Hack '99 KeyLogger

by BadBoyKilla

Written in Visual Basic

Released in March 1999

Hack '99 KeyLogger
By: BadBoyKilla

3 Included Files


This Keylogger is like a trojan.  Someone must infect themselves with the server for you to
be able to get their keystrokes.

There are two versions of the Server:

The Normal Version -- Server.exe -- 

When run nothing happens.  But it actually installs itself and is stealth. 
This will start up everytime Windows is loaded.

The Game Version -- Smileys.exe --

This version looks to be a game ( something I came up with in 2 minutes so don't judge my
skills on the game :P ).  When ran it will install itself and everytime the computer restarts
the server will start.. without the game coming up!  I used to registry to determine if the
server has been installed.  If it has the game will not run.. but the server will.
In other words the game will only run the FIRST time you run the program.

The Client (KeyLogger.exe) is self explanatory.  It has two functions.  You can log the 
server's keys in real time, or download the keystrokes from the time the server was run 
(this way is better in my opinion).

Hack '99

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