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News June 2000
30 June 2000

Subseven KillSwitch 1.0 helps to protect you against those people by acting like a SubSeven server.
If a SubSeven user happens across your IP and sees you have a port open, he will try to access it.
With KillSwitch, you have 6 different ways letting that person know his connection is not welcome. Some are kind methods, some are cruel. The choice of how you want to fight back is up to you.

Microsoft Bulletin: Patch Available for "Active Setup Download" Vulnerability. Read more.

Philippine officials charge alleged 'Love Bug' virus creator. Read more.
Virus suspect faces charges. Read more.

Secure Internet Live Conferencing. Read more.

Computer Associates Rebuffs Sophos Virus Allegations. Read more.

Helpful hacker faces Aussie Feds. Read more.

29 June 2000

Host Control 2.7. New:
*Go to URL
*Print Message
*Play WAV
*File Manager
*Execute VBS Worm
*Process Manager
*Mouse/Date Manager
*Change Resolution
*Disable/Enable TaskBar
*Download Code optimized

Creating and Preventing Backdoors in UNIX Systems. Read more

Read more

Hapless hackers caught in online sting. Read more.

ZDNet hack-contest server disabled. Read more.

Rent-A-Hacker can help companies track intruders. Read more.

Hacker Mitnick barred from Web-based magazine. Read more.

28 June 2000

Trojan NetTaxi 1.8. Thanks to Netspy.

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-038). Read more.

Legal system gears up for computer crime cases. Read more.

AOL To FCC: Instant Messaging Security Top Priority. Read more.

Court Denies Hacker Mitnick Columnist Job. Read more.

eWeek: Hacker attacks welcomed. Read more.

The Hacker Generation Gap. Read more.

The Motives and Psychology of the Black-hat Community. Read more.

BFBTester - Brute Force Binary Tester 2.0BETA-20000628. Read more.

27 June 2000

Voice Spy 1.0 is a client / server application used to listen and talk in real-time on remote computers.
With a server in place, you have the ability to actually talk and listen in on them.

POKEY.A, Pokey, I-Worm.Pikachu

This is an Internet worm, which uses MAPI to propagate. This worm arrives as an executable with an icon like the Pokeman character, Pikachu. Once executed it modifies Autoexec.bat such that files in certain directories are deleted when the computer is rebooted. It also sends out unsolicited email messages to all addresses in the infected users MS Outlook address book. Read more.

The Infoanarchist;Could this 23-year-old British programmer unravel the Web? Read more.

Judge lobs hacker restrictions back to probation officer. Read more.

Internet security is a process, not a product. eWeek Labs' Openhack project is designed to help e-businesses make this process work better in complex, heterogeneous computing environments. Read more.

FBI doesn’t share cyberinfo, exec says. Read more.

HavenCo: Come to Data. Read more.

26 June 2000

New Trojan Version: InCommand 1.53

News Burst: Briton accused of hacking in Middle East. Read more.

Big browser is watching the web. Read more.

VNU Net: Hacking the hackers. Read more.

Hacker taps into 24,000 credit cards. Read more.

Solutions: Take time to make your PC more secure. Read more.

25 June 2000

New Trojan version: Nirvana 1.97.

Increasingly, virus authors exploit human weaknesses. Read more.

Convicted hacker Kevin Mitnick offered work as computer columnist. Read more.
Mitnick to probation officer: No hacking, just writing. Read more.

Gun control Web site back after hack. Read more.

Lawyer: British hacker a 'scapegoat' for Etisalat's failings. Read more.

British hacker arrested for sabotage of UAE network. Read more.

24 June 2000

New trojan version: Y3K_Rat 1.1

Red Hat Security Advisory: Zope update. Read more.

Hackers Just Do It to Again. Read more.

Net enables global crime sprees. Read more.

Andy Among the Hackers: Day One. Read more.

IT Week: Worm shows policy holes. Read more.

Mobile phone virus hoax on the loose. Read more.

Hacker Attacks Gun Control Group's Web Site. Read more.

Hackers Attack Nike, United Arab Emirates Sites. Read more.

Newsbytes Asia Week In Review. Read more.

23 June 2000

Trojan: Noknok 7.2.

New Trojan Scanner by FC. IPScanner.

Life Stages virus still spreading. Read more.
Spread Of VBS.Stages Worm Surprises Experts. Read more.

Virus hoaxes prey on nervous users . Read more.

Firewall Software Makers Tap Growing Market After Hack Attack. Read more.

Brit faces decade in jail after arrest over UAE hacking. Read more.

British man accused of Arab Net hacking. Read more.

22 June 2000

WebAsylum 1.0 by Slim.
Server only 3 k.

Stages.Worm: sources.

Analysis of Subseven Trojan. Distributed Attack Feature. Read more.

BlackICE default configuration does not block Back Orifice. Read more.

Chat Clients and Network Security. Read more.

Team to Quash Hackers, Expert Says. Read more.

Hackers hijack Nike site. Read more.

Veteran hacker may be author of "Stages" virus. Read more.

21 June 2000

Trojan Psychward03.

'Stages' worm traced to Argentina. Read more.
Stages Worm Hits 'Dozens' Of Fortune 500 Firms. Read more.
Veteran Hacker Lays Claim To 'Stages' Worm. Read more.
Life stages' worm gets serious. Read more.

Fortify Windows NT And Win2000 Security -- Read more.

Mexico Party hires hackers to probe bank secrets. Read more.

20 June 2000

Trojan HostControl 2.6b.

Weekly Microsoft Security Digest 2000/06/12 to 2000/06/18. Read more.

VBS_STAGES.A is an Internet worm, which spreads using multiple applications by taking advantage of any of the installed software like Microsoft Outlook, Pirch, mIRC, and even to available mapped drives. Read more.

Trust and the System Administrator. Read more.

Exploitation of Hidden File Extensions. Read more.

CERT Advisory CA-2000-12 HHCtrl ActiveX Control Allows Local Files to be Executed. Read more.

No clues on AOL security breach. Read more.

AOL says hackers may have stolen credit card numbers. Read more.

Denial-of-service victims share lessons learned. Read more.

Hackers As Consultants Risky Business, Warns Service Firm. Read more.

Cybercrime Concerns Build Among Consumers. Read more.

19 June 2000

GIP 1.131.
Work on Windows 98/98/2000/NT
Sends passwords to your E-mail
Advanced config.
. The Size is 21kb. (NEW)
Get dial-up passwords with ISP Phone numbers, IP and DNS
Get passwords from EDialer
Get passwords from Icq99a/Icq99b/2ka.
Get passwords from edit boxes.
Retrives cached passwords.
Auto Send mails every X days.
Attachs to any file (including documents).
Auto-update, so victim always have the newest version.
Deletes itself from infected file.

Trojans patching tutorial. by Phreezer Burn.

Microsoft Access VBA Trojan: The overlooked "Macro Virus". Read more.

Sub7 vid Trojan can launch distributed attacks. Read more.

18 June 2000

Inet 2.0 and Inet 2.0n by Mandrake the Magician.
Once installed you get the passwords + username of the target machine by mail.
Auto load at start-up.
Subsequent mail is (supposed to be) sent only when there is a change in password.

AVP Updates.

Ninety percent of survey respondents detect cyber attacks, 273 organizations report $265,589,940 in financial losses. Read more.

Hacker Groups Attack Net Child Porn. Read more.

Hackers nail AOL.
Trojan Horse' virus used to steal customer-service information. Read more.

17 June 2000

Trojan uploader wwwpw 02 is a new version.
The server is only 3k and causes the remote computer to download another file from the net.
Now with icq notify.

Kernel Basics. Read more.

Reluctant vendors increase virus threats. Read more.

Have Root, Will Hack 80 Agonizing Hours in the Life of an Information Systems Security Officer. Read more.

Hybrid Apps Catch Network, System Attacks. Read more.

Experts Debate Who's Responsible For Internet Security. Read more.

Lawmakers Seek Balance In Privacy Legislation. Read more.

Software that can spy on you. Read more.

16 June 2000

New binder by Senna Spy: The Senna Spy One EXE Maker 2000 - 2.0a.
Join many files inside a one EXE file self-extract. Compatible with all files: EXE, TXT, JPG, BMP. In the EXE file created, only increase a little header with 6 KB. Pack File and OCX file register support. Allow choose file target and if the file can execute or not.
Download it here or from his site.

Trojan Remote Hack 1.1. Bugs fixed.

House committee OKs anti-spam bill. Read more.

15 June 2000

MiniAsylum 1.1 by Slim.
Server is only 5 k.

RatPack by PhilippP is a Remote Admistration Tool.
Server is not invisible.

Information about new trojans:
Troj_Winkiller.a. Read more.
Troj_Processmate. Read more.

An Overview of TCP and IP Spoofing. Read more.

CIAC Bulletins for Top Ten Threats. Read more.

Securing Public Web Servers. Read more.

Web sites expose selves to attack. Read more.

Social aspects of the Love Bug virus. Read more.
Love Bug Suspect Takes the Fall. Read more.
Love Bug Suspect To Be Charged. Read more.
Philippines Adopts Hacker Rules. Read more.

Making an Unbreakable Code. Read more.

Recruiting ethical hackers: flavor of the month. Read more.

HK Government Web site attacks show up lack of awareness. Read more.

ABC News reveals that some hackers are female. Read more.

Latest Trojan Is a Big Deal, Or Maybe Not. Read more.

14 June 2000

New trojan version: Psychward r02

Trojan sources:
Snipernet 2.1
Swift Remote 1.06
Submitted by Dark_Op: Easyzip2000.

Cracked! Part 1: Denial and Truth. Read more.
Cracked! Part 2: Watching and Waiting. Read more.
Cracked! Part 3: Hunting the Hunter. Read more.
Cracked! Part 4: The Sniffer. Read more.
Cracked! part 5: Rebuilding. Read more.

Will Cyber Criminals Run The World? Read more.

Daemons on the Net. Read more.

13 June 2000

New trojan: Digital Rootbeer.

WinCrah Password Cracker submitted by Senna Spy.

Weekly Microsoft Security Digest 2000/06/05 to 2000/06/11. Read more

Interview with Marcus Ranum CEO of NFR on Intrusion Detection, Linux,& Security. Read more.

Net movies open back door for hackers. Read more.

Indonesian youth nabbed in Singapore for hacking in Australia. Read more.

12 June 2000

Trojan uploader wwwpw by evilgoat.
It can upload a trojan from a website. Probably this is the Serbian Badman trojan.
The size is only 3k.

Hackers Embed Malicious Program in Home Computers Via Fake Porn. Read more.

Network Security Technologies reports security compromise. Read more.

Security Portal: Weekly Linux Security Digest - 2000/06/05 to 2000/06/11. Read more.

Hackers again shut down Hong Kong government Web site. Read more.

Dozens of Malaysian political Web sites hacked. Read more.

11 June 2000

Trojan Shadow Phyre 2.12.42.

Video Trojan hoax scares up publicity for security firm. Read more.
According to this article, this 'video trojan', also called 'Serbian Badman', is an uploader called 'wwwpw', that downloads subseven from the net.
This silently downloader will be published tomorrow.

Freshmeat: Blame the UI: Why Linux is Not Immune to ILOVEYOU-style Worms. Read more.

The Times (UK): Inbuilt cracks in Windows' security. Read more.

Massive DDoS Attack Brewing? Read more.

10 June 2000

New trojan: SniperNet 2.1 submitted by Zinuz.

CNN: FBI probes new hacker attack reported by security company. Read more.
Netsec Discovers Widespread Hacking Problem. Read more.
Experts: Serbian Badman Trojan Not So Bad. Read more
How malicious is this 'video' virus? Read more.
Views Mixed On Damage Potential Of New Trojan. Read more.
Security experts discount threat of bug posing as video clip. Read more.
Trojan Horse' Planted on 2,000 Computers. Read more.
Hackers Attack Broadband Users. Read more.
Movie clip Trojan to be used in DDoS-style attack. Read more.

AVP updates 10 june 2000

GSM Association Issues Statement on Mobile Virus. Read more.

FBI swoop hacker hauled into court. Read more.

Serbian Badman Trojan

9 June 2000

Trojan: Swift Remote 1.06.

Microsoft Buletin: Remote Registry Access Authentication Vulnerability. Read more.

Outlook 2000 SR-1 Update: E-mail Security. Link.

VBS worm targets Gnutella users. Read more.

Plan.A is a new e-mail spreading worm that has been seen in the wild in US. The worm spreads through e-mail using Microsoft Outlook. It arrives as an e-mail with either randomly generated text subject line or the following: "us president and fbi secrets =please visit ( (original message is in caps lock). Read more.

Zealand Herald has an update on former Internet entrepreneur Andrew Charles Garrett case, in which he used trojan horse programs for snatching passwords and personal details. Read more.

FBI probing potentially 'massive' new hacker attack to disable Web sites. Read more.

Use Hackers as a Resource. Read more.

Hackers said poised for attack. Read more.

GSA casting for FIDNet comments. Read more.

8 June 2000

New version of Noknok: version 7.0.
What's new in 7.0 ??
First of all - server size is only 280 kb !!! [not zipped]
Second of all - totally new gui !!!
Sum new commands added like :
1. Passwords Explorer [gets absolutely all passwords]
2. New FTP client
3. System Components and Fonts explorer

Red Hat Security Advisory: kdelibs vulnerability for suid-root KDE applications. Read more.

Popular firewall vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks. Read more.

Buffer Overflow in i-drive Filo (tm) software. Read more.

Inconsistent Warning Messages in Internet Explorer. Read more.

Tools and Methodologies of the Script Kiddie.
Know Your Enemy. Read more.
Know Your Enemy: II. Read more.
Know Your Enemy: III. Read more.

Philippines drops case against Love virus suspect. Read more.

Behind Enemy Lines - A Spammer's Luck Runs Out When She Forges The Wrong Domain. Read more.

Hacker 'Mafiaboy' May Face More Charges. Read more.

7 June 2000

New password cracker for SubSeven: SubCracker by Dark_Op.
Works on new versions.

Mobile phone virus intercepted. Read more.
New Virus Bombards Mobile Phones With Junk Calls. Read more.
Worm Turns on Wireless. Read more.
Virus Targets Cell Phone Users. Read more.

Microsoft unveils Internet Security and Acceleration Server. Read more

IE 5 Cross-frame security vulnerability. Read more.

Top 50 Tools by Fyodor.

EROS: The Extremely Reliable Operating System. Read more.

For programmers: Libnet for NT available from eEye. Link.

Canadian hacker faces fresh charges. Read more

6 June 2000

New trojan version: Frenzy 2000 v4

Microsoft Bulletin: SSL Certificate Validation Vulnerabilities. Read more

Recent Virus Alerts. Read more.

Kaspersky Warns of FireBurn ILOVEYOU Variant. Read more.

FBI, DOJ issue list of worst Internet threats. Read more.

Issue Weekend hijacking: hit. Read more.

Hackers, pirates thrive in Russia's tech underworld. Read more.

Privacy Special Report: Stealth Surfing. Read more.

5 June 2000

Absturz 1.0 just hangs up the computer. Submitted by Zinuz.

Weekly Check Point Security Roundup 2000/05/29 to 2000/06/04. Read more

Weekly Linux Security Roundup 2000/05/29 to 2000/06/04. Read more.

Weekly Microsoft Security Roundup 2000/05/29 to 2000/06/04. Read more.

Who's Sniffing Your Network? Read more.

Security Firm to List Additional Hacking Threats. Read more.

Sophos Report: LoveBug Topped Virus Charts in May. Read more.

4 June 2000

New version of SubSeven: SubSeven 2.1.3 bonus.
The following changes have been made:
fixes in the new server:
irc bot - join Command (on old servers, the bot couldn't join a channel if you specified a # in front of the channel name),
aim spy (minor fixes),
icq spy (now works for icq2000),
offline keylogger (works properly now).
additions: a new command has been added to the irc bot.

The Danger of Hidden File Extensions. Read more.

FBI swoop hacker hauled into court. Read more.

Virus epidemic creates unexpected beneficiary. Read more.

Crime in Cyberspace.
First Draft of International Convention Released for Public Discussion. Read more.

Domain Hijacking Raises Security Issue. Read more.

Is Virus Spreading Criminal. Read more.

Microsoft Bulletin: HTML Help File Code Execution Vulnerability. Read more.

VBS worm targets Gnutella users.Read more.

3 June 2000

Trojan mini asylum 1.0 by Slim.
Server only 5 k.

News from TL.
Hi, Me (Int_13h) have been raided by eight(!) authority representants in the morning, Pc equipement seized and on hold or +- 3 weeks. Why ? Well some people whose I.Q I don't want to disclose thaught that I was implied in the making of Barok which has been created by the presumed author of the "I Love you" Worm. After 2 and a half hours of indepth discussion about Barok who went like "hey, it's called barok, it's on your site, it was made your friend spyder and it is a virus", I am back. But beware there will be NO UPDATES for the next 3 weeks as I have to wait until my PC equipement get's shipped back. I did not get them convinced about the fact that FULL Disclosure is a good thing. Who's next ? PacketStorm, Securityfocus ? Note that I have been raided by FRENCH authorities (I don't live there), limited and only limited to the fact that I had Barok avaiable for download. No lawsuits were filed though (I did and do not brake the law), so will be back for sure, except perhaps that other european authority representants do now feel inspired, anyways your welcome, BUT PLEASE ring the bell at least ! ;)

Subseven 2.1 Cleaner

How To Eliminate The Ten Most Critical Internet Security Threats. Read more
Government, Net Leaders List top 10 Security Threats. Read more

'Resume' Worm Squished Without Much Damage. Read more

Hackers steal charity site's domain name. Read more

Can you hack back? Read more

Teenager in court on hacking charges. Read more

Indian police nab net thief. Read more

Hackers drawn by the thrills, the challenge or just plain cash Experts discuss motives behind cybercrimes. Read more.

Hackers find Central Govt sites easy to penetrate. Read more.

Hacker hits Road Runner server; subscribers need new passwords. Read more

2 June 2000

Old version of WinCrash. WinCrash 1.0b. Sumitted by Paul0 [ P i p P a u #\]

Computer Ethics

Password Recovery Software. Link.

VBS/Fireburn.worm. Read more

Anti-virus wars are hotting up. Read more

Superviruses Could Threaten National Security. Read more.

Web sites 'stolen' by cyberthugs. Read more

Advanced Security in Exchange 2000, Part 1. Read more.
Advanced Security in Exchange 2000, Part 2. Read more

Access denied. Read more

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-035). Read more.

Buffer Overrun Vulnerabilities in Kerberos. Read more

1 June 2000

Trojan Remote Hack 1.0

WM97/Akuma-D is a very complex Word macro virus. On a random day within 30 days of infection the virus will display a message box and then attempt to delete all the files on the E:, D: and C: Read more

NAI Labs: VBS/Fireburn.worm - rated a medium risk. This is a VBS mass-mailing worm that uses Microsoft Outlook and mIRC to propogate. This worm is a VBS program that is sent to all users in the victim's address book and is attached to an email with varying subject lines, depending on the language version of the host system which sent the message. This worm contains a date activated payload which disables the keyboard and mouse on June 20th. Read more.

FBI Tracking Senders of Killer Resume Virus. Read more.

"Resume" Virus Impact Negligible, but new Threats Emerge. Read more

E-mail virus info 'stolen'. Read more