Read more
CGIEmail's Command Execution Vulnerability (cgicso). Read more
IBM High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing (HACMP) Vulnerable to a DoS. Read more
Conectiva Linux Security Announcement - groff. Read more
Code Book Found. Investigators Study Suspect Messages. Read more
Bruce Schneier on crypto, the FBI, privacy and more. Read more
Fear Along the Firewall
America's computer databases and satellite navigation systems are vulnerable to attack. Read more
Weak crypto blamed on civil libertarians. Read more
Hackers post bin Laden support on government website. Read more
Info Security 'Teachers' Need More Learning. Read more
Bush taps Clarke as cyberdefense chief. Read more
FBI Lists Top Computer Risks. Read more

Internet Vulnerabilities to Cyberterrorism Exposed.
Congress Debates Security vs. Civil Liberties. Read more
Carnivore substitute keeps Feds honest. Read more
Web Security Firm Among Those Hit by Attacks. Read more
Experts: Easy Installations Kill. Read more
Code Red II Is Dead - Experts. Read more
Analyst estimates Internet virus hit eight million systems. Read more
DATA BECKER Reveals Latest in Hacking Techniques with the Publication of The Hacker Report; New Book Brings Computer Security Knowledge to Consumers. Read more
Novell sues Microsoft over advertisement. Read more

02 October 2001

New Trojans:
Konik 0.7b

Remote Revise 1.0 by W@SyL. Now with download.

FR 1.56 lite Client
Compaq Web-Enabled Management Software Security Vulnerability. Read more
Bin Laden embraces technology to thwart U.S. intelligence efforts. Read more
Hijackers' E-Mails Sifted for Clues Computer Messages Were Sent Uncoded. Read more
'Nimda fix' Trojan disguised as security bulletin. Read more
Attacks prompt security review. Read more
IT executives urge senators for rethink on encryption. Read more
Microsoft mulls patch distribution with AV updates. Read more
Macro Virus Protection in the Microsoft Office Line. Read more
The evolution of malware. Read more
Nimda resurgence falls flat. Read more
Full Disclosure: How Much Security Info Is Too Much? Read more
FBI aims to squash bugs. Read more
FBI moves to increase computer security. Read more
FBI, computer industry join forces against viruses, worms. Read more
IBM Says Attacks to Boost System Security Concerns. Read more
FBI, SANS Institute: Internet 'not ready' for attack. Read more
Online Attack Concerns Grow. Read more
Security, biometrics research likely to get more attention. Read more
Bush taps Clarke as cyberdefense chief. Read more
CyberDigest - 30 August 2001. Read more
Experts demolish MS anti-Apache FUD. Read more
In the event of nuclear attack, your data is safe. Read more

01 October 2001

New Trojan:
Gift 2.3

How to Exploit Format String Vulnerabilities under Alpha Linux. Includes techniques and example code. Read more
THC-WarDrive is a tool for mapping your city for wavelan networks with a GPS device while you are driving a car or walking through the streets. Read more
802.11 network tools - allow for detection of networks and services initially using wireless extensions for linux. Read more
3Com Home Connect Cable Modem Vulnerable to Denial of Service. Read more
Vulnerability in Amtote International Homebet Self Service Wagering System. Read more
HP UNIX /usr/sbin/swverify Exploit Code. Read more
CardBoard Greeting Card CGI Allows Remote Users to Execute Arbitrary Commands. Read more
Computer Hacking a Form of Terrorism. Read more
Network down? Call out the National Guard. Read more
Computers: Protection sought against disruption from hackers. Read more
Terrorist attacks prompt high-tech security review. Read more
In response to attacks ICANN eyes security matters. Read more
Transportation agencies called vulnerable to cyberattacks. Read more
US consumer groups attack XP. Read more
Official websites easy targets for hackers: report. Read more
Toolkit plugs security gap in e-services. Read more
IBM developerWorks: Improving the security of open UNIX platforms. Read more
Security experts: Anna K. author's sentence too light. Read more
Kournikova virus kiddie gets 150 hours community service. Read more